Pastor Melissa Scott utilizes extensive research experience and an in-depth understanding of linguistics to deliver teachings of Christian faith to the congregation at the Faith Center in Glendale, California. Drawing upon her nuanced understanding of the Old and New Testaments, Pastor Melissa Scott provides listeners with a thorough analysis of God’s Word that incorporates both historical and scientific perspectives. A command of more than 20 languages enables Pastor Melissa Scott to approach biblical manuscripts with a unique and informed perspective. Followers of Pastor Scott’s teachings thus reap the benefit of an enhanced understanding of Hebrew and Aramaic texts from the biblical era. In addition to her work with Glendale’s Faith Center, Pastor Melissa Scott uses several other avenues to spread her Christian message. Currently, she leads a Los Angeles-based congregation and serves as biblical teacher and pastor at her late husband Gene Scott’s Los Angeles University Cathedral. Pastor Melissa Scott also holds the positions of CEO and President of the cathedral’s University Network. Pastor Melissa Scott’s sermons and teachings are available through a variety of media for easy viewing from around the world. During Festival and Sunday Services, Pastor Scott broadcasts her message online through her website’s live player. When she is not broadcasting live, the player is available to stream audio and video recordings of previous teachings. Followers in California may also view Pastor Melissa Scott’s broadcasts on late-night television throughout the week. For a complete television programming list, please visit her website at For a text version of Pastor Melissa Scott’s teachings, visit This website houses an archive of posts and teachings that date back to May of 2010. 

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Work experience
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