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Professional with more that 10 years experience primarily in transactional systems for financial authorization for banks, retail and companies such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. During this time he has covered implementation of bug-fixes for authorization systems, functional design and implementation of processing solutions for credit and debit card to managing development teams.

Positive leadership abilities, team player, flexibility, ability to handle complex situations and self-learner are some of its main characteristics.


Be part of an organization that allows me to contribute. I want to integrate a team where personal achievement and performance are recognized and appreciated while allowing opportunities for professional and personal growth.


  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Perl, SQL, Shell scripting
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Unix (Linux, AIX)
  • Database systems: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server 2008
  • No SQL Databases: CISAM, db4
  • Source control software: CVS, SVN
  • Diagramming and Design tools: Microsoft Visio, Enterprise Architect
  • Experience working with Enterprise Development Life Cycle based on Unified Process and the alignments for project managing promoted by PMI 
  • Strong knowledge of ISO-8583 Financial Transaction Card Originated Messages and other formats based on this like VISA message format, Mastercard message format and American Express message format.
  • Financial Software
    • Credit Simulator Clear2Pay Mastercard (MAS)
    • Debit Simulator Clear2Pay Mastercard (MDS)
    • Visa Test Simulator
    • American Express NGTS Simulator


  • Spanish native speaker
  • English oral and written

Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Technical Leader


Remarkable projects:

  • Developed the Functional Design based in IST/Switch for a credit transaction processing solution for Mastercard cards. This project was implemented for a large retail in Chile with impact on 500,000 cards. 
  • Important role in Functional Design for a transactions routing solution for American Express debit cards. This solution included transactions acquired in ATM and POS in Dominican Republic from a network of over 13,000 merchants and over 1,000 ATMs. At the time of implementation this was the first American Express Debit card around the world.

Job responsibilities:

  • Technical Leader in charge of design and implementation for local projects for Web frontend and Authorization systems.
  • Managing and tracking of the team of developers.
  • In charge for coordinating the relation between internal customers and the contractors.
  • Ensure team products and processes are in compliance with standards defined by the organization for the development process, project implementations and for incidents solving.
Jan 2005Dec 2011

Developer Analyst

Fidelity National Information Services

Remarkable projects:

  • Part of the technical team for Migration Project of over 300,000 Visa and MasterCard cardholders from banks in Barbados, Jamaica, Belize.
  • Successfully developed communication module between the Authorizer system located in USA and the switch located in Barbados, this module was developed in C language and is in charge of acquiring transactions from POS and ATM in Barbados for Visa and Mastercard. 
  • Project Coordinator for the local Authorizer Systems to be Compliant with Visa, MasterCard and American Express regulation. These projects are highly important as they serve to implement new rules defined by schemes, determining business continuity. 

Remarkable activities:

  • Implemented succesfuly numerous improvements and corrections in C language for the transactional modules of the Authorizer system which processes a portfolio of 900,000 cards.
  • Part of the On Call team, in charge of analyze, solve, or escalating any production issues regarding the Authorizations System in order to avoid impact to the customer activities.
  • Designed and implemented the integration module between the authorizing system, the backend system and the Host Security Module (HSM). Integrating these systems allowed avoid the use of expensive additional hardware.
  • Implemented CVS repositories to support source change control for Development, QA and Pre-production environments. 
Jan 2004Dec 2004


D-Link LatinAmerica S.A.

Remarkable projects:

  • Part of the team in charge of design, construction and support of the Web Server Migration Project. This site was originally build over ASP and moved to a platform based on Java technology (JSP and Servlets).


Jan 1997Jan 2003

Analista en Computación Científica / Licenciado en Ciencia de la Computación (Bacherlor in Computer Science - 5 years)

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Career oriented towards formation of professionals capable of integrating and creatively apply knowledge and skills acquired in the field of basic science (Mathematics and Statistics), in computing science (theoretical foundations and development methodologies) and information technology to explore, apply, analyze, design, implement, implement and evaluate strategies, tools and solutions in public or private institutions or companies dedicated to research, production and / or provide services.

Consistent with its formation and given the mainstreaming of computing science, the graduate is qualified to practice professionally in academia, research and development of software and IT solutions.

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