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Patricia R. Hodge

Service Manager- Corporate Support


Professionally established Service Manager with 15 years of experience in People, Process and Project Management. Inspired to create innovative ways of improving or restablishing more effective processes in our customer interactions. Regularly soliciting feedlback from customers and employees on how to improve knowledge, understanding, and application of current and future products.  Promoting acquisitions and official rollout of products and services by creating expectations, contingencies and other support functions to ensure success. Being a trendsetter in embracing ideas, investing in relationships and doing the right thing to achieve desired results.

Work History

Capital One Financial

April 2002 November 2016

Floor Supervisor/Manager of Credit Services Loss Mitigation

Below are responsibilities during my years of service.

1.) Coaching and Development

•Managed team of 10-15 phone agents in Customer Service and/or Loss Mitigation

• Enforced Federal, State, local banking and collection laws

• Reviewed and coached customer calls conducted by phone agents and established performance and development goals as appropriate.

•Conducted monthly development sessions with phone agents which include call review, performance results quality scores, career path, discipline areas and engagement opportunities. 

2.) Quality liason for Chesapeake Loss Mitigation Agent Behaviors initiative.

 Facilitated monthy conference calls with operational support groups to identify behavioral gaps in call quality, federal and state expectations, learning and development as well as company policies and procedures. I Also used customer feedback as a tool to examine strengths and opportunities in Servicing.

•Leveraged Floor Supervisor and Unit Manager assistance in disseminating pertinent information to phone associates as needed in addition to recognizing employees' strengths in quality of servicing.

3.)Process Management

•Supported the business perspective and mission goals by creating Standard Operatiing Procedures (SOPs)

• I addressed ownership, accountability and execution of process, procedures and changes in an effort to build and evolve employee knowledge and understanding for customer satisfaction(internally and externally).

• I would also set process expectations by:

A.)Establishing and administering weekly and monthly audits for Sr Leadership review.

B.) Creating and managing departmental team training programs for employees to effectively implement processes consistently. I often encouraged employees to take part in creating and facilitating mini lesson plans for their peers which caused them to be more involved and share knowledge.

C.) Networking

• Often reached out to other compliance teams to share best practices and gain more insight of policies to help agents become more effective in customer interactions.

• Collaborated with support teams tp produce psitive results in schedule adherence, production control and agent productivity.

4.) Managing information

•Creating spreadsheets and departmental links (with proper information security) to house pertinent/sensitive information such as

• Tallied available computer-assigned seating for the department

• Individual Quality Audits

•Performance reviews and coaching feedback

5.) Hiring, Training and Sucession Building

•When tasked; conducted external candidate interviews to open positions within department

•Trained newhires on call quality, performance expectations and engagement. Encouraged best efforts and made learning fun and interactive.

•Training and guidance high potential employees through Capital One Career Development Center. This included assessments in talent identification, career risk, and finding the best fit career path based on the findings of these assessments.

6.) Employee Relations

• To the scope of the department, I was authorizeed mediate minor communication barriers between employees by fact finding, investigating, having appropriate conversations, reinforcing  expectations and escalating all matters to upper management as appropriate.

Below are trainings and certification I recieved exclusively by Capital One during my career.

● Networking 

●Managing Through Change

● 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders 

● Time Management 

● Engagement 

● Presentations 


Tidewaters Community College


Some college-(no degree)

Business Administration and Psychology 

I plan to return to college via online


Key Skills



Social Intelligence




Problem Solving

People Management 

Team Management 

Process Management 

Project Management 

Custom dated section

Hobbies and Interests

*I enjoy spending time with my 5 year old son :-) He's currently learning to ride his bike.

* During some of my free time I work on designing a beauty website that promotes organic beauty products that I make.

* I recently applied as a volunter for Doe Network International Center for Unidentified and Missing Persons. The Doe Network is a 100% volunteer organization devoted to assisting investigating agencies in bringing closure to national and international cold cases concerning Missing & Unidentified Persons. It is their mission to give the nameless back their names and return the missing to their families.