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PATRicia Joy Schmoutz

MFA Candidate, MAT. Master of Arts in Teaching, BFA


Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art Candidate

Winthrop University

Teaching Philosophy

Visual Arts K-12

Creative Practice Portfolio

Achievements are focused traditionally within interdisciplinary, emerging practices in both visual and conceptual art.

Art in Design

Bachelor of Fine Art, Interior Design


Artist Educator
  • Resourceful and imaginative teaching professional.
  • Highly trained in a wide array of interdisciplinary methods & materials.
  • Cultivated achievement of educating art appreciation, and history, with integrative multi-cultural and cross curricular connections made also to math, science, music, and social studies.
  • Proven ability to maintain a well-disciplined, highly motivated classroom, while providing an optimal learning environment for meaningful educational experiences.
  • Engaged problem solving and critical thinking skills to emerge.
  • Offering individualized support and positive encouragement to ensure each child succeeds. Maintain outstanding interpersonal skills for cultivating and sustaining strong relationships within the school community.
  • Highly Organized Club Leader in Art, Junior Civitans, Aviation Club, and leading Educational + International Travel. Negotiated potato planting field work for middle + high school students to plant and harvest potatoes for shelters and churches annually.
  • Leader in community art programs primarily through Central United Methodist Church, Shelby, NC annually.
Interior Designer

Accomplished both in Commercial and Residential Design. Contributed to the design of Banking Industry in uptown Charlotte for many years through Omni & NELSON Architecture serving Bank of America, First Union, Wachovia, BB&T, and TIIA-CREF. Residential work published in national magazines.

Publications & Gallery Exhibits

Publications of Design Work, Community Art Exhibits & Awards.


Dr. Seymour Simmons, III, Ed.D.

"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Patricia Schmoutz for a position teaching art, K12. Patricia recently completed her Masters of Art in Teaching (MAT) degree in art education at Winthrop University, where she did very well in all her classes and had highly successful student teaching experiences at both the high school and elementary levels.

As you will see from her resumé, Patricia came to teaching with an unusually strong background, including many years as a professional interior designer, along with training in a range of fine arts media and work in schools as a teacher’s aid (while pursuing art education). Patricia also brings to teaching her experience as a parent and family provider.

Her experience and maturity was evident during Patricia’s student teaching where she demonstrated a high degree of confidence in classroom management, as well as a very professional demeanor.

At the same time, Patricia also demonstrated a youthful eagerness to learn and explore new possibilities, which she then applied to develop creative, challenging lessons appropriate to the developmental needs and interests of her students. While these qualities might be expected of any art teacher, there are two areas where Patricia particularly stands out: her understanding of the design field as a branch of art education that applies directly to career preparation, and her concern to connect learning in art to other subject matter and to life in general. Based on her experience and attributes, I am confident that Patricia Schmoutz will prove to be an excellent art teacher and a valued colleague in any school fortunate enough to hire her. I therefore recommend her on the highest terms and without reservations."

Brenda Shackleford

"I recommend Mrs. Schmoutz wholeheartedly for working with children in any respect. She worked with our first graders for two years, and did a wonderful job. She was nurturing and enthusiastic. She was very dependable to do whatever she was asked to do, whether in the classroom or with an extra duty."

"Please know that I have no reservation whatsoever in her capabilities to work with any children of any age. Anyone would be fortunate to have her. "

LuAnne Lovelace, MAT

"I had the pleasure of having Patricia Schmoutz as my field experience student teacher in the fall of 2010. She was a pleasure to have in my classroom and it is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for her as she pursues a career in education.

Patricia was extremely motivated to learn new things for herself and her students. My students responded well to her instruction and personality.I found her to be organized and well prepared in lesson planning and instruction.Patricia was always challenging herself as a learner and a teacher. In fact, she worked individually with one of my students on an artwork the student submitted to the South Carolina Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities. The student was accepted to Governor’s School and will study there for two years.

Patricia was supportive of students in their work and pushed them to stretch beyond their comfort zones. She maintained professional standards in every area of her service at Clover High School.She was a pleasure to have as a colleague and I could trust her with the care and instruction of my students. I am confident that she will make a wonderful teacher and her students will benefit from her expertise and enthusiasm.Any school district will be fortunate to have Patricia on their faculty.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance. It was my pleasure to have Patricia in my classroom and to now count her among my friends and colleagues in education."

Most sincerely,

LuAnne Lovelace

Teaching Portfolio: Children

Teaching Portfolio: Junior High & High School

Junior High and High School Teaching

Work experience


Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art Candidate

Winthrop University

"The MFA in Studio Art program demands focused research in traditional, interdisciplinary or emerging practices in both visual and conceptual art, developing and nurturing the artist 's voice" . http//


Visual Arts Teacher

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy

  • Leading classrooms in studio art while  achieving cross curricular connections; i.e.  integrated core knowledge artists and movements of historical significance, domain map connections made in social studies, math, science, and music.
  • Reinforcing development of Socratic critical and analytical thinking engaged in classroom discussions, reflective writing, guiding attention to the learning goals.
  • Instilling students confidence through perseverance; reaching their highest potential in studio art, both in process and results-based driven work.


Fine Arts Teacher

East Gaston High School
  • Art I. Leading classrooms in studio art, while exploring artists and movements of historical significance, while achieving  cross curricular connections.
Aug 2011Oct 2011

Art Teacher, Interim Substitute

Fallston Elementary

Design and presentation of exciting lessons that actively engage grade level K-5 students, while educating on proper artistic methodologies, various technical aspects, and mediums, utilization of age-appropriate material, and incorporating real life experiences in conjunction with cross curriculum connections. Positively impacted classroom activities by engaging students’ interest with visual prompts; overhead projectors, computers, artwork, and drawings to gear lessons both visually and conceptually.

Jan 2011May 2011

Art Teacher Intern; Student Teaching Semester

Crowders Creek Elementary

Stepped into role of Art Educator on full time basis, with grade levels 3rd - 5th Grade. Further established the design and presentation of exciting lessons that actively engaged learners on varying grade levels, while educating on proper artistic methodologies, various technical aspects, and mediums, utilization of age-appropriate material, and incorporating real life experiences in conjunction with cross curriculum connections. Developed advanced technological skills in leading classroom activities by engaging students’ interest with visual prompts; smart board video and instruction, computers, artwork, and drawings to gear lessons both visually and conceptually.

Aug 2010Dec 2010

Art Teaching Intern, MAT Graduate Field Experience, Student Teaching Semester

Clover High School

Developed design and presentation of exciting lessons that purposefuly engaged highschool Advanced Art and AP students. Focused students’ interest with visual prompts to gear lessons both visually and conceptually; while instructing on proper artistic methodologies, various technical aspects, mediums, and utilization of age-appropriate material; incorporating meaningful real life learning experiences to art.


Team Designer

Bank of America

Recruited for corporate design background by colleagues to help pilot 'My Work' Satellite Offices for Bank of America employees. Assisted in bridging communication between architectural design team of NELSON and Bank of America 'My Work' Team through collaborative sketches, communication, and interpersonal skills, the design execution and procedural management in establishing 3 new preliminary sites (Ballentyne, Hearst Tower, and North Charlotte) in headquarters of Charlotte before 'My Work' program taken nationally. This was a successful attempt at bringing work commutes closer to home for more quality time, proven essential in retaining quality employees. Drawing, rendering, and computer aided drafting skills highly depended on for quality management in design execution and efficiency of new spaces.


Interior Designer

OMNI Architecture & NELSON

Team Designer for First Union Facilities (merging into Wachovia, then Wells Fargo), and TIAA-CREF (Teacher’s Insurance Annuity Association) CharlotteServiceCenter;

Rendering Drawings for Architectural presentations, Schematic Design, Working Drawings, On-Site Observations, Field Measurements, Finish Coordination, Coordination between architects and on site construction for implementation of seating for teamwork accessibility of employees in implementation of built out office furniture systems. Public Relations and Event Coordination between Designers and Reps for design finishes.


Interior Designer

Holland, Hamrick & Patterson PA Architecture

Design & Contribution to working drawings of Dover YMCA, Shelby, NC. North Elementary School Gymnasium, First National Bank Renovation, Shelby Presbyterian and Elizabeth Baptist Church structural additions, Cecil Burton Funeral Home Renovation, a Santa's House for children at Christmas for First National Bank, commercial and residential drawings of Shelby, NC. Rendered Drawings for architectural presentations, Space Planning, Schematic Design, Site Planning, On–Site Observations, Field Measurements, Selection and Coordination of Finishes, multiple regions.


2011 Duke University, The Nature of Art and the Art of Nature, Durham, NC

Duke University

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification

Elizabeth Elementary, and Winthrop University

Stewards of Children Training

Winthrop University