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I started my career as a freelance conference interpreter after attending the Conference Interpreters School.

Now I’m an in-house interpreter at the Italian Ministry of Defence (MoD). Italian is my mother tongue, and I also have English as an active language, which I often work into in the consecutive and simultaneous mode, and Spanish.

Interpreting at the MoD covers a variety of subjects, including industry, sports, economy, medicine, and of course the military. I interpret during press conferences and bilateral meetings.

There are still challenges – however – even after 15 years of work. It’s a tough job, especially because sometimes people focus on secrecy more than they actually should, or consider the interpreter an ancillary and expendable item. There are occasions where speakers have a text and read full-speed, but you don't have it in the booth because someone thinks “it shouldn't be circulated beforehand”.

My job is a challenge in itself, but I love it.

Work experience

Work experience

Interpreter and Translator

Jul 1993 - Present

Staff Interpreter

Ministry of Defence

Staff interpreter and translator covering all aspects of defence


Sep 2001 - Apr 2004

Conference Interpreting

Libera Universita' degli Studi S.Pio V



Creative Writing

Conference Interpreting


Aug 2010 - Present

Active Member

International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)
May 1997 - Present

Court Interpreter & Translator

Criminal Tribunal - Rome