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I started my career as a freelance conference interpreter after attending the Conference Interpreters School.

Now I’m an in-house interpreter at the Italian Ministry of Defence (MoD). Italian is my mother tongue, and I also have English as an active language, which I often work into in the consecutive and simultaneous mode, and Spanish.

Interpreting at the MoD covers a variety of subjects, including industry, sports, economy, medicine, and of course the military. I interpret during press conferences and bilateral meetings.

There are still challenges – however – even after 15 years of work. It’s a tough job, especially because sometimes people focus on secrecy more than they actually should, or consider the interpreter an ancillary and expendable item. There are occasions where speakers have a text and read full-speed, but you don't have it in the booth because someone thinks “it shouldn't be circulated beforehand”.

My job is a challenge in itself, but I love it.

Work experience

Interpreter and Translator

Jul 1993Present

Staff Interpreter

Ministry of Defence

Staff interpreter and translator covering all aspects of defence


Nirav Mahida

Mr. Mahida has asked me to follow the translation and localisation project of the Elitecore and Cyberoam websites, in addition to sponsoring me to work for their Italian retailer, Horus.

Massimo Grillo

I have followed several projects for Mr.Grillo's Horus, a leading Italian company dealing with ICT products.

Stefano Marrone

Mr. Marrone - currently the head of interpretation at the Italian Chamber of Deputies - has been my professor, thesis supervisor and later a more experienced colleague and mentor. He can provide reference if needed.

Paola De Rosa

I have worked with Paola several times in conferences requiring language interpreting. She can endorse me to any potential client.


Sep 2001Apr 2004

Conference Interpreting

Libera Universita' degli Studi S.Pio V

Major Projects


Creative Writing
Conference Interpreting


Aug 2010Present

Active Member

International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)
May 1997Present

Court Interpreter & Translator

Criminal Tribunal - Rome