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Leverages  a background in providing excellent customer service and experience in combination with a passion for designing clean effective software products. Excited about honing my craft and evangelizing best practices such as test driven development, efficient version control, and clean code.

Work experience


Call Box

Machine Learning Engineer
  • Develop models for extracting useful data and trends from large data sets for use in reporting and intelligent predictions.
  • Own and contribute to projects in an agile development environment.

  • Rapidly prototype and push meaningful updates on a tight schedule.

  • Rewrite legacy systems with modern day conventions to help improve speed and usability.

  • Drive increased sales through upgrades to existing client facing products as well as improved email marketing and customer outreach.


Team Treehouse

Mentor / Project Reviewer
  • Mentor students in full stack javascript and front-end web development concepts.
  • Review student projects for style and functionality as well as provide constructive feedback for future coding projects.

Web Development Intern

  • Followed Agile Development methodologies to create full fledged software products in a short, iterative timeline.
  • Collaborated with team members during all steps of the product development life cycle to develop a successful application.



Ruby, Rails, Javascript


Learned best practices in current web development technologies and working in closely knit teams to produce projects on a tight schedule. At Epicodus not only have i learned how to develop web applications I now have the ability to pick up and internalize a new technology or skill rapidly.



George Mason university