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A conscientious and professional executive with more than 14 years of extensive experience in logistics, administration, shipping sales (export and domestic), Container yard management, quality control covering with safety and contract administration roles in Oil and gas & petrochemical industry. Able to move anywhere in Asia and Europe, with a thorough and precise approach to projects, which has yielded excellent results to date.  looking for multinational role for enrichment of knowledge and experience.

Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Executive Lcc (Logistics Control Cell)

Rabigh Petrochemical Logistics

EXECUTIVE LCC (logistics control centre)


Overall responsible for ocean shipment.

To attend process control meeting daily.

PCS update on daily basis. (Ocean) To make sure each column of PCS (Process Control Sheet) must filled on time.

Contact window to LCC for ocean shipment related operation.

Follow up for the container detention claim by shipping line through JFW (Jeddah Forwarding).

Follow container detention payment.

Follow up for Sea bulk container collection and PO (Purchase Order).

Update sea bulk filling schedule sheet and send to CY (Container Yard).

Prepare export documents and send to Jeddah forwarding.

Handles insurance request for ocean export and any other shipments required for insurance.

To Control attestation of documents.

To let all staff recognize safety as the first priority in operations utilizing all opportunities

Responsible for Air shipment.

His is responsible for the training of staff as per requirements

Prepare monthly invoice (payment request and request for payment)

Responsible to get final Bayan copy from Jeddah forwarding team on time and submit to LCC.

Responsible for overall land shipment (Domestics & Land Export).

To update land export process control sheet and distribute to all concerns.

Contact window for LCC (Logistics Control Center), for all land shipment (Domestics & Export).

Responsible for all break bulk material accident cases.

Follow the transporter to get the accident details like (details reports, police report, photo of accident place, driver explanation) and inform to LCC.

To send the accident report to insurance company to register the case and provide them all necessary documents.

Arrange the survey if insurance company required.

Follow the empty containers on daily basis from RPL-Jeddah.

Make the Break bulk loading plan for next day loading and send to Transporter, LCC & Satellite warehouses for arranging the trucks and loadings.

To ensure smooth and safe operations in the field of freight forwarding including customs clearance, land transportation, documentation, customer service & etc.

Coordinate with satellite W/H for loading and unloading.

To prepare the RFW (Rabigh forwarding) operation report (yesterday result collection of empty containers, Break Bulk domestic & export dispatch) for morning meeting with LCC.

To coordinate with LCC and other RPL department for smooth operation.

To have frequent coordination with all coordinators to achieve efficient and operation without delay.

To plan, organize and instruct daily for land shipments.

To let all staff recognize safety as the first priority in operations utilizing all opportunities.

His is responsible for the training of staff as per requirements.

To recognize KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of the section and propose ideas to his manager for improvement of KPI and achievement of target.

Responsible for receiving delivery ticket from transporter and submit to LCC.

Above is not the exhaustive list additional duties may be added time to time by superior



Responsible to prepare the delivery instructions and sales order copy from SAP with all necessary information.

Coordinate and inform the transport and warehouse supervisors for transport and confirmation of the date of dispatch.

Verify and keep records on incoming and outgoing shipments. Prepare documents against every shipment to record all the information of each transaction include addressing, stamping, material grading, invoicing etc for further arranging for the transportation of products.

Receiving all emails of related to the domestic shipment and subsequently replying to them.

Updation of the remarks of every single shipment on the covering sheet.

Coordinating the other units for the latest status of all dispatching shipments though process control sheets.

Maintain and develop the computerized process control sheet on day to day basis and forwarding it to all concerns.

Monitor and report on activities and provide relevant management information.

Correctly filling of all the shipments documents to their respective files after the delivery confirmation.


Receiving scrap information from MFT through mail.

Coordinating with transport for arranging transport and PRC for issuing instructions.

Preparing delivery instructions from SAP and forwarding it to transport department for dispatch.

Preparation of documents of scrap like D/I, A.O.O, and covering sheet etc.

Receiving daily scrap report and updating the record of all scrap shipment on computer.

Filling all the scrap documents to their related files once the delivery date is received.


Receiving plan and formulating the same in the form of actually transferable goods.

Getting the stock transfer number from PRC for further preparing the plane of shipment.

Preparing delivery instructions/ stock transfer plan and arrangements of the truck as per the demand of each warehouse.

Coordinating with transport supervisor to ask for availability of truck.

Circulating the scan copy of master plan for satellite warehouses for their information and record.


Preparing the shipping instructions and copy of SAP with all necessary information and providing to PRC one copy.

Coordinate with the transport for the arrangement of the trucks and communicating with the warehouse planner for preparation accordingly.

Receiving commercial invoice and certificate of origin from PRC verifying all the information provided on it as per the other documents. 

Sending the invoices to chamber of commerce for attestation and receiving it back.

Preparing the packing list managing the effective and necessary conversion of weights, sizes, values, in the same time getting the signature and stamp of company on all necessary documents.


Preparation of custom documents.

Catering to different shipping line with respect to ETA and VESSELS.

Monitoring stuffing and reporting delay if any with respect to coming VESSEL date.

Keeping all the custom documents record according to shipping line and destination wise.

Preparing Preclearance Arabic letter for and verifying from Arabian coordinator of the same and sending to custom for cargo clearance.

Receiving FINAL BAYAN from Jeddah and scanning the same to PETRORabigh.

Sending the CSV file to Jeddah for further submission of Singapore through SAIL system.


Preparation of Tanker clearance report from the oil tanker plan.

Monitoring and tracing clearance of oil tanker well in time.

Monitoring collection of documents from broker and submission of the same timely to CFC for clearance.

Monitoring and coordination with shipping department for oil tanker arrivals and their ETA’s.

 Intimation in delay report of late submission of tanker documents if delayed.

Circulation of Process control sheet on daily bases to all concerns for their information.

Monitoring and submission of pre bayan to PRC timely in order to release payment to accounts.

Receiving final bayan and submission to PRC for their record purpose

Sending regular monthly data of oil tanker cleared to account for invoicing purpose.


Directs activities concerned with contracts for purchase or sale of equipment, materials, products, or services

Examines performance requirements, delivery schedules, and estimates of costs of material, equipment, and production to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Prepares bids, process specifications, test and progress reports, and other exhibits that may be required.

Reviews bids from other firms for conformity to contract requirements and determines acceptable bids.

Negotiates contract with customer or bidder.

Requests or approves amendments to or extensions of contracts. Advises planning and production departments of contractual rights and obligations.

Compile data for preparing estimates.

Coordinate work of sales department with production and shipping department to implement fulfillment of contracts. May act as liaison between company and subcontractors. May direct sales program


Currently have and assignment of taking care of safety issues of AL-Majdouie 190 trailers and driver safety in aramco area.

Conducting safety talk / safety lectures for drivers to observe safety rule while entering Aramco domain.

Taking care of PRC ID’s and stickers of Workshop from PRC for all trailers well in time and avoiding in any delay of operation.

Identifying the areas of elapses which caused potential threat of accident and road safety of derivers and transport moving in aramco premises.

Preparing and submitting reports to top managements regarding third party transportation status on daily bases showing their availability for new assignments from PETRORabigh.

Snap check in operation and drivers status from third party truckers.

Inspection of the almajdouie trailers technically for analysis of workshop stickers clearance and reporting to top management if continuously being failed from Aramco safety standards.

Checking staff drivers and reporting daily bases violation received from PRC.


Responsible to conduct company assets inventory audit to all the locations including satellite warehouses( Riyadh and Jeddah).

Preparing cost and benefits analyses sheet.

Identifying the scraps accumulated in company and advising best utilization for the sake of extra finance generation.

Preparing and developing assets monitoring procedure.

Identifying assets placed idle and advising best utilization within the organization.

Bidding the extra assets for having best market value of the scraps and idle assets.

Identifying unproductive activities and assets which destroying the company finances and advising accordingly.

Recording all the companies’ assets and tagging them with proper marking and location.

Advising purchase department/management for appropriate and cost effective purchasing in view of assets audits and analysis.


To lead the Safety and Quality Control.

To develop positive relations with the Management Representative

To develop positive relationship with Location/department Managers & staff.

To ensure all reports, minutes & document are available on time.

To follow and implement plans, agreed & approved by MRT

To provide help line for queries which are recorded.

To ensure that all location QMS folders are complete including SQC.

To follow & implement the Quality Management System Procedures.

 Lead internal QMS assessment team.

To follow and implement SQC Procedures developing new ones as necessary in consultation with the RPL MR.

To visit Locations/departments in order to support action.

To identify own training needs and assist in solutions by undertaking training as required.

To coordinate training needs of staff and assist in solutions by delivering training as required.

To receive weekly Complaints from all locations and to receive Company’s complaints directly from RPL clients, in order to be discussed in the next MRT meeting.

Project Team Member for ISO 9001 quality management implementation and certification.

Consulting the departments for implementation and preparation of documents.

Qualified internal quality auditor course from SMaT Saudi Arabia.

Qualified total quality management course SMat from Saudi Arabia and implementation their system on organization.

Lead the Bureau Veritas for annual audits.

Qualified SMat principle of documentation (quality) form SMaT.

Conducted several internal audits in warehouse and satellite locations.


Perform a variety of cost engineering functions encompassing estimating, cost control.

Budget preparations, forecasting, cost reporting under limited supervision.

To perform and ensure an effective cost control function for on going project.

Ability to interpret contract, manage financial risk, estimating and forecasting.

Maintain current cost control database.

Review proposed schedule changes with construction personnel, client and contractors.

Support Project Control Manager on adhoc assignment.



Responsible to insure all goods and material transfer during the month in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Receiving the data from satellite warehouses analyzing and compiling for insurance purpose.

Insuring the scrap material dispatched to and fro during the moth.

All raw materials that received during the month data collection for insurance.

Preparing the insurance sheet and putting the value of the product in dollars and getting the premium to be paid for the month and transmitting the same to insurance department for preparing invoices and other documents for drawing premium.

Keeping the record of all monthly insurance premiums paid in the entire domestic category.


Strong skills on project management software tools presentation, Ms Office, keyboarding.

Ability to handle computerized accounting software Peachtree, Tally and its all functions such as finance, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing and job casting.

Working on RED SYSTEMsoftware specially prepared for custom documents imported from Japan.

SAP operation and its understanding with respect to logistics and chain supply management.

Dealing with PLS SCREEN to tracing the containers and product as per the tally sheet and the material stuffed in it.

Monitoring shipping lines wise like MOL,MSD,MAE,OOC for eta and stuffing deadlines.

Ms Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Database, Ms Visio, Ms Access, Ms Smart Draw, Ms Project Management, RFIDs etc.


Sea bulk management empty collection from Jeddah port

Receiving the production plan from PETRORabigh and preparing the sheet of sea bulk empty schedule along with empty stock and balance up to next week empty requirement.

Following up continuously the purchase order issued from Summitomo chemical Asia SCA Singapore.

Following up to shipping lines coordinator for expediting the collection of empty containers before the stuffing date.

Making possibility report if failure to collect the containers and getting confirmation if any change in shipping line.

Keeping the records of purchasing order and updating the sea bulk filling schedule on daily basis.

Circulating the daily updating Sea bulk filling schedule to all concern on daily basis.

Aug 2000Mar 2008

Assistant Manager Administration and logistics

Umair petrochemical

Producing draft, Business letters, memorandums, minutes and circulars.

Responsible for dealing day to day policies Monitoring and its implementations.

In addition to the own performing of secretary duties such as scheduling meetings, preparing agendas, putting up mail, timely actions on letters etc in organizations.

Analyze expenditures and other financial information to develop plans, policies, and budgets for increasing profits and improving services.

Monitor spending to ensure that expenses are consistent with approved budgets.

Responsible for sales management, forecasting, provision of invoices and related matters in the organization.

Organizing and managing events into the organizations.

Defining and improving process and procedures where necessary in routine administration.

Handle independently all correspondence with local and foreign business organizations.

Managing assets, its security, general maintenance and operations continuity into the organization.

Additionally perform relationship officer/manager duties into the organization.

Promote safe work activities by conducting safety audits, attending company safety meetings, and meeting with individual staff members.

Recommend or authorize capital expenditures for acquisition of new equipment or property in order to increase efficiency and services of operations department.

Direct and coordinate, through subordinates, activities of operations department in order to obtain use of equipment, facilities, and human resources.

Publishing various types of advertisement related to recruitment, tenders and etc.

Closely working with operations of human resource management deptt such as employee’s promotion, discharge and other relevant record updation on database system.

Collaborate with other managers and staff members to formulate and implement policies, procedures, goals, and objectives

Set operations policies and standards, including determination of safety procedures for the handling of dangerous goods.

Dealing office files and record management.

Plan, organize and manage the work of subordinate staff to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.

Well experience with effective communication techniques and methodologies with regard to email, phone and antiquates.

Able to work within a professional environment of project management office.

Well exposure of work ethics, excellent initiative, planning, execution and people management skills.

Observing the conduct codes of ISO 9000, 2000 policy, systems and its implementation.

Managing stores and warehouses inventories and controlling material with the help of Ms Excel, Word, and Database.

Knowledge of about tender raising, opening, acceptance, and related issues.

Monitoring contract important clauses while concluding furthers its implementations, evaluations and updation

Quotations evaluations of various parts and proposals and subsequently all related matters.

Responsible to evaluate and monitor the letter of credit amount and verification of Quarterly financial statements.

Invoices raising, monitoring, evaluations and their settlement.

Preparing budgets, forecasting report and feasibility analysis to anticipate the future expenditures requirements on latest computer soft wares.

Costing of material and labor hours quarterly incurred to the firms.

Dealing with bank statements and cashbooks.

Have an ability to handle payroll manual/computerized and knowledge of accounts department activities.


Feb 2003Feb 2006





Language-Fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and good Arabic language. Interest- Swimming, Reading news paper and general knowledge books, Browsing on Internet, and interested in traveling to explore the world. Computer: Ms Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Database, SAP Operation, Peachtree, Tally Activities- Volunteer Teaching, Worked for Edhi, Attached with Dawat-e- Islami     RESEARCH PAPERS/ ACHIEVEMENTS/ EXTRA CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES   Research column on mobile threat to aviation is published in Dadabhouy University newsletter   Proposal of reuniting nations against terrorism published in Jang Pakistan.   Prepared yearly analysis on PETRORabigh annual dispatch in domestic, export, transfer shipment and scrap product wise and customer wise.   Working on RED SYSTEM software specially prepared for custom documents imported from Japan made the report on threat and weakness of the software and replaced the system with new one with resolution of all defects.   Qualified internal quality auditor course from SMaT Saudi Arabia.   Qualified total quality management course SMat ( BVQI) from Saudi Arabia and implementation their system on organization.   Qualified SMat principle of documentation (quality) form SMaT.   Qualified Islamic banking certification course from DIHE   Qualified certification course from Saqlain and Brothers regarding accounting softwares Peachtree, Tally, Quick Books.   Teaching experience of 04 years to ‘O’ levels, and management subjects to graduate and masters.   Able to correspond in Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, and other languages with international business organizations.   Attended conference of international organization of Toastmaster club in PETRORabigh   Certificate of achivemnts and awarded shild for successful implementation of ISO 9001-2008 Standards.   Regular reader of   Harvard business reviews  and leadership articles.