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Currently a senior prefect of the school, have led many teams to victory during my school life. 
Maths has always been a strength to me. Solving sums is a very basic foundation of developing IQ and other reasoning skills. 
Creative Thinking
Recently in the Innovative Product & Marketing Competition 2012-13, our team of 5 secured the 1st position with our innovative and eco-friendly product, the Dynamo Charger.
Always been a topper, addicted to learning. I believe that education is not a burden but an opportunity. I have been scoring 90+ in every exams across all these years and still aim at lifting the bar higher with each exam.

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Milan Khakhi

Aatman Thaker

Bijal Damani

Nilomi Doshi

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IPM 2012-13

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Movies and sports have always inspired me. Books are known as a man's best friend. They are mine too. I've played swimming, rifle shooting and badminton at state and district levels. Songs are a part of my daily life. I like taking up new challenges and learning things which seem difficult. Nature always awes me and I would love to visit places. Someday I would like to see myself as a successful MBA and a CEO of a multinational company.


Jul 2010Jul 2013

Chartered Accountant

Navkar Education