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Pastor Martin MacDonald, the Senior Pastor at The City Church in Batavia, New York, remains committed to meeting the spiritual needs of his community. In addition to delivering sermons on a weekly basis, he currently devotes much of his time to several outreach efforts. For instance, Pastor MacDonald supports the goals of Adopt-A-Block New York, and he holds membership in Life Net Ministries International. Pastor Martin MacDonald offers those who are dedicated to Jesus Christ a number of opportunities to get involved in The City Church beyond attending Sunday services. FUSION groups provide adults from all walks of life the chance to connect with like-minded individuals on a deeper level. On Thursday evenings, people who desire a more intimate setting in which to grow in their knowledge of God can simply show up; there are no registration forms to fill out. Pastor Martin MacDonald also stresses the importance of mission work at The City Church. He has traveled to regions of the globe such as Costa Rica, Brazil, and Africa in order to spread God's word. Pastor MacDonald encourages members of The City Church to become involved in missions in several ways, including outfitting existing ministries with tools to better serve individuals in need. At The City Church, Pastor Martin MacDonald leads his congregation in positive, uplifting worship. A praise band with musical instruments such as drums and guitars accompany services, and many individuals take advantage of this experience to clap their hands or sing along to the music while worshipping. Pastor MacDonald encourages all people at his church to celebrate and communicate with God in the way that makes sense to them.

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Senior Pastor

The City Church


Pastor's School at Phoenix First