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A pioneer in household goods auditing, Parsifal Corporation provides customized industry technology used for relocations in 120 countries on 6 continents. The firm’s clients include Fortune 500 companies in retail, transportation, insurance, telecommunications, entertainment, manufacturing, and other sectors; government entities; carriers; and move-management concerns. Through its MoveMetric platform and Acadia Move Management System, Parsifal Corporation collects data on such items as worldwide carrier service, transit times, traffic patterns, and rates.Founded in 1981, Parsifal Corporation developed a state-of-the-art program, the Parsifal Audit System, that scrutinizes and verifies moving expenses, analyzes transportation patterns to minimize costs, benchmarks services and prices worldwide, and offers custom carrier-performance and audit reports. The software also affords clients access to Parsifal’s growing arsenal of web-based tools. Additional products include the Acadia Move Management System, Domestic Acadia, and the MoveMetric Domestic System. Parsifal Corporation focuses on the highest standards and maintains departments solely concentrated on quality assurance.The consulting services of Parsifal Corporation’s relocation specialists range from the analysis of various industry trends to contract negotiation and the assessment of carrier agreements. The company’s billing capabilities streamline existing payment systems, data storage, and other functions. Parsifal evaluates a number of services provided by relocation departments, third-party relocation businesses, mortgage companies, and domestic and international carriers to ensure optimum efficiency at a fair price. In addition, Parsifal Corporation provides instant moving estimates on air and surface shipments, as well as permanent storage, domestically and internationally.Working closely with carriers on behalf of its corporate and government clients in a pilot program, Parsifal Corporation has integrated its services prior to the billing process, which increases the accuracy of carrier invoices. Because the two entities agree on the final amount before a client receives an invoice, processing time caused by audits diminishes considerably, and clients gain faith in the billing process. Parsifal Corporation continues to seek ways to improve the relocation system and provides news of industry developments and technology updates on its website, Online, clients can access vendor service history, pricing, and transit times on domestic shipments and place shipments into a bidding environment.