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Hello, I am Pat Herrod.  I am a Senior at DePauw University located in Greencastle, IN.  I am majoring in the field of Computer Science.  Computer technology and programming is a passion of mine that I pursue outside of the classroom.

I want to take my computer science degree into the business world and work on a development team.  I really enjoy working on projects and love to see my work in use.  I enjoy Web, Mobile and Game development and would love to work in any of these fields in the future.  Eventually, I am going to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Science and/or Business Administration.

Work experience

Web Development/Interactive Design Intern

Merriment Design

During this internship, I developed a social media area that linked the viewers/customers of the social pages of the Merriment Design Company.  I created an email newsletter template in MailChimp for the company to use monthly.  Lastly, I coded what is called a "Fat" footer for the website.

Aug 2011Present

ITAP Associate

DePauw University

The Information Technology Associates Program(ITAP) is a selective program that supplies students with extra curricular training in numerous technological fields.  ITAP also provides students at DePauw with on-campus internship opportunities.  ITAP allows students to gain valuable work experience and the opportunity to give back to the University.

I am currently working as a programmer with the Administrative Information Systems team to apply appropriate and needed functionality to the technology services provided for the DePauw faculty and students.

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Wireless Networking Research Intern

University of Notre Dame CSE Department

Funded by the National Science Foundation, I worked for a summer with Dr. Aaron Striegel and Dr. Christian Poellabauer on a data monitoring application.  The application monitors non-content, usage data for the Android powered Galaxy Tab.  The Mendoza school of business conducts a paperless classes in which students are given galaxy tabs for the duration of the class.  The students are informed of the monitoring application are encouraged to use the tablets as their own.  The application runs silent to the user, and periodically sends logged data to a remote server.  This data provides valuable information to the collective efforts of the Computer Science and Sociology Departments.


Aug 2009Present


DePauw University

At DePauw I am taking many computer science courses as evident from my major, but I am fortunate that at a liberal arts college I have opportunities that I may not have had otherwise.  I have the opportunity to take a wide range of classes and become a well rounded student and contributor to the work force.

At DePauw I am participating in:

  • The Information Technology Associates Program
  • The DePauw Open Source Development Team
  • The Association for Computing Machinery
  • Member and Executive Vice President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Aug 2004Jun 2009

Chesterton High

At a large high school, I learned how to succeed in a competitive environment academically and athletically.  I participated in varsity football and varsity golf.  I participated in student council as class Treasurer and I also was a member of the National Honor Society.  In high school I developed skills to aid me in competition, but I also gained valuable leadership skills.


Dr. Aaron Striegel

Adam Hughes

Dave Berque

Professor and Advisor

Kathy Beymer

Internship host

Previous Works


Enrolled in two year of the Spanish language in high school and 1 year in college.
Enrolled in two years of the Japanese language in high school and 1 year in college.
Software Development
Programming skills in C/C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Python, Android Development. Development Tools:  Visual Studio, Eclipse, BlueJ, Dreamweaver, WordPress, MailChimp Operating Systems:  Windows XP/Vista/7, GNU/Linux, Mac OSX