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Python                  Statistics            Pandas             Sklearn                      Matplotlib                Seaborn               MongoDB           AWS                  Flask                          D3.js                    CSS        HTML                   Git                       R                        Linux                          Bash


Apr 2016Present

Data Scientist


Metis provides a project based approach to learning, teaching end-to-end design, implementation and communication on real-world, complex problems. Topics covered include programming, statistics, data acquisition, machine learning, data visualization, relational and non-relational databases, natural language processing and iterative design.

Incorporated data software tools, such as MongoDB, SQL and Hadoop in tandem with web frameworks like Flask to scale projects on a large level.


Job Recommendation tool

  • Collected 10,000 different data science job descriptions from various websites.
  • Built an LSI model using NLP libraries -gensim and nltk- to compare keywords, phrasing and n-grams across descriptions in order to produce recommendations.

Airbnb Classification

  • Iterated through a process of data processing and feature engineering.
  • Implemented Random Forest and Gradient Boosting classification techniques to formulate predictions about where new Airbnb users will travel first. 

Movie Analysis

  • Incorporated Pandas and Beautiful Soup python packages to retrieve information for more than 3200 movies.
  • Built and optimized linear regression models to predict overall movies success based on a relationship between actor/director characteristics and the overall success of their most recent movie.
Aug 2015Mar 2016

Product Data Specialist


Promoted from Product Support to oversee the organization and management of UniformMarket's e-commerce platform.

  • Streamlined business processes by manipulating data using R, resulting in an optimized product cycle and shaving 3 days off delivery. 
  • Established a recurring system of reports that provided upper management better insight into customer experience.
  • Worked closely with product design and development team to provide users with a fluid e-commerce experience.
  • Created, managed and wrote for the company blog to attract users to the platform
Dec 2014May 2015

FSU School of Demography


Selected to assist in the exploration and analysis of demographic data. 

  • Manipulated data sets using SQL and Excel to better understand election data.
  • Learned data visualization and analytical techniques in R.


Florida State University         '11 - '15

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Affairs with a focus
on quantitative economics and statistics.

  • Econometrics
  • Object-Oriented Programming, C++

General Assembly - Chicago             '15

Pursued a passion for data science within the tech industry by taking classes to enhance analytical and programmatic skills.

  • SQL Bootcamp
  • Python Data Analytics
  • Product Management