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Career Objective

To secure a position in a professional company where I can learn and develop my skills whilst assisting the company in their efforts to the best of my abilities


Nov 2015

Cisco Networking Academy Grad

Washtenaw Community College 

The Cisco Networking Academy helped me learn and develop skills needed to design, build, and manage networks, along with career skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. We completed hands-on learning activities and network simulations to develop practical skills.


AAS, Computer Networking

Washtenaw Community College

Learning about the latest desktop, server, and networking technologies. This program has a core of hardware, operating system, and scripting. In addition to the common core subjects, I have selected a specialized track in Microsoft Network Operating Systems.


Computer Networking Operating Systems I Adv. Cert.

Washtenaw Community College

Work experience


Computer Technician

Jafferson Computers
  • Virus Removal – Used programs like Hitman Pro, RogueKiller, Malwarebytes, ADW cleaner, JRT, and Combo fix. We would also use programs like CCleaner to cleanup junk files. I would use a process monitor as well as monitor the system after to ensure the system is virus free. In some cases, I would have to repair certain components of Windows because a virus damaged the Windows OS
  • Hardware diagnosis – Familiar with programs like Hirens Bootdisk, HDtune, and Memtest to diagnose hardware problems. With these programs we could determine if the system has a bad Hard drive, memory, or even over heating issues.
  • Hardware replacement- Replaced parts in every brand-named computer and laptop. I always use anti-static wrist straps. The most time consuming being a motherboard replacement on a laptop.
  • Customer Support- I provided on-site and remote support to companies. We used TeamViewer
  • On site experience – I have worked with several smaller companies to help with their networking needs. I have helped set up VoIP phones, Network printers, Routers/ Access points as well as replacing a switch that was faulty.
  • Windows Server 2012 and 2008 – I am comfortable with both versions, in academic and work environments. I have added users to active directory and modified permissions. I have also monitored the performance of a company’s Virtual machines.
  • MS Office – I have moved several .PST backup files from customer’s computers that wanted their Outlook mail saved. Set up plenty of POP AND IMAP accounts in Outlook. Recovered office files from computers as well.
  • Data backup / Recovery – I have backed up customers’ data with a naming scheme so it is easy to go back and find something later. In a lot of cases in the event of a failing hard drive I was able to recover the data the customer needed.
  • Consulting – As of right now I am not working at Jafferson Computers anymore but I do provide onsite support when the owner needs help.
  • Phone Support- I helped people over the phone diagnose and fix computer problems. Some examples include fixing their internet, printers, virus programs, internet bookmarks, and finding hidden files. I also did this for the retail part of his business. I would provide quotes, item prices and even recommended thing to customers if we had a better alternative to what they needed.

Produce Department

Country Market

Stock and price produce as well as interact with many customers when they have questions regarding produce. While working, our department must work as a team to get our products out on the floor fast and in a presentable fashion for our customers.


Cornaire Construction

Built, sanded and treated decking. As well as, dug trenches and holes for a drainage system, cut wood to specific measurements, and drilled holes into concrete.


Computer Networking

Installing - configuring and administering network technologies, Backups, Reporting and Recovery, Microsoft Server 2008, 2012 and Client OS, Troubleshooting Computer Hardware Devices, Command line (Windows and Linux)

Client OS

Troubleshooting, formatting, recovery, administering, installing drivers, reimagining 

Labs in

Installation and initial configuration of Windows Server 2012 including server virtualization, DNS and DHCP roles, RAID and Storage Spaces, IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, active directory group policy concepts, remote access VPN's, direct access, and NPS (Radius) servers, deploying/maintaining server images, RRAS, radius, NAT, IIS services and terminal services, Network load balancing, backup strategies and system fault tolerance


  • Dean's High Honor Roll - Washtenaw Community College. 2013: Winter and Fall semesters
  • 2014: Fall semester


At my family's house, I have started some server projects. This server has multiple computers backing up system images to it. My favorite experience was making this same server a Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) for every computer at our house. This has helped improve internet performance because of limited bandwidth. I've also set up a Linux based server, which was a good learning experience for me.Additionally, I have installed many type 1 and 2 hypervisors. Home, Work, and classroom environments is where I have implemented these VM technologies