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Outdoor photography is great way to see your surroundings which I have fun which lets me show off a certain creative side. I have recently purchased a DSLR in the intermediate level and am always seeking that perfect amount of light to expose that awe inspiring image.

Computers and electronics have always been a part of my life, so keeping up with the latest technology is an interest I enjoy. It keeps me up on the efficiencies which directly relates to work and daily life.

Camping and the outdoors is a passion. I enjoy traveling to various landscapes which expands my insight and knowledge into how nature and society coexist.

Gardening and Landscaping inspires me. I enjoy the fulfilling moment when the bud turns to flower. As with photography, creating and maintaining something that evolves takes patience, but the result is very satisfying.

Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Swimming in natural surroundings, Campfires, Cooking, Mega machinery, Super structures, People and Cultures, Politics, Success...


Chainsaw Certification
Certified Landscape Exterminator
Machine Operator
Back Hoe, High Hoe, Mini excavator, Trim Dozer, Front end Loader, Bombadier grooming machine(275MP, 350), Various Tractors, Riding Lawn Mower equipment
Pipe Fitter

Work experience

Nov 2002Mar 2013

Snowmaking Supervisor

Blue Mountain Resorts Limited

Working for Blue Mountain Resort was a wonderful experience. I like to say that working at the resort for a third of my life, gave me continuous learning and growth to be who I am today. The skill set and experience I gained from my time at Blue Mountain resort is vast, specialized and functional.

Maintaining the largest Snowmaking facility in Canada is no easy task. Current infrastructure and capacities are spread out between 4 Buildings. 1 main pumphouse, 1 secondary pumphouse (supplying North end of resort), 1 Golf course supply pumphouse (access to 25,000,000 Gal.) and 1 Georgian Bay supply pumphouse, 36 miles of buried pipe, an endless webbing of communication and hydro lines. The Main pumphouse utilizes proprietary software that acts as the window to the system allowing Operators to start/stop, visually document the system as a unit. Utilizing this software, which monitors weather patterns and records that data every 15 minutes, an experienced operator can determine windows for trends in weather patterns to maximize effiencies for conducive operations.

Operating at full capacity is a fine tuned operation and has an experienced operator sitting on the edge of his seat. Supervising this crew of experienced and non-experienced staff can be a challenge in itself. Add the two together and it makes for an extremely rewarding experience.

Often referred to as 'white gold' in the snowmaking industry, snowmaking is one component of a ski resort, especially in Ontario where temperatures over the past decades have seen gradual increases, can set the resort for failure or a very profitable season.

Communication amongst various departments, contractors and management is key to the success of the resort. Excelling at communication, problem solving, motivational empowerment, infrastructure technical insights I was able to bring a decrepit system to full capacity to open the largest ski resort in Ontario. Featured in local and National news, I was questioned and complimented on the resorts ability to have a functional season having experienced above average temperatures. The following year brought yet another slow start to the season after Capital upgrades constructed in the summer of 2012. With my design, supervision and implementation, I was yet again successful in the opening of the largest ski resort in Ontario, running at full capacity by the end of November! Now that is progress with satisfaction.

I have gained many skills from having been in the role of Snowmaking Supervisor at Blue Mountain resorts. From this experience, I have chosen the path of Project Management which I am currently obtaining a degree from Algonquin College. I believe with my work ethic, solid knowledge base and motivation, I can be a powerful asset to challenging and rewarding companies.

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 Blue Mountain Resort Limited



May 2013Present

Project Management

Algonquin College
Mar 2009Present

Web Development and Design

Algonquin College