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Half-Japanese, I grew up in the USA. After working for Judge Robert Bork, I earned my M.Div. while ministering to unchurched university students and helping to manage 60 staff for a $3M/annum award-winning business.  During 8 years near Washington, D.C., I served two churches and helped pioneer and CANA, an international network of 10,000 members, 275+ clergy, and 90+ congregations. Dr. Steve Garber tells a bit of my story at a Gordon College convocation in this 3½-minute video excerpt:

More recently I led culture shifts in a multi-site church near Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Currently I am making disciples ('church planting') in the challenging context of what some call a 'rural ghetto' in southside Virginia.

  • Preaching & teaching since age 17
  • Pioneered ministry to university students and young adults for 12 years
  • Experience ministering in demographically diverse contexts
  • Post-denominational experience from a mega church to a house church, from Anglican churches to Messianic Judaism, from United Methodist churches to a Baptist college
  • Studied under I. Howard Marshall, Ben Witherington III, Steve Garber, and other scholars
  • Continuing education incl. Global Legacy's Leadership Development Program, Global Awakening conferences, Alpha training by Nicky Gumbel, seminars by Os Guinness, Dallas Willard, and others


Apr 2017Present

Hero Maker/Church Planter

Resurrection—a church family for you (Emporia/Greensville County, Virginia)

Greensville County, and the city of Emporia, is one of the most challenging mission fields of Virginia's 134 counties:  Economically, regional manufacturing plants have decreased workforces by 90%, thus gutting not only the working class but also the middle/retail/ professional class.  Spiritually, it is a 'burnt-over' Bible-belt district with scores of independent storefront churches that are largely stagnant or declining.  Socially, indicators of dysfunction (e.g., narcotic addiction, rates of non-marital childbearing, domestic abuse, school truancy, work absenteeism, larceny, etc.) continue to skyrocket.

Culture shifts under my leadership:

  • steered the white ministers' association in this majority-black population to become racially inclusive
  • multi-ethnic growth of the congregation
  • tithing and offerings up 15%; thus also increasing giving to missions by 15%
  • joining predominantly black churches in worship
  • focused outreach on one local para-church ministry, one national ministry, and one international mission
  • trained 'heroes' for 'T4T' disciples-making-disciples multiplication, and 'The Immanuel Approach' for inner healing
  • exploring 'Dinner Church' model to follow-up Alpha
  • beginning to build partnerships to breakthrough the root of much dysfunction: father absence
Sep 2016Mar 2017


(Northern Ireland UK)

I began writing a book about biblical insights regarding how Jesus Christ is our Good News (34,000 words so far), and some shorter pieces.

Apr 2013Aug 2016

Missionary Pastor @ multi-site church — 2nd largest in Ireland

Church of Ireland at Magheralin (Northern Ireland UK)

Magheralin was a multi-site church with the 2nd highest average Sunday attendance out of more than 450 Anglican parishes throughout Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic).  I led 7 staff colleagues.  For 3 years, I participated in the Irish Churches Peace Project in Lurgan — considered by many to be the most divided town (between Catholics and Protestants) in all of Ireland.  My time here ended because I was unable to secure a new UK work visa.

Culture shifts under my leadership:

  • tithing and offerings up 30%; minimized time spent on fundraising
  • worked to build bridges between Catholics & Protestants 
  • pioneered prayer/healing ministry for every Sunday morning
  • assisted leading 'Café Church' for otherwise unchurched local teenagers
  • launched 'Taster Group' homegroup model
  • introduced 'Treasure Hunt' outreach ministry
  • initiated team meetings for collegial planning of worship
  • expanded staff meetings to include the entire staff team
  • people increased boldness to share personal stories about God's goodness 
  • people began to see themselves as a 'resource church'
  • inner healing became a growing priority
  • concern arose for the persecuted Church
  • 125 members read No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke
Oct 2007Apr 2013

Associate Minister & Gospel Catalyst @ Holy Spirit-led church and int'l healing ministry

Church of the Apostles & Healing Center International (Fairfax County, Virginia USA)

After transitioning with Martyn Minns from Truro Church to CANA (see below), I also transitioned to ministering with Apostles.

Apostles was a demographically diverse congregation near Washington, D.C., where the Holy Spirit, evangelical, vintage, and social justice streams flowed together.

  • Preached and led worship
  • Engaged young adults and university students in the marketplace
  • Led chapels for a homeless day centre
  • Taught Christian formation courses
  • Saw breakthroughs for physical and inner healing

Healing Center International (HCI), founded by Apostles, equipped people on 4 continents to develop healthy, maturing communities through joyfully connecting with God and others.

  • Taught workshops (e.g., prayer/healing ministry, facing life's losses and grief, listening skills, etc.)
  • Ministered inner healing sessions
  • Facilitated legal incorporation, strategic planning, and budgeting
Jan 2005Jul 2012

Gospel Catalyst & Chief of Staff for Bishop Martyn Minns

Truro Church & CANA (Fairfax County, Virginia USA)

I assisted Bishop Martyn Minns at Truro Church who then invited me to help him found a new church network.

Truro Church, a demographically diverse 1,200+ member evangelical and social justice congregation near Washington, D.C., was the flagship congregation of CANA.

  • Re-launched young adult ministry, now led by dedicated staff
  • Assisted the senior pastor in all aspects of ministry
  • Directed church communications staff

CANA ("Convocation of Anglicans in North America") was a new international network of 10,000 members, 275+ clergy, and 90+ congregations from across the USA, Canada, Nigeria, and military bases around the world.

  • Pioneered new church network by establishing operations and leading staff
  • Assisted the bishop in all aspects of ministry
  • Balanced 7 consecutive annual budgets
  • Directed communications and PR, including nat'l & int'l coverage
  • Designed & organized 8 North American multi-day conferences with plenary speaker sessions, simultaneous breakout seminar tracks, and worship; helped organize 3 international conventions for VIPs and guests from 6 continents
Jun 2004Dec 2004

Special Assistant to Senior VP/Provost

Asbury Theological Seminary (Kentucky USA)

Asbury: an independent graduate school with 1,600 students enrolled from 90 denominations and 29 countries.

  • Supported the President's Leadership Team, Board of Trustees, Asbury Foundation, Advancement, Finance, Communications
  • Edited three book projects (listed below in 'Select Published Works')
Sep 2001May 2002

Dean of the Chapel Seminarian under Dr. Dwight Moody

Georgetown College (Kentucky USA)
  • Assisted in chapel worship services
  • Lectured in undergraduate New Testament classes
  • Steering committee member for $2M Lilly Endowment program for the theological exploration of vocation

Managing Editor of religious books

Morehouse Publishing (Pennsylvania USA)



accepted into Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy in Practical Theology)

Regent University (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Sep 2000Dec 2003

M.Div. (Master of Divinity)

Asbury Theological Seminary (Wilmore, Kentucky)

Asbury is an independent graduate school with 1,700 students from 90 denominations and 29 countries.

  • Eta Beta Rho National Hebrew Honor Society
  • Automotive oil change ministry for single mothers
  • Order of St. Luke's Morning Prayer Leader

A.B. (Bachelor of Arts)

Gordon College (Wenham, Massachusetts)
  • Coordinator for Student Outreach Ministries
  • Summer-term missionary to Japan
  • Vice President of the Student Association
  • GRE Analytical score 800 (top 1-percentile); Verbal 680 (top 7-percentile)
  • Full Teaching Assistantship offered by a PhD program
  • Intern for a federal judge



  • "A Review of Scholarship from 1979 to 1999 on Isaianic Composition." 9,000 word academic essay.  Publication forthcoming.
  • "A Pastor's First 100 Days,", 21 January 2017.
  • Director of "As for Me and My House." DVD. Burke, Va.: CDR Communications, 2010.
  • Editorial Director of 40 Days of Discernment. Fairfax, Va.: 2006. 
  • Associate Editor: Cultivating a Thoughtful Faith. Edited by Maxie Dunnam and Steve Moore. Nashville, Tenn.: Abingdon Press, 2005.
  • Associate Editor: Living Life on Purpose. Edited by Maxie Dunnam and Steve Moore. Nashville, Tenn.: Providence House, 2005.
  • Associate Editor: The Legacy Project: Presidential Leadership in Christian Higher Education. Produced by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Franklin, Tenn.: Providence House, 2004.
  • Conference Paper: “Gradualism and Immediatism: Change Agency in the Abolitionism of Wilberforce, Finney, and Weld.” Paper presented at the Pruit Memorial Symposium at Baylor University: “Slavery, Oppression, and Prejudice: Ancient Roots and Modern Implications,” Waco, Tex., 1 October 2004.
  • Feature Article on Messianic Judaism: “The Olive Tree Blooms,” Regeneration Quarterly 5.3 (Fall 1999): 7-9.
  • Book Review of Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Robert H. Bork: “Bork on Gomorrah,” Washington Notes XV.1 (Summer 1997): 6-7.
  • Book Review of A Church To Believe In by Peter C. Moore: “An Episcopalian’s Ecumenical Ecclesiology,” Regeneration Quarterly 1.2 (Spring 1995): 34-35.
  • Feature Editorial about Christianity in the public square: “Battle of Lititz: Reconciliation or Bust?,” The Daily News (Lebanon, Pa.), 17 January 1994: 4.