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For the last twenty years, I’ve powerfully delivered an unparalleled technological experience and total satisfaction to over 416,000 clients. I am a passionately driven, relationship-centric leader who strongly believes in solving problems before they start. I’ve been instrumental in mainframe maintenance, software and hardware support/configuration, trouble shooting, resolution processes, and customer service. I’ve worked closely with national and international cross-functional teams, seeing critical projects through from initialization to finalization. Throughout my career, I’ve reliably been counted on as a liaison between upper management, staff, vendors, outside tech support, and customers.

I am committed to excellence and effectiveness – saving my previous employer over $6.9M in potentially lost revenue by increasing system stability. If you’re looking for a technology specialist who cares about people as much as the bottom line, ask how my expertise can further your company goals.


Exceptional Relationship Skills

Process Improvement Mastermind

Superior Troubleshooting Prowess


Key Skills:

Self-motivated with a substantial record of success and impeccable work ethic ● Adapts to change quickly ● Unsurpassed attention to detail ● Project management ● Mainframe, Linux, Unix, Control M systems expert ● Results producer ● Radical problem solver ● Thrives in fast-paced environments

Work experience


System Integrator


■ A phenom at fostering the collaboration that ensured over 1M accounts worth $9.6B in annual revenue were expertly maintained.

■ Operates from the culture that no company can grow without pristine service focus.

■ Personally handled over 145,600 customers in previous role alone.

■ Empowered and/or trained international teams in Asia, India, Philippines, and Brazil.

■ Through dynamic communication skills and dedication to superior performance, maintained a 100% internal customer satisfaction rating for seven years.

■ Authored tech reference guides to streamline troubleshooting protocols.

■ Designed a staff training manual containing protocol checklists to expediently get systems back online, virtually eliminating company lost labor costs of $1.2M and over $50M in reduced client downtime.

■ Tenaciously dedicated to discovering the root of any issue, continually upheld a 96% trouble shooting average vs. 92% industry standard.

■ Established system-monitoring practices avoiding $1B of potential lost revenue.

■ Expertly maintained over 99% resolution of Tier 1 tech support tickets year after year.

■ Oversaw 94% of overall system infrastructure, including 2700 network devices, 2000 servers, and 500 mission/business critical applications.

■ Monitored, analyzed, fixed, and or/escalated all hardware or software issues.

■ Identified and resolved an average of 800 preventative fixes per month, 33% more than industry average.

■ Provided day-to-day infrastructure surveillance for systems and applications for internal networking.

■ Ensured virtually seamless billing cycles with an average of $774M-$810M in monthly revenue.

■ Extraordinarily effective in high volume situations, averaging over 52M transactions annually with a 99.9% job success rate.


Sr Network Operations Specialist III/Client Support Specialist III


■ Partnered with over 1000 internal agents and hundreds of vendors, including Fortune 24 and Fortune 100 companies.

■ Notoriously efficient within a 24/7 environment.

■ Continually elevated processes to measure trends and increase availability of the IT environment.

■ Efficiently processed over 500K batch jobs resulting in a 99.5% non-failure rating.

■ Proactively resolved systems, applications, and data communication issues to keep everyone online and productive.

■ Decreased outages from network failures by 10% monthly for an annual savings of $240M.


ITIL® Foundation Trained


Hardware and Software Support
Product, Infrastructure and Systems Testing
Cost Containment
Systems Development
Vendor Management
Mainframe Monitoring and Maintenance