Patrick Daures


  • Gland (VD) | French, C Permit

Experienced technical project manager looking for new challenges

Work History
Work History
Jan 2015 - Present
Information Platforms Manager, Associate Director
Swissquote Bank

Lead a 6 developers team responsible of Swissquote financial information platform 
including several search engines, personal pages system, advanced HTML5 web applications.

Main challenges : 
Grow the team from Junior developers to a focused, client oriented efficient team.
Provide realistic estimates for project delivery and deliver them on time and budget.
Create communication channels with business to understand client needs and deliver valuable increments on the platform.
Plan, design and implement technical upgrades to the platform to support growth and improve the platform stability.

Apr 2013 - Dec 2014
Agile Project Manager, Authorized Officer
Swissquote Bank

Scrum Master of a distributed Scrum team of 8 people (Ukraine).

Main challenges :
Lead a 8 developers team based in Ukraine toward an efficient and responsible team
Focus on high quality, highly tested components.
Release in production new features every 2 weeks
Shared experience on how to work with an offshore team in an agile way
Help the business to think in an agile way (release early and often high quality increments)

Main project delivered :
Trading web service : web-service validating and placing orders on all stock exchanges.
All orders placed by Swissquote customers on equities are now placed by this application.

Mobile web-services improvement : updated the mobile web-services to make them white label ready, added 8 tradable markets to mobile application customers. 

Jan 2010 - Apr 2013
Software Developer
Swissquote Bank

Developed and maintained Swissquote financial tools platform in a 5 developers team.
Implemented several web-services for Swissquote mobile applications (quotes, news, search  engines).
Implemented Account and Trading features of Swissquote Android application.

Jul 2008 - Dec 2008
Internship - Network emulation on constraint network
Thales Communications, Colombes, France

Setup a network emulation platform to test applications on a military constraint radio network.

Sep 2004 - Oct 2009
Master in Communication Systems
INSA Lyon - France

Programming, algorithmic, network, signal processing, radio, transmission

Baccalauréat STI 
Lycée Adam de Craponne, France

Speciality : electrotechnics

Professional Scrum Master I
Professional Product Owner I

Languages : Java 8, Golang, Javascript, C# (beginner), SQL (Oracle), Bash, Python (beginner), C, HTML, CSS, XML

Frameworks / Libs : Maven, Spring, Hibernate, QueryDSL, Guava, Jersey, Jackson, Gson, Protobuf, Android, JUnit, Mockito, JBehave

OS / Tools : Linux, Solaris, Windows, Docker, Vagrant, Github, Mercurial, 


French : Native
English : Fluent (working language)

Agile methodologies

Scrum : advanced
Kanban : proficient

Project Tools

Atlassian suite, Office suite