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March 2016July 2016

English Language Course Degree  

EF Oxford


October 2016Present 


Portuguese Volleyball Federation
  • Responsible for Partnerships and all external contacts;
  • Responsible for the management and organization of international Volleyball events in partnership with the International Volleyball Federation;
  • Responsible for the management of Associations and clubs.
  • Define, propose and implement the brand marketing strategy ensuring its operation;
  • Creation and implementation of events:
    - National Volleyball Championship 2016/2017
    - SuperCup 2016
    - Portuguese Cup 2016/2017
    - Turn-Volleyball
    - Tour
    - Beach Volleyball
    - Paravolei
    - World Championships
    - Women and Men's National Team
    - European League
    - National Beach Volleyball Championship 2016/2017

February 2016October 2016

Account and Brand Manager

  • Conduct prospecting and solicitation of new business opportunities;
  • Prepare appropriate proposals for clients, projects, financing projects and associated methodologies and processes;
  • Accompany the client throughout the business development process, from the interview to an implementation.
Sptember 2015January 2016

Marketing Internship

Câmara Municipal do Porto - Porto Lazer
  • Insertion and knowledge of work life;
  • Knowledge and implementation of the Marketing Plan in the areas of Sport and Culture;
  • Collaboration in the planning and execution of marketing campaigns directed to the citizens of the city of Porto;
  • Preparation of the Marketing Plan in conjunction with the objectives outlined in the QMS and analysis of the respective indicators;
  • Participation in the articulation between the sports department and the communication department
September 2016October 2016

Workshop Bartending 

Liquid Consulting 
Jun 2016October 2016

Sales Promoter 


Brands sales promoter:
- Kinder;
- Listerine;
- Johnson's Baby
- Wills Gin;
- Primor;
- Gelatinas Also;

  • Promote products to potential consumers;
  • Direct contact with consumers;
  • Development of selling techniques as well as trading techniques

January 2015January 2016

Marketing and Communication 

  • As a member of the Communication Department AEISCAP:

    - I.MAKE;
    - Newspaper "A Coluna"
    - Dissemination of all AEISCAP events as well as partnering for them;
    - Merchandising Fair.
March 2015March 2015

U2Work Santander Universities

Banco Santander 

Promoter of the Event at the various Universities of Porto.

October 2014November2014

Communication Coordinator

  • Responsible for managing the Facebook page ISCULTURAP;
  • Disclosure of all event information (inside and for ISCAP), as well as responsible for an external team responsible for photographing, filming and publicizing the event.
May 2014July 2014


  • Disclosure and creation of the event image
January 2013January 2016

Executive Director of "A Coluna"

Newspaper " A Coluna" - AEISCAP

Academic Journal with the aim of bringing the whole academic community closer to AEISCAP.

October 2013September 2016

Communication Coordinator

Jornadas de Marketing ISCAP 
  • Coordination of the Partners team:
    Responsible for all contacts with external entities with the aim of giving the highest quality to the event.

  • Coordination of Communication Team:
    Responsible for the dissemination of the event;
    Responsible for the management of the site and facebook; Responsible for the sale of tickets and points of sale.

  • Coordination of the Speakers Team:
    Responsible for the contacts made to speakers as well as the construction of the Panel of the same ones.
November 2012December 2015

Marketing Course Committee


Responsible for solving / minimizing questions about the marketing course and reporting the same to the various organs of the Institute.

About Me 

"Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. 
How you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark."

Professional skills

Team Work 
Public Relations 
Strategic vision
Planning and Organization
Criativity and innovation

Level : Native


Level l: A3


Levell : B2


Nível : C1