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Work experience

Jan 2013Jan 2014

Network Administrator

Solfusion Inc
  • Same tasks as first job.
  • Made all major technology purchases.
  • Created and maintained an active inventory for all computers and computer related items.
  • In charge of logistics, as well as implementing strategetic solutions for all departments, even sales.
Jan 2012Jan 2013

Network Administrator

A1 Solar Power
  • Maintained all Network Aspects of company
  • Managed a Network of around 100 computers at all times
  • Responsible for maintenance of 3 physical servers.
  • In charge of maintaining Outbound Dialer for over 100 agents
  • Handled all Pc purchases, upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Handled all situations retaining to technology.


Jan 2009Jan 2011

Cyber Security

International Career Development Center
  • Studied all major manufactured firewalls, and how to create correct policies.
  • Learned Encryption
  • Studied common manipulation procedures of cyber criminals
  • Studied how to stop those procedures from occurring.
  • Began fluently testing apps and websites for security flaws, revealing either important information of the business, or even worst, of the companies customers, and how to stop that from occurring.