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Licensed Insurance Professional with 23 years of experience providing superior customer service while continuously meeting sales goals.

  • Developed relationships with new and existing customers increasing growth and retention.
  • Continuously met monthly sales goals while maintaining policy accuracy.
  • Presented accurate, rapid cost calculations and quotations.
  • Processed Certificates of Insurance accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Reported claims in an empathetic, reassuring manner and explained the claim process.
  • Produced sales through the implementation of structured sales and marketing programs.
  • Presented features, advantages and disadvantages of various policies to inform the client.
  • Accomplished successful account retention record through consistent follow up.
  • Provided excellent problem solving abilities, follow through and communication skills.
  • Established credibility with customers and coworkers through competence and integrity.
  • Displayed the ability to work well with various social backgrounds.

Work experience


Licensed Insurance Professional

Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Services
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Senior Account Representative

Baker and Baker Insurance Agency
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Senior Account Representative

Eric McGuire Allstate Agency

Licensed Sales Professional

Mark Williams Allstate Agency

Licensed Sales Professional

Dirk McGuire and Lynn Bowers Allstate Agency

Insurance Producer

James Gastreich Allstate Agency


Ability to recognize when a problem exists; identifies the reasons for the discrepancy; implements a plan of action to resolve it; evaluates and monitors progress; and revises plan by findings.
Work and communicates with clients and customers to satisfy their expectations. Demonstrating competence includes actively listening to identify needs, communicating in a positive manner especially when handling complaints and effectively obtaining additional resources to satisfy needs. Demonstrates understanding, friendliness, adaptability, empathy and politeness.
Organizes, processes, and maintains written or computerized records and other forms of information. Allocates time by developing and following an effective, workable schedule based on importance of tasks, time to complete tasks, task deadlines; avoiding wasting time; accurately adjusting schedule.
Proficient in Outlook, Intranet, Internet and proprietary software. 50 words per minute. Ability to use computer to acquire, organize, analyze and communicate information.      

Letters of Recommendation


California Department of Insurance

Resident Insurance Producer License#: 0C09496