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Americans Elect Rutgers Campus Delegate - Aug 2011 - June 2012

Rutgers Campus Radio

WRSU - Technology Specialist

              Sept 2010 - June 2012

WRSU - Program writer

              Sept 2010 - June 2012

Team NJ Solar Decathlon -

Blog on 3D printing technology, Video Producer/Editor

              Jan 2011 -June 2012


Information technology systems specialist with skills in database designs and systems, information retrieval and organization, evaluation, implementation, use, and management of information technologies. Urban planning and policy development understanding. Certified computer technician who continually strives to broaden abilities by researching and implementing evolving technology for superior customer satisfaction. Producer who excels in enhancing measures of customer service, communication, organization and efficiency. Expertise in people management and various creative environments inside and outside the IT environment.


Sep 2012Present


University of Brighton

The course comprises five core modules: - Business and Information Systems provides a perspective on the role and uses of IT in business organisations-Systems Analysis and Design develops the skills necessary for the specification and design of an information system- Application Building covers the area of software development for the web, including databases and programming languages- Research Methods gives the student the opportunity to participate in the professional or research community, and to explore a contemporary topic.

Aug 2010May 2012



The ITI major places emphasis on the evaluation, implementation, use, and management of information technologies for a wide range of organizations and corporations, as well as the social and organizational aspects of information and communication technologies. The major unites theories drawn from the humanities and social sciences with practical computer-based competencies.

Sep 2010May 2012

BA (Minor)


Prepares students for graduate education in urban planning and policy development and for entry-level positions in the public sector, especially those related to housing, transportation and community development. Students in the program receive skills and a conceptual understanding of interrelated urban environmental, economic, educational and social welfare issues.

Jan 2005Jun 2006

Associates of Arts

San Diego City College

The Electronic Music program provides an opportunity for students to gain specific hands-on skills in each of the technologies currently used in the music industry. Students will also gain practical experience for professional and community musical performance and preparation for continued higher education. Students will participate in various vacets of music production for a variety of uses in the commercial marketplace which will allow them to develop practical skills and talents while earning college credit for transfer to universities or entry into the workplace.

Work experience

Jun 2008Dec 2008

Sound Editor

Broadcasters Company of America

Collected audio files and created sound libraries to ensure availability of source files. Engaged services of on air personalities to select best audio. Met with personalities to discuss interpretations of their work. Performed administrative tasks such as applying, designing, and printing programs and other promotional materials. Processed audio files to ensure proper file format and sample rate. Ran sound board and answered multiple line phone system for live on air personalities.

Aug 2006Jun 2007

Remote Radio Production

KSDS 88.3 FM

Directed groups at rehearsals, live or recorded performances in order to achieve desired effects such as tonal and harmonic balance dynamics, rhythm, and tempo. Met with soloists and concertmasters to discuss and prepare for performances. Positioned members of performance and equipment for performance to obtain balance for optimal listening or recording conditions. Operated in house sound board, and monitored input/output signal levels for broadcasting. 

Aug 1996Oct 2004

Power Generation Equipment Specialist

US Army

Supervised, maintained, and overhauled power generation equipment. Maintained engines by adjusting valves, carburetors, ignition points, alternators, regulators, solenoids, and fuel injection timing; performed maintenance services such as lubrication, oil changes, and radiator flushes; repaired small motor generators. Journeyman also repairs or overhauls starters, alternators, generators, voltage regulators, and control circuits; maintains and repairs diesel engines. Senior level also supervises lower skill level personnel; instructs in the use of tools and test equipment; conducts maintenance training and assigned duties.

(DD-214, U.S. Army Records, available upon request)


Hardware Management
Partition and format SATA, PATA, and SSD hard drives with Linux command line programs (fdisk, and disk druid). Performed routine maintenance, performance optimization, and OS quality control. Troubleshoot and repair hardware components, RAM, ROM, Processors, Hard Drives, Motherboards, Power Supplies, Disk Drives, Sound Cards, and Audio Cards  
Sound Production
Pro Tools, Final Cut, Ableton Live, MIDI, and Logic software editing experience. Internet proficient (TCP/IP, SSH, FTP) basic knowledge of recording studio operations, multi-track board operation, audio encoding/decoding, engineering, music production, CD production.
Software Management
Microsoft Windows: OS  98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 Microsoft Office; 2000-2010, Open Office, Libre Office Apple OS X; Jaguar, Snow Leopard, Lion Linux Ubuntu and SUSE systems. Programming Skills include; HTML, CSS, XML, Python, MySQL, Pearl, C#, Java script, Java Software: Photoshop, GIMP, Visual Studio, Pro Tools


Comp TIA A+

Comp TIA