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Work experience

Lead Developer - NHS Evidence (Freelance)

At N.I.C.E I have been involved in almost all aspects of the NHS Evidence project, from the installation and implementation of Microsoft Fast ESP for release 1.0 to the planning and implementation of Sharepoint 2007 for release 2.0. I have had a great deal of input not only in the design and development of the software but also the scoping, procurement and setup of the hardware and infrastructure required to provide a resilient service.

NHS Evidence is built using IOC principles and the MVC MEF framework. It also makes heavy use of SVN, Continuous integration, NANT, NUnit and NDoc, as well as the usual Fast ESP API's and Sharepoint feature deployment utilities. We have also been working in a feature driven way (FDD) using an Agile SCRUM methodology facilitated by a product called Mingle (produced by Thoughtworks Ltd), both of which I have been responsible in setting up.


  • Acting lead developer & scrum master for a team of 7 developers and 2 testers.
  • Custom pre-processor, and document connector for submission of documents to ESP using SQL Server.
  • MIS system to provide statistics on the quantity and quality of documents indexed by ESP.
  • Custom pipeline stage to limit the links that are followed by the enterprise crawler, and which also selects specific sections of web pages to index (Using Python and Regular Expressions).
  • Early warning system to advise when the number of documents being indexed is adversely affected by changes to the websites they are being retrieved from.
  • Ingestion of documents provided as data feeds.
  • Custom mapping stages to power search navigators.
  • Developed against the Fast ESP Search API with a custom query processor.
  • Migration of ASP.Net implementation of NHS Evidence Site (release 1.0) to Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS).
  • Development of custom workflows in Sharepoint using Windows Workflow Foundation 3.0
  • Development of custom page layouts, and integration with Telerik user controls.
  • Implemented Agile SCRUM development methodology, and setup and configured the projects task and  performance tracking system (Mingle).

C#, .Net 3.5, SQL Server 2005/2008, Windows Workflow Foundation 3.0, T-SQL, Fast ESP, Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS), Mingle, MVC, MEF, NDoc, NUnit, SVN, NANT, IOC, PYTHON, Regular Expressions (REGEX), XML, ASP.Net, CSS, VS2008, LINQ, AJAX, JQuery, SVN.

Senior Developer - National Library for Health (Freelance)

The National Library for Health site is a search engine designed to provide up-to-date medical research papers to health care professionals. The site has been implemented using a service oriented architecture and IOC (Inversion of control) principles and makes heavy use of Castle Windsor, NUnit, NDoc and Nant. My time with the NLH was split equally between helping with the continual development of the site, and analysis and research into performance problems that were being experienced at the time. Towards the end of my time at the NLH I was also responsible for leading the migration of the search platform over to Microsoft Fast ESP.

The NLH project was feature driven (FDD) and employed the Agile SCRUM development methodology.


  • Proprietary SOA search component to provide search capabilities across several content sources.
  • Identified and fixed several key problems which were resulting in poor performance of the site, including an in-depth analysis of the load balancing infrastructure and IIS configuration.
  • Implemented Scaleout session state server (a distributed in-memory alternative to SQL Server).
  • Setup automated performance tests using Visual Studio for Testers.
  • Implemented custom data replication service between test and live SQL Servers.
  • Introduced Agile SCRUM to the team, and implemented Mingle
  • Implemented initial pipelines for a migration of the search platform over to Microsoft Fast ESP.

C# 2.0 & 3.5, ASP.NET, Classic & WCF web services, VS2005 & 2008, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, Microsoft Fast ESP, VSTS, Castle Windsor, Ajax (Prototype Library), SVN.

Lead Developer - Retail Field Sales (Freelance)

Lead developer in a team of 8 working on a mobile sales tool which facilitated the sale of gas, electricity and insurance products when operating door-to-door, within Tesco stores and at national exhibitions such as the ideal home show.

The solution included a winforms application designed to run on pentablet pc's, a web service layer to exchange data with the devices and two distinct back office systems implemented in SQLServer and Oracle.

I was also responsible for implementing an “Agile Development” methodology (SCRUM) within the team, and regularly attended RAP sessions for upcoming programs of work.


  • Created he UK's first smart client, field based quotation system permitted to collect DD mandates and signatures electronically.
  • Designed and implemented a service based synchronization system to send and receive new data and code updated between the head office and 850 remote devices distributed across the UK.
  • Demographic analysis in SQL server, and automatic assignment of new properties to visit based on an interface to the companies campaign system.
  • Performance tuning of SQL Server cluster based on Polyserve
  • Migration of the core system from SQL Server to Oracle 8i
  • Implemented Google maps API to track the location of agents and sales
  • Implemented a commission system to deal with the calculation and payment of commission to sales agents, and third party brokers.
  • Created in-house management information system to track the performance of sales agents.

C# 2.0 & 3.5, Winforms, ASP.NET Webforms and Web Services, VS2005 & 2008, SQL Server 2005, MSDE, T-SQL, ORACLE 8i, Source Safe, Team System, Google Earth API, Mapoint service.

Senior Developer - Local Government (Freelance)

Worked on a number of full life-cycle local government implementing Microsoft Content Managent Server, and Sharepoint to produce public facing web sites which confirmed to the highest level of accessibility, and which implemented the LGCL standard government category listing site structure. Tasks included the customisation of CMS approval workflows, and extending CMS to include facilities such as email notification, posting expiry, submission and approval and search integration with Sharepoint.


  • Helped implement 4 local government CMS sites using MCMS and Sharepoint
  • Integrated MondoSearch search platform into MCMS to provide custom search capabilities
  • Double-A accessibility compliance
  • Automated import of LGCL standards and site structure into MCMS
  • MCMS - Sharepoint search connector implementation

Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS), C#, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Sharepoint Search Connector, Mondosearch, Visual Studio 2003 & 2005, Bobby W3C Compliance, NDoc, NUnit, CSS, Javascript, Prototype. 

IBM / Daimler Chrysler

Aug 2004Sep 2004

Developer (Freelance)

Designed and implemented a "point of sale" system designed to manage all aspects of the sale process of commercial vehicles sold and distributed by Mercedes-Benz. The system was an Extranet site used internally by Daimler Chrysler, and publically by most f the Mercedes dealers around the country who dealt with the sale of commercial vehicles.

This was a full life-cycle project, where I was involved in most of the design decisions. Being one of the more senior members of the team I also acted in a mentoring capacity for the more junior members of the team.

Oracle 9i, ASP.NET, C#, Source Safe, PL/SQL, CSS, Javascript


May 2004Aug 2004

Senior Developer (Freelance)

At Objectivity I was involved in a large number of diverse projects including the design and implementation of an intranet application used by a national recruitment agency which allowed them to create and customise workflows to manage their day to day tasks. This was achieved by constructing web forms at runtime using a XSLT transformation from the data schema associated with each workflow stage.

Objectivity also employed the XP or "Extreme Programming" agile development methodology. This meant we had to work to some tight deadlines, and liaise with the client on a regular basis regarding their requirements, and to ensure the releases satisfied the acceptance tests.

VB.NET, ASP.NET, Javascript, XSD, XSLT,SQL SERER, T-SQL, Stored Procedures

The Software Specialists

Sep 2003May 2004

Lead Developer (Freelance)

Aided the design and development of a 4GL (Fourth Generation Language) system written in C# and SQL Server. Initially this application was used to implement a point-and-click data migration system designed to convert data in legacy systems so that the same data could be used when introducing new back office applications into an organisation.

I later got involved in the development of a scripting engine, which would use Microsoft's VSA technology to enable the client to create VB or JavaScript which could then be integrated into the windows application, web application or batch processes. This gave the client the final say in how functionally rich their version of the application would be, as any of these scripts could be compiled up and attached to a number of events exposed to the client through the user interface.

C#, VB.Net, COM+, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, ASP.NET, Javascript & VB Script, Microsoft VSA, XML, XSLT, Winforms

Credit Suisse

Dec 2002Sep 2003

Lead Developer (Freelance)

I was the technical liaison between various internal business departments and third party suppliers, and helped to introduce a new back office system into the company to help manage all aspects of their SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) business. This included the design and customisation of many aspects of the new system.

LISA, Microsoft Transation Server, COM+, VB.NET, BizTalk, C#, SQL Server, T-SQL

MMT Energy

Sep 2002Nov 2002

Developer (Freelance)

Converted an existing application so that it could be distributed in a number of different languages. I also designed and built a service based interface to enable the end customer to feed industry data into the applications risk engine.

I was also closely involved in the design and implementation of a “Clock Time” specification. This was required because the system as it stood worked exclusively in Standard Time (GMT) and it was a requirement of MMT’s new Czech client that the software was also able to take into account winter and summer time changes.

VB6, SOAP/XML, Web Services, MTS, COM+ 

Developer (Freelance)

Senior developer and technical mentor in a large development team working on new development, UAT & Production support and legacy system migration for both Marlborough Sterling's LAMDA product (originally designed around visual FoxPro) and Sun Life's in-house applications. My role incorporated Systems Analysis and development, including the creation of technical documentation, and the continual support & development of applications/procedures to facilitate the introduction of LAMDA, and eventual replacement of Sun Life's many proprietary in-house applications.

I also completed work on an electronic submission system for IR chargeable events tax reports which was developed in VB.NET and made full use of SOAP and XML.

LAMDA, VB6, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000 (Triggers and Stored Procedures), T-SQL, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office Integration 

Lead Developer

Senior developer/Team Leader/Technical Mentor in a team of 5, on a life-cycle VB6 project for a major international, writing a full back-office Stakeholder Pension and Unit trust system. The system supported both SQL Server and Oracle, and was designed using a strict N-Tier architecture using COM/DCOM and MTS.

I was also a member of an R&D progressive research team, investigating the impact that the introduction of VB.NET and ADO.NET would have on the companies' current applications. We also began to investigate into whether emerging ASP.NET technologies would be of use to us in our ever growing use of the internet.

Later on I was selected to be a principal member of a quality assurance team, focusing on the way in which others within the company produced code. This was in an attempt to guide those member who were less experienced in VB, and to enforce company standards on the way in which code was created, and the final product delivered to the market place.

LISA, VB6, Visual Studio 6, MTS, COM+, Crystal Reports, XML, XSL, XSD, Javascript, .NET, SQL Server, Oracle, T-SQL


Grant Kinchin

Anne Morrison

Graham Duncan

Principle Technologies



Other Qualifications:

Qualified Airline Pilot (frozen UK ATPL) and associated examinations (Equivalent Degree Level Qualification)

Full Instrument Rating and Twin Engine Aircraft Rating

Multi Crew Cooperation Course for Complex Aircraft (completed on Lockhead L-1011 Tristar)

VHF Radio Transmission License.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 30th January 1977

Marital Status: Married

Full UK Unrestricted Passport and Drivers License, and Car Owner

Other Interests

Flying, Squash. Also play drums in a couple of bands.


SharePoint (MOSS) 2010/2007  & WSS 3 Developer - Custom Workflows, WebParts, InfoPath Browser/Client Forms, Event Handlers, Application Pages, Page Customisation and Design, Custom Site Templates & Content Types and Timer Jobs.

SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 & WSS 3 Administration - Central Administration, STSADM, Continuous Integration.

Microsoft Fast ESP Developer - Index Profile & Pipeline Configuration, Custom Stage Development, Custom Crawler Code, Search Interface, Custom Document Feeders, Ranking and Relevancy, Selective Ingestion of Content.

C# .NET, VB .NET, Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), LINQ, Classic ASP, CSS, HTML, SQL Server, T-Sql, ORACLE, Visual Basic, Regular Expressions, Python.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 & 2008, SQL Management Studio, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft InfoPath, Microsoft SharePoint Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks.

Experienced in Agile development methodologies inc SCRUM and have worked in a variety of industry sectors including Utilities (energy), Government (NHS, Local Government) and Financial (Life & Pensions, Investments)