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Consultant Profile

PhD, Systems Knowledge 

. Go-getter, unconventional, strategic thinker, experienced  problem solver, devoted to sustainable 'transformative'  practices. Multilingual, global citizen. Track record in research and teaching. socio-technical systems joint optimization, cognitive engineering, universal interfaces, interaction design. Lives life through the browser. Day to day Research and Lecturing on various aspects of  new technologies and social innovation, HCI (Human Computer Interaction) with track record of professional and academic publications, and high profile scholarly achievements. 

Work experience

Dec 2008Present



Researcher, Lecturer, Consultant and Project  Manager  Resilient and Sustainable  Socio Technical Systems Engineering.  Design and manage research programs and initiatives in STS Research

Interfaces and Interaction Design, Mixed Method Research, Universal Design

Example of talks and tutorials:, Research Evaluator, Inspector

EMCSR Vienna April 2012 -  Symposium on Systems and Cybernetics

ISSS Hull 2011

Formal Analysis of Knowledge networks, University of Stirling UK - 2011

SCONE (Scottish Computing Network of Excellence), Edinburgh  2010

WIMS Norway 2011, on ACM  Proceedings

EUSEC 2010 Sweden

DEST - IEEE 2008, Tutorial on Collaboration

Jan 2013Feb 2014

Visiting Faculty

Indian Institute of Technology

Visiting faculty at IIT Mandi, Computer Science and Engineering Department - Lecturer and Researcher . Teach graduate and postgraduates, web based information systems and socio technical systems engineering courses to graduates and postgraduates. Organize seminars and set up ICT and sustainability projects

Jan 2003Present

Technical Expert, Evaluator, and Rapporteur

REA (Research Executive Agency)

Provide ICT technical expertise, evaluate research projects proposalsfor selected calls. Work remotely with distrubuted teams, write technical and evaluation reports via web based interfaces

Jan 2005Present

Research Analyst

Cutter Consortium

Research and publish reports on leading edge Information Technology. Gather insights of what's ahead.  Advise  on key technology developments 

Search for samples on website, or contact me

Jan 2004Dec 2008

Lecturer, Researcher

Mae Fah Luang/PSU University

Develop course content, deliver seminars, Lectures and hands on classes  in Information Technology, Software Engineering,  Systems Engineering, Quality Management, Operations/industrial  Management, E-commerce, HCI., Communications. Write and mark exam papers, supervise graduate and postgraduates students dissertation and projects, initiate and lead  academic and research initiatives in relation to eLearning and eGovernance,  Open Source and participatory  models. Attend and co-organize world class academic and community based workshops and seminars, publish papers and give presentations. Manage Greater Mekong Region community projects, with an eye on human rights issues, and within the broader framework for ' sustainable development'.


Contributed Orbicom/UNESCO Chapter

Jan 1995Jan 2004

Various tasks (media, consulting, journalism, publishing management)


London based Science and Technology Correspondent  for high profile Business Press Sole 24 Ore.(1995-2000). Visited tech labs worldwide such as PARC in Palo Alto and interview top scientists and researchers . Researched and Published articles for the Financial Times, IT Week and other international, high profile IT and Business publications, some commercial copy-writing.

General Management , project management and Independent media consultant for medium sized international clients,  (London, New York, Hong Kong). Publishing management (bookstores, hospitality, events and customer liaison). Teacher and lecturer in modern languages and business communication (various schools and universities, London (95-96). 

Founder and main slave at (2001-2003), the first  independent online magazine devoted to content management news.


Jan 2009Jul 2012

Phd, Systems Engineering

University of Strathclyde
Feb 2009Feb 2009

Doctoral Workshop, OLL, Web Science

University of Oxford

In depth Aspects of knowledge exchange on the web

Jan 2002Jan 2003

CertED (Postgrad Certificate in Learning), Learning

South Kent College

While in the private/corporate sector formal qualifications are not always relevant, apparently in recent years the Ministry of Educaton is expecting lectureres to undertake professional training. (Not in universities, though, where the quality of lecturing remains often appalling). I started a one day a week professional training in education, which brought me up to date with the recent standards and professional innovation in learning. It helped me to prepare and document better learning progrmmes and practices

Sep 1999Jan 2000

Master of Science (MSc), Information Systems

Christ Church College, Univ of Kent at Canterbury England
Sep 1990Jul 1994

BA Hons, International Business Administration

South Bank University

The work environment in London was really miserable, a lot of bitching and ignorance. i was advised to get myself a degree. Okay, got a place at South Bank University in London. It was a bit traumatic at first, lots of unresolved issues from my teenage surfacing. i had already some years of work experience in Milan but now I was facing the real world. I enjoyed studying a lot, and remember my lecturers fondly.

I studied international Business, Economics, Politics, German, Spanish. Spent a year abroad, six months in Mexico, where I work on a project for a consultancy in Coyoacan, the heart of Mexico city, and a sememster in Germany, around Stuttgard and Munic, but visited Berlin, Frankfurt, Bremen, Heidelberf. Finally, I could speak German. .

Jan 1991Jan 1991

Post Grad Certificate, Philology (linguistics)

Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo

During my graduate studies in London, took a summer school offered by the UIMP in Spain. (Advanced postgraduate short course in spanish philology). The theme was 'La poetica del Silencio en el Siglo de Oro'. (Poetry of Silence) It was about how spanish writers used commas, spaces, dashes, and generally focussing on the pauses betwen the words, like the pauses in music. my first exposure to literary 'in betweenes'.



Authored articles and peer reviewed monographs

  •  P.Di Maio, G.Montgomery, “The Usability of Content Management Systems”  May 2001 (Content-wire Publishing)
  • P. Di Maio “Tsunami-Blog Developers Notes:  Towards Emergency Collaboration”, Online Publication, January 2005
  • Di Maio "The Role of Open Source in E-Business Education and Practice" (Conference Proceedings) 4th NCEB : The Fourth International Conference on E-Business, November, 2005 - John XXIII Conference Center, Assumption University – Bangkok
  • P.Di Maio “Towards an Ontology for Information Systems”,  May 2005, Working Paper/Draft (not published)
  • P.Di Maio “ Future Proofing Content Management’, August 2005 Cutter  IT Journal (Peer Reviewed)
  •  P.Di Maio “Rules for the Knowledge Organization” , June 2006 , Cutter IT Journal (Peer Reviewed)
  • P.Di Maio “Open Ontology for Humanitarian and Disaster Relief',
  • ·P.Di Maio “Collaboration Principles Culture and Practice”, December 2006  Cutter IT Journal, (Peer Reviewed)
  • P.Di Maio “Expertfinder for Poverty and Emergency Relief “ 1st Expertfinder Workshop co-located Knowledge Web Meeting in Berlin, 2007
  • P.Di Maio “Integrating Ontology and Software Engineering”  Proceedings Ecticon/Ieee 2007 Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai Thailand
  • P.Di Maio “ Towards an Ontology for Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management in the Greater Mekong Region”, NREM  MFU.AC.TH
  • P.Di Maio “SMS Alerts with Geolocation, setting up a test using the experience from Iceland Civil Defense”, Natural Disasters: Challenges for Better Forecasting and Hazard Assessment” Conference ,NREM,  September 2007
  • P.Di Maio Emerging Opportunities in ICT, ORBICOM.UNESCO (contributed Asian Chapter)
  • P.Di Maio “Ontology for Business Intelligence” July 2007, Business Intelligence Advisory Service,
  • ·P.Di Maio “A Social Network for Emergency and Resilient Communities in GMS”, Position Paper, JICT International Conference, Lao Dec 2007 (accepted paper)
  • P.Di Maio “Piloting a Social Network for Emergency and Resilient Communities in GMS" APEID Conference, Unesco Bangkok, December 2007  P.Di Maio "Digital Environments And Collaborative Intelligence In Practice"  IEEE/DEST 2008 Pitsanulok Thailand, Workshop Presentation
  • P.Di Maio " Digital Ecosystems, Collective Intelligence, Ontology and the 2nd law of thermodynamics" IEEE/DEST 2008 Pitsanulok Thailand
  • P.Di Maio, Ontologies for Crisis Management ISCRAM 2008 Washington DC
  • P.Di Maio, Human Aspects of the Semantic Web, ASWC 2008, Workshop Proceedings
  • P.Di Maio Shared Vocabularies for Collective Intelligence, DEST/IEEE 2009
  • Toward Pragmatic Dimensions of Knowledge Reuse and Learning on the Web , i-Semantics 2009



1.  Special Session co-chair, George Washington University, Washington DC, May 2008
2. ASWC 2008 Thailand, Program Committee 
3. SWAHA Workshop to the be held at ASWC 2008, Programme Chair rs-and-the-semantic-web
4. ISCW, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2008  Program Committee and Submissions Reviewer
6. SIG CHI , Florence  2008 Programme Committee and Submission Reviewer
7. OPEN RESEARCH SOCIETY: Program Committee
8. HICCS  Hawaii 2008, Paper Reviewer

Session Chair Collective Intelligence and Technical Program Committee Member  DEST/IEEE Istanbul June 2009

ASWC 2009, Program Committee Member

I-Semantics Graz 2009, Program Committee



Crowdsourcing: When Does a Crowd do a Better Job?

Di Maio, Paola | E-Mail Advisors | 22 October 2008 | Sourcing & Vendor Relationships

Content Management: Future-Proofing Begins with Taking Stock

Di Maio, Paola | E-Mail Advisors | 17 August 2005 | Cutter IT Journal; Business Intelligence

Social Networking Resources  | 01 May 2008 |

Open Ontologies for Distributed Teams

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Updates | 21 October 2008 | Business Intelligence

BI Information Interoperability: From the Database to the Data Stream

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Updates | 16 June 2009 | Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Resource Center Cutter Consortium | 01 October 2008 | Business Intelligence

Cutter IT Journal: Content Management Systems: The Next Decade

Kain, J. Bradford | Journals | 01 May 2005 | Business Intelligence; Cutter IT Journal


As to What Really Matters, How Does BI Stack Up?

Di Maio, Paola | E-Mail Advisors | 06 May 2009 | Cutter IT Journal


Toward "Just Enough" Ontology Engineering

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Summaries | 01 March 2009 | Business Intelligence


People-Centric BI for Open Innovation

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Summaries | 01 December 2008 | Business Intelligence


Making Sense of Collective Intelligence

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Summaries | 01 September 2008 | Business Intelligence


Semantic Data Models

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Summaries | 01 December 2007 | Business Intelligence


Ontology: Making the Business Case

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Summaries | 01 July 2007 | Business Intelligence


 Enhancing Collaboration in Organizations: Theories, Tools, Principles, and Practices

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Summaries | 01 November 2006 | Business Intelligence


 Rules for the Knowledge Organization

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Summaries | 01 May 2006 | Business Intelligence


 The Missing Pragmatic Link in the Semantic Web

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Updates | 01 April 2008 | Business Intelligence


Top-Down Information Structures from the Bottom Up

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Updates | 01 September 2007 | Business Intelligence


Ontology-Supported BI

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Updates | 22 December 2008 | Business Intelligence


Ontology-Driven Architecture

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Updates | 01 July 2008 | Enterprise Architecture; Business Intelligence


 Toward the Semantic Organization

Di Maio, Paola | Executive Updates | 01 October 2007 | Business Intelligence



I have fostered and promoted several community led initiatives (peer 2 peer aid)

BlogconThai (first bloggers conference in Thailand, Tammasat University, Bangkok 2005)

(set upt WOICT and Open source mailing lists in Thailand)

Free Software Day organizer while lecturing at various university locations

TEDx Edinburgh (2009)

Vocamp Glasgow (2009)