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Aug 2015Dec 2016

Master of Science in Computer Science

Stony Brook University

Courses of Fall '15 Semester: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Algorithms and Operating System 

Jul 2009May 2013

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT), India

CGPA: 8.05/10

Work experience

Jun 2013Jul 2015

Software Engineer

Directi (Endurance International Group)

Orderbox  (Technology Stack: Core JAVA, PostgreSQL, Memcache, Poolman, Git, Intellij, Ant, teamCity)

  • Designed and implemented Automation Framework for TLD integration.  Impact: 100's of TLD's getting integrated per day now
  • Detected memory leaks in Orderbox and resolved them.  Impact: Server restarts reduced by 25%
  • Worked on Internal Application Security in Orderbox.   Impact: Made around 60% of the resources CSRF protected
  • Contributed to the discussions and impact analysis of vertical partitioning of orderbox 
May 2012Jul 2012

Summer Intern

IBM Extreme Blue (Linux Technology Center)

Tivoli (IBM Cloud Infrastructure) and LTC (KVM: Kernel-based virtual Machine)

     Impact: Savings per server: INR 6000/Year and thus in a single data center: INR 90,00,000          (assuming 1500 servers/data center)

  • Designed and implemented a scheme for sharing power between the cloud providers and the end-user with automated provisioning of Virtual Machines (VM)
  • Conceptualized the implementation of metering of Energy at OS level and designed a billing model for billing customers, taking in account the run-time and energy consumption of VMs


Jan 2012Apr 2012

Dynamic Online Programing Judge Rating System and Recommender System

(Under Dr. S. Mary Saira Bhanu, Associate Professor CSE,NITT)

Formulated and implemented (Language : C++) a Dynamic Rating System, which takes in consideration multiple factors (For example: No. of Submissions, No. of AC's, rating of users who got AC, etc) in a problem bank environment unlike static system in similar environment of SPOJ. Constructed recommendation of problems and a statistic utility, above it as well.

Jan 2013Apr 2013

Processing XML Tree pattern Queries

(Under Dr. K. Viswanathan Iyer, Professor CSE,NITT)

Devised an algorithm utilizing the orientation properties of XML. XML document is modeled as a rooted node-labeled (Dewey_ID Labeling) tree and pre-processed, populating auxiliary vectors, which is subsequently used in bottom-up processing, for matching tree pattern search queries.

Algorithm Library (A-Lib)

(Self-individual Project) :

Includes basic, intermediate and advanced algorithms; This was built to help the juniors
to prepare for ACM-ICPC. The attributes of this repository: Categorized entries, References to contest problems and Implementation with accepted (Passed on online judge platforms) complexities.

Relevant Experience & Skillsets 

Teaching And Recruitment (Interviewer)
  • NITT-Campus Placement Committee : Algorithm and Data Structure Instructor / Mock Interviewer. Helped 2nd and 3rd year undergrad CSE students in their interview preparations by teaching algorithm and data structure and taking mock interviews
  • Algorithmic Session Instructor @ Directi. Took fundamental algorithmic session for my team of 30 colleagues
  • Technical Recruiter @ Directi-Endurance. Was closely involved in the recruitment process of Endurance India and played a role of an algorithmic interviewer (took more than 70 interviews) 
Competitive Programming
  • Problem setter (Medium-Hard and Hard) for ByteCode, which is an international algorithmic programming contest hosted by NITT
  • ACM-ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) Participant and Regional Rank Holder:
    • Rank 17 ACM-ICPC Kanpur, Asia region  in Dec 2012
    • Rank 18 ACM-ICPC Amritapuri, Asia region  in Dec 2012
    • Rank 31 ACM-ICPC Amritapuri, Asia region in Dec 2011 
  • Online Judge: 
    • Codechef (handle: paarth) World Rank ( #363-Long Contest, #241-Short Contest ) - April 2012
    • SPOJ (handle: paarth_007) World Rank ( #460 ) - April 2012
Software Skill
  • Languages: C++, C, JAVA, Python (Beginners), HTML 
  • Operating System: Linux/Ubuntu
  • Packages: Spring Framework, PostgreSQL, Git, JSP