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B.Sc Engg in CSE from Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
Proficient in solving logical problem using mathematics & technical skills. 
Participate in ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional (2013, 2014, 2015) & Several NCPC's
Team : (DIU_HowCow, DIU_PEKKA) including Code Jam.
# Have good knowledge on OOP, data science, algorithms, programming  [3+ years]  (C++, JAVA, PHP, SHELL).
# Have first hand experience on LAN/WAN hardware, Router configuration & custom firmware installation.
# Hardware troubleshooting, Server setup & administration.
# Have good experience in networking protocol implementation and administration.
# Ability to express technical concepts clearly to people with no technical background.
# An effective communicator with excellent interpersonal, Diplomatic, logical thinking & analytical abilities.
# Worked with AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) in game “ pacman ”, programmed with JAVA.
# Have first hand experience in Database ( MySQL, Oracle ) and PHP.
# Have experience in HTML, HTML5, CSS , CMS ( Wordpress, Drupal ), Domain & cpanel.
# Have Moderately good & first hand  [4+ years]  experience on UNIX like system LINUX & BSD ( Debian, CentOS , Arch Linux, openSuSE, Raspbian ) with server setup & administration, debugging, System optimization, firewall, kernel & driver customization.

Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Problem Solver

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
Try to solve problems by designing algorithms & implementing them



Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Ideal School & College


GPA : 5.0 / 5.0

Academic Projects

1. Project Title : Line Follower Robot with Path memorization
Component Used : ATmega328P(Arduino uno), TowerPro-MG995 (own modified servo), IR
sensor set, 9V DC Source.
Contribution : Project manager, Circuit Design, Coding, Assembling.
Description : In this project we try to make a line following robot (mobile robot) which
can memorize the traversed path & can execute the same movements
without the help of IR sensors


Videos : (part 1 ) (part 2)

2. Project Title : Matrix Analyzing Calculator
Platform Used : C++
Contribution : Project manager and Coding
Description : This project calculate determinate, matrix type, trace, diagonal of
a matrix, Find the value of inverse, symmetric & skew symmetric
Website :

3. Project Title : 2G/3G Cell Phone Detector
Component Used : LM358AN
Contribution : Project manager ,Circuit Design, Assembler.
Description : This project. helps us to detect cell phone network access (in any
restricted place), it can detect 2g/3g cell phone network.access in
a specified radius (call or messaging).

Documents :

4. Project Title : Online bus ticket Management System
Platform Used : MySQL, PHP, HTML ,CSS, JavaScript
Contribution : Project manager and Coding.
Description : This project was about the reduction of complexity of the bus ticket
management, updating records & routes in the database and
retrieving the database.

Hobby Projects

1. Raspberry Pi 2 USB Boot :
Platform Used : Raspberry Pi 2, Raspbian
Description : This will boot Raspberry Pi 2 from external hdd or USB device instead of micro SD card. So that user can have more memory.

2. Set up low cost server (DHCP, Monit, DNS, Privoxy) on Raspberry Pi 2 :
Platform Used : Raspberry Pi 2, Raspbian, TP-LINK MR 3220
Description : By setting up a low cost server node on a network we can lease ip address to different client (by specifying subnet), we can give static IP by defining MAC address.
we can cache DNS for faster access.
we can use Monit to see & maintain (auto restart, stop) server service status from other systems browser.
We can use privoxy to filter, compress & forward url to different network & even deny access for specific client.


Title : Implementing Artificial Intelligent Ghosts in MS. Pac-Man Game.
Published in : ICCIT 2014 ( Student Section ), sponsored by - IEEE ( Bangladesh Section )

Description : In this paper A* search & AI is introduced for controlling the ghosts in MS
Pacman game . A* search is used to find the optimal path. AI is used to to
produce the illusion of intelligence among the behavior of NPC’s (Non player
character). Here each ghost is given same AI method for movement.

Full Paper :


Programming Language

C/C++, Java, PHP, Unix Shell, Prolog, Python, Arduino

Operating System

Linux( Debian, CentOS, openSuSE, Arch ), Windows


Router, LAN/WAN device, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Sensors & Components

Web technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Domain hosting & cpanel


MySQL, Oracle 10g

Simulation and Drafting

PSpice, Proteus


- Programming & Algorithm Design
- Database Design
- Circuit Design
- SQA (grey box tester)
- Robotics/Automation (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Peripherals)
- OS/Hardware installation & Troubleshooting

- Experienced in Mikrotik, Cisco , OpenWRT OS based Router configuration & routing protocol implementation.
- LAN/WAN Hardware configuration & troubleshooting.
- DNS Caching (Pdnsd, Squid).
- Data Encryption technique, VPN.
- IP & VLSM.
- Router firmware change & repair through TFTP.
- PXE/Game/Mail/other server setup, Boot from Network.

- CMS setup
- cPanel Administration

- WebMail Server setup

[ C/C++, JAVA, PHP ] :
- Advanced C++/JAVA/PHP implementation
- Algorithm implementation
- Maintain OOP
- Clean Code
- Debugging
- UML design

- Moderate user & administration.
- More than 4 years of experience as first hand user.
- Compilation & Debugging, Kernel & Driver Customization.
- Shell Programming.
- Have experience in (Debian, openSuSE, Arch, CentOS, Raspbian).
- Server Setup (DHCP, DNS, Firewall, Access Control, SSH, Print).
- Interface Control, Remote Administration, Service Control.
- CLI/headless machine control.

MySQL/Oracle 10g:
- Moderate Database implementation & SQL query generate.
- Experience in SQL injection.
- Integration with programming language.

* Data Mining
* Artificial Intelligence


# Runner up of Intra-University Project Competition.
Contestant at The 2013 ACM-ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest.
Contestant at The 2014 ACM-ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest.
Contestant at The 2015 ACM-ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest.
Google Code Jam (2014, 2015) [ upto Round 1 ]
Contestant at QUAZI AZHER ALI SAARC Programming Contest, 2013.
Contestant at Daffodil National Collegiate Programming Contest ( NCPC ) 2014.


Date of Birth : 17 – APR – 1994
Languages Known : English, Bangla, Hindi
Address : 788/E Shantinicaton Road, Madarbari, Uttarkhan, Uttara

ACM membership : 0967249 ( tariqkhan1 )
University Name : Daffodil International University
University ID : 121 -15-1631
Major : Computer Engineering

Linkedin Profile :

Personality Type : ENTJ ( extraversion, intuition, thinking, judgment )