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Work experience

 I have been in many of my school plays such as.

  Dance Shows-

   Spanish and Cultural show since age 6-

      City Lore Dance and Performing arts show will be held in June for my whole school my part is a acting/speaking role i will be performing for about a 1,000 kids and parents and I have learned the dancing role of Jai Ho from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.I have been chosen for the acting role because of my ability to speak with great energy and great focus her city lore teacher has been teaching her acting and acting advice as he is a fellow director and actor, i am a proud acting student of his.I am auditioning for the Metro Art Project Casting i will be singing if i get chosen i will be joined in a group and be taught everything about acting,music,art .I have also won a Dance Contest in my school for city lore as 1st place.I dance Merenge Salsa,Bachata,Reggeton and hip-pop.I have been dancing since age 6 i I have put my songs and dances together to create many shows when i was little to now.In my spare time I always start to dance,sing,model or act.I have gone to Metro Art Project for performing arts dance classes where i learned most of my dancing.

Singing And Music-

  Vocalist And Piano since age 5-

   I have been attending Monica Robinson she is my voice teacher she is in contact with many agents i have been with her since the summer and have been taught to sing better and make my voice naturally beautiful.I am part of my school's singing group I have been lead singer for every show my school singing group has performed.I have been lead singer 3 times for my city lore performances singing was my number ! thing when i was little my first time singing was in a christmas party when suddenly i started singing Christina Arguilera after that i often started singing and dancing everywhere i was.I have been learning piano for 5 years i have been taught by professionals and have learned various songs.My inspirations include most of Disney Channel singing star such as Demi Lovato,Ashley TIsdale and Selena Gomez as my teen idols.I have begun singing solos since I was 8.

  Modeling And Acting-

   Been Modeling And Acting since 6-

     I have modeled for many child pageants and have won little miss

Dominicana a local pageant in Dominican Republic. Modeling has always been a dream since I was little.I was inspired by my uncle who is a model. My uncle has taught me all I know about modeling and has taking me to many of his photo shoots i have been on the runway twice with my uncle when I would go with him. My uncle has been teaching me to model since i was 6 I always loved to wear clothes and run around and make poses my mom would take pictures and put me in little local pageants for fun.It wasnt until i got to Dominican Republic where i really i got serious about my modeling i would audition for pageants and would win usually in 2 and 3rd place. My uncle would have people put make up on me and would make me look beautiful for when i was in the runway that was when i decided i wanted to be a model just being on the runways made me feel out there and let me be myself. I have always wanted to be a model since then and i have changed my personality when i was 8 you wouldnt see a shy girl who hid her talent under her body and when i was 9 i started joining teams groups and started competing more often and started getting more dedicated to modeling it was a part of me that said you have to. I have been modeling also because me and my cousin were supposed to be a group but she was always turned down because of her looks while i was always accepted and thats when i started getting shy.Once i had gone to macys and a women wanted me to model 5 dresses when i was 8 so i did and i got a lot of attention it wasn't so big it was me modeling 5 dresses but macy's gave me a shot to be what i really wanted to be.My acting is mostly my acting shows and and school performances i have been taking acting since 8 i was mostly doing child acting and i would always would try out for plays.I am going to attend Denise Simmons and i love to do commercials acting is a favorite thing of mine and also a dream i love being pictured and pretending to be dramatic usually because i love drama i am known as the Drama Queen but as a actor my teachers have said i would be on every show if i get famous. I have been doing commercial classes since 9 i am a little shy when i am not focused. I always get my acting roles because i really get into my role and scene and i understand what i have to do. My acting teacher from city lore made my acting a talent he made me into a actor with advice what i should do and how i should things. My favorite thing about acting and theater is being able to really be a person who can be her self and at the same time get a different characteristic one of my favorite roles is being able to play someone who is out there and i love dramas and love dramatic roles. I have always loved the stage sometimes i have to say i love the attention i have participated in many local plays and have been often said i act like a professional. I have gone to many broadway shows i love hairspray and i love the acting there. If i become a actor i want to perform in abroadway play.I love to make short plays that often include 4 roles.I am going to be in a paserla this August for modeling and acting.My IMTA experience is everything i learned except dancing,modeling.


  My hobbies include playing volleyball,tennis, and golf.I speak a little french (still learning).I speak fluent spanish and english.I love to play with pets especially dogs.I love being in shows and acting with my cousins.I also like it when people take my photos.I love sing.I love to model and act since its my dream. And i am also 5'4.

My Resume

My work and experience


 My goal is to become famous and give my money to african charities. My goal is to be famous because it has been a longtime dream to be on stage and be a star a role model to many kids.I want to reach out to those who want to accomplish their dreams.I also want to help children effected by wars.I mostly want to be a Singer and Model and Actor.