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Apr 2005Present

Marketing and Logistics

Work experience

May 2006Aug 2007

Contractor’s Assistant

Park Home Improvement
  • Clearing a jobsite of old construction to make way for new while carefully minding the surrounding environment.
  • Assisting in the problem solving that comes with the task of performing home improvement on older houses.
  • Learning the vernacular of the trade quickly to assist in the acquisition of materials and tools.
  • Working hard to move heavy loads around such as stacks 2x4s around the jobsite.
Sep 2004Aug 2005


  • Keeping an eye for attention to detail for maintaining and cleaning work space.
  • Helping customers find products and furthering the Kroger image.
  • Controlling and maintaining product levels on the shelf.
  • Sorting good products from bad to ensure the best product for the end user.

Groups and Organizations

American Marketing Association (Presidential Member)

  • Learned and networked with many representatives from a wide variety of company and gained incite on the world of marketing.
  • Worked to create a fund raising and marketing exercise between the AMA and

  • Worked with, a message board directed at the issues concerning college students, to get the site known around the campus of CMU.


  • New technology and how it can make my day to day, and work life more efficient.
  • Team tactical sports such as Paintball and Airsoft that require team work, leadership and heat of the moment problem solving skills.


Microsoft Office
Well versed in the major applications in Microsoft Office such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access.
A+ Citified
Recived A+ hardware/software citified in highschool. An A+ cirtification gives one a strong sense of technology and it's importance.