Patrick Hurd

  • Warwick RI

College Student

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2014 - Present

General Manager

Anchor TV

As General Manager of Rhode Island College's student-run closed circuit television station, I was in charge of all decisions, had hire/fire power, and learned about leadership and teamwork. I also gained vast experience in television industry skills, including filming, video and audio production, scripting, and more.


Aug 2013 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Rhode Island College

During my time at Rhode Island College, I made Dean's List my first semester, and was voted Most Active Freshman by my peers. I also served as Sophomore Class President, and served on Student Community Government.





I use Git as a version control system for all my personal projects. I have experience with pushing and pulling commits, branches,  and other Git commands.


I am self-taught using online materials.


I am self-taught, reading books such as Programming Perl and Learning Perl (published by O'Reilly). As crazy as the syntax is, I find beauty in the complexity.


I have used a variety of Linux distributions on my home computer, including Ubuntu and Linux Mint.