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After dedicating his time to building a church that gained approximately 600 members in four years in Managua, Nicaragua, Pastor Kevin Sanford relocated to Galway, Ireland. Called to Galway by God, Pastor Kevin Sanford and his family established the Abundant Life Church. This church provides several services that were designed to help bring the community closer to God, such as children’s summer camp, special music and drama events, and outreaches.Sanford founded this Centre, which practices baptism of the Holy Spirit and Holy Communion, in 1998. At the core of the Abundant Life Church’s beliefs resides the notion that Jesus is the son of God and the Bible is the word of God. Along with his wife, Heather, who is also a pastor, Sanford strives to create a family-friendly atmosphere in his church. The Abundant Life Church remains a stronghold of divinity and truth that invites individuals of all ages and backgrounds to reinforce their relationship with God.Originally from Texas, Sanford operated his own ministry for two decades. Since founding his church in Ireland, he has offered numerous pastoral care services for his congregation and the surrounding community. He regularly visits hospitals, homes, and nursing homes to pray with those who are ill or unable to visit the Abundant Life Church. Pastor Kevin Sanford and his wife also offer counseling sessions for families, individuals, and those who are experiencing trouble with their marriage or facing some other sort of crisis. The pastors at the Abundant Life Church offer prayer meetings every Saturday night.

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Kevin Sanford Ministries


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San Jacinto Jr College, University of Houston, Abundant Life School of Ministry (ALSOM)

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