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Sep 2012Present

Founder & CEO

BRABBLE - Founder & CEO Social Media Company Patented Technology Patented Revenue Model Brabble is the most interactive social media platform that exists. Users can communicate in several different ways via Videos, Audio Clips, Pictures & Text, while also having the option to buy & sell goods and services from people or companies right off the app, with our patent pending revenue model.

PGM Consulting

Aug 2011Present


Consulting services for privately owned businesses. Business Development, Sales, Marketing and general advisory services.


Monmouth University


Bachelors of Science, Marketing / Public Relations

Pat Mackaronis attended Monmouth University in 2002 and graduated in 2006 with his degree in Marketing & Public Relations.

Brabble - "Communicate with who you want, how you want"

Brabble - Social Media Mobile Application. Brabble is a social platform that was created for the average social media user that wants the freedom to communicate with any form of media they choose at anytime and with whoever they want. Brabble lets you post Audio Clips, Videos, Pictures & Text while having the ability to buy and sell goods and services. Founder & CEO, Pat Mackaronis has assembled a team of all stars at brabble who have grown several major brands, companies, and products all over the world. Our world class management team has driven growth at some of the largest mobile applications in the industry today.

Brabble Inc.

Pat Mackaronis is currently the Founder & CEO of Brabble Inc. Pat created Brabble in 2013 and has world in every position of the company since its inception, from marketing , to business development, technology and development and finally residing as CEO where he has assembled the strongest team of experience and success to support the project and future of Brabble. Patrick Mackaronis is a true entrepreneur who focuses on his team and taking care of all employees giving them the tools and support needed to reach their goals.


Pat Mackaronis AKA Patrick Mackaronis has been involved in the mass marketing and social media business for the past 10 years as one of the early users of Facebook and MySpace. Pat leveraged the ability to market to the masses via his social networks growing his reach nationally via many brands, partnerships and marketing campaigns.


Why college students prefer to work in the startup industry. 

Today the startup industry has become more relevant than ever. Where years ago it was the norm to go to school, get your degree, graduate and begin wearing a suit and working a 9-5 for a corporate gig, today a large percentage of college students want to work for startup's when they graduate. Why is this?

Well the first reason is today in 2016, with technology at the forefront of nearly everybody's day, college students are inspired about being a part of something that they get, something they use, something that can make a difference. With a technology being so easy to follow different industries, influencers and thought leaders, almost everyone is exposed to the life of a startup community. 

The dress code is relaxed , the environment is friendly and most of the time the business is based around something that people in their 20s understand more than the older demographic. College students today want to be able to contribute to their job after college and not feel like they are a needle in a haystack working at an enormous company where it may take 20 years to work your way up and become noticed. While startup's usually have some of the hardest workers in the workforce, it's an environment and culture that is changing the way college students think about their future and career path. 

Social Media Company, Brabble CEO, Pat Mackaronis says " At Brabble I try to create an environment for my team that is laid back, yet focused on teamwork and results. I want my team coming to work loving their job, as long as we are working together and hitting goals everybody wins as a team. "

Today with headlines all over the Internet and social media it's hard not to get inspired by such amazing companies that are going public and getting acquired lead by the youth of society today. "From Instagram, to Whatsapp going for sale prices in the billions, and companies like Facebook and Linkedin with monstrous multi billion dollar valuations , I would say this should motivate just about every college student out there today to want to be part of a startup company", Said Pat Mackaronis. 


What investors are looking for in a startup...
By Patrick Mackaronis

Today the startup Industry is more prominent than ever with cities nationwide being taken over with accelerators , incubators and companies like "We Work" catering to the ever growing demand to warehouse new and up and coming startup companies.

What do all of these startup's have in common? They all need money to start, and they need even more money to grow. Period. No matter what kind of company you have it takes a strong financial backing in order to move he needle. This to many investors is an attractive place to place their investment dollars. If you get involved with the right startup it could pay off to be very lucrative for the investor.

There are many types of investors today. Some call themselves "Angels". Not all but some Angels, like to invest small dollar amounts $10,000-$50,000 a piece, and they typically like to invest very early stage and at very low valuations.

There are private individual investors. These are typically the norm and are of all types of people, businessmen, retired couples, you name it. These typically make up the masses and should be dealt with on a case by case basis according to their tastes.

Then you have Hedge Funds. These are much larger groups that must invest money each quarter to stay in line with their business model. They are very systematic in their approach and they generally always invest in their particular industries that they know and have experience with.

Investment Banks are next. These are usually more expensive deals as you must pay a fee for them to go out and raise you capital. They will come in at all stages of the business of you match their criteria.

Then you have Venture Capitalists or "VC's". These groups typically like to come in heavy with the money but then they will ask for very large portions of equity and even control of MGMT or other areas of the company. For some it makes sense others it doesn't.

Now, what do all of these investors have in common, when they look at a company they want to see certain things that are in line.

1- Strong Mgmt. The people running the company must be fully dedicated and invested into the project they will invest money into.

2- Product. Is the product strong enough to grow and is it unique enough to stand out in its industry ? Is their any IP attached to it?

3- Roadmap and Projections. Are these realistic and clear for the investor and is there a clear path on how these will be achieved?

4- Exit strategy. How will the investor get its money back for a profit and when ?

5- Valuation. Is the company and shares that the investor will buy , set at the right valuation?

These are the main points that all investors must see and feel comfortable with. If you can check off these 5 boxes clearly along with some strong communication and people skills you may get the deal done. A social media startup company in NYC called Brabble, has a very strong investment package that is appealing to investors. They have hired a very strong management team with great experience and relationships, the CEO is fully dedicated to the project with a large nominal investment to the company, the app is unique and stands out in many ways in the industry, and the roadmap and projections are very clear and realistic. "We have successfully raised 8 Million Dollars privately to date and we are pursing our current round of 3.5 Million Dollars now as we speak with our first institutions ever join in on our usual raise strategy with individual investors as well", Said Brabble CEO Patrick Mackaronis.

A startup that hits these points and has heir plan together increases the probability of being funded far more than without these in place.



Blog 7.12.16

What makes Brabble different from other Social Apps?

By Patrick Mackaronis

Today the average person is inundated with dozens of social apps to choose from. From posting Videos, Photos, Text, Blogs and everything in between, there are many apps to choose from and often most people have to download many apps in order to post the content that they want to share to their friends and communities. It becomes burdensome , timely and annoying in order for the average person out there to manage the apps they have on their phone.

Brabble was created in order to make life fun, simple, and easy with no limitations on how you communicate. In fact Brabble's Tag Line is "Communicate with who you want, how you want". Pat Mackaronis, Brabble CEO, says " we came up with our tagline based on 2 reasons, Brabble lets you decide who sees your posts by having the choice to post to Friends, Followers, Privately or to the World, and secondly you have no limitations of communication methods on brabble, as we allow users the ability to post with Audio Clips, Videos, Pictures and Text." "Brabble has no limitations, its completely up to the user how and when you communicate" Said Pat Mackaronis.

So Brabble literally has created a platform where the user is completely in control of how the interact with their social media communities. Depending on your mood or what is currently going on with your day, brabble gives you the tools to show your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a very interactive community. "One of brabble's best features is our Brabble Back feature, this is a tool that is currently patent pending, it allows anyone to reply to a post with Audio, Video, Picture & text, this creates engaging conversations, discussions and debates underneath an original post", Said Pat Mackaronis, Brabble CEO.

On Brabble the interaction is not solely about posting content like most other apps. Brabble expands into a much deeper form of communication where users can have discussions, debates, arguments, or just goof around in the form of  Brabble Backs". Brabble by definition means to argue, discuss or debate. Brabble creates a platform that is extremely interactive and imitate if you choose to utilize it that way. You are able to literally speak directly into the microphone and send audio messages to anybody you like, publicly or privately, you can reach out to a celebrity or artist who you idolize and maybe they actually speak back to you and a conversation ensues. Brabble can offer live conversations and discussions, live workouts, political debates, reviews on movies, food or travel. The possibilities are endless on brabble.

In a very crowded space like social media, the environment is fast paced and very high volume. Brabble simplifies it all for the users base and allows you to utilize your social media page, followers and community in the way you decide at that time. Brabble also has taken things a bit farther as they plan to offer a monetization tool (also patent pending) that will integrate with many social platforms as well, to be unveiled soon. Stay tuned for big plans at Brabble.