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Work experience

Apr 2008Sep 2009

Safety, Occupational Health, & Environmental Consultant

Private SOH&E Consultant

    I  obtained my license via credential review for practice in the European Union through the Cyprus Safety and Occupational Health Association as Greece does not have a recognized (ENSHPO) professional society for such purposes.   I networked with the Center for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) part of the Greek Ministry for Public Works and the Environment (YPEXODE) for EU contracted projects.  I continued to interface with CRES, now as part of the new Ministry of Environment until I attended and graduated from SUNY Empire State College in April  2012 with the intention of facilitating a move into Corp Safety Mgt.

    In the Spring of 2009, I was contracted by Heliosphera Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Manufacturing, affiliated with First Solar Corp using Oerlikon Technologies (aSi) patented processes.  My role was to assist in the preparation of SEVISO II permit applications; review safety, health and environmental measures in designs... making recommendations on improvements, draft an evacuation plan for the plant complex, draft a CSR statement, and investigate accidents during construction for construction liability clauses.  NOTE: SEVISO II is a bit more stringent than OSHA's Process Safety Management criteria.  The plant was opened on time with response training materials and aluminum-coated proximity suits provided to the City of Tripoli's Fire Brigade.  Material Safety Data Sheets were obtained and HAZMAT shipping manifests reviewed.  Hazard Zone Calculations based upon latest EPA publications for blast effects at 1 psig overpressure were done, representing a worst case scenario.  Safety valves were reviewed for current ATEX certifications... some certifications were obtained, others provided later as part of the facility turn-over pre-inspection submittals.  Self-check validation procedures for installed Draeger electronic gas and flame detector/alarms were reviewed.  Fall protection program was inspected with recommendations on equipment, evacuation from height, and changes to routine maintenance operations to minimize the hazard utilizing a workpractice control.  Reviewed Greek Regulations on the scope of both identified and potential safety and environmental hazards applicable to the plant.  Reviewed the entire Fire Protection design of the plant and made recommendations to improve zoning of control panel alarms to better facilitate EGRESS.  Reviewed the grounds for effective pathways to EGRESS.   Reviewed Air Liquide's HAZMAT facilities on-site, and owner LPG bulk storage tanks for HAZMAT storage, labeling, and access control point security.  Identified one (1) source of hazardous noise and recommended PPE as an interim measure.  Reviewed MHE charging and goods handling procedures... making recommendations on equipment and design improvements.     

Sep 2003Sep 2006

Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Specialist

Defense Logistics Agency - Europe

    Primary responsibilities were for performing safety, occupational health, fire safety, and environmental consultancy and compliance (field) inspections for local (host) national employees, US military personnel assigned to DLA,  and US civilian personnel in cooperation with the Bundeswehr (German Army) at DLA-Europe operations throughout Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, and the United Kingdom according to EC "Safety at Work" directives, host-country regulations to include three (3) States of the Federal Republic of Germany, US Military Executive Agent regulations, military host regulations, and the US Occupational Safety and Health Act to the strictest level of ALL criteria to include EC "Harmonization Criteria" i.e., consensus industry (best practice) standards; e.g., ISO, IEEC, EN, BS (UK), Royal Decrees-Spain, 626/94-Italy, etc... which are enforceable in the EU and host countries, respectively. Specialties: office and industrial safety, industrial hygiene, occupational health, fire safety, HAZMAT, Ergonomics, and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) to include industrial racking systems, fork (lift) trucks, man-lifts, and mobile cranes.   

 NOTE:   DLA-Europe's Defense Supply Center-Europe operates the largest warehousing operation in Europe with a 24/7 operation in Germersheim, Germany and the Southern Region operation in Sicily.  DLA-Europe's Defense Energy Support Center-Europe purchases more bulk fuel than any other single buyer in Europe.  DLA-Europe's Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office operates one of Europe's largest scrap recycling operations at the Kaiserslautern Industrial Complex (KIC) with plasma torch cutting operations and third party scrap buyers. 

May 1983Sep 2003

Superintendent, Aerospace Medicine Squadron

United States Air Force

Responsible for overall financial cost center management for five  cost centers; i.e.: Bioenvironmental Engineering (own specialty), Public Health, Flight Medicine, Medical Readiness, and Physical Exam section, high value medical (+$25K) equipment justifications, personnel management for 134 employees, Radiation Safety Officer for (NATO) Turkey, Laser Safety Officer for (NATO) Turkey, Medical Material/Item Disposal Control Officer, Final (environmental) Governing Standards Committee Team Chief (NATO, Turkey, and USAF), Disaster Control Group Team Chief, Chemical/Nuclear/Biological/Radiological Monitor Field Team Chief/Trainer, Confined Spaces Program Manager, Back-flow Prevention Program Manager, Asbestos-Abatement Program Manager, Direct Supervisor to section managers, Recognition Program and Promotions Manager.  Contract Monitor in occupational safety and health annexes for USAF largest base maintenance contract (BMC).  Turkey BMC was awarded to Brown & Root at $52M per fiscal year in 2003.

Apr 1981Dec 1981

Field Technician & Laboratory Analyst

Test America - Bionomics Analytical Lab

Collected and analyzed drinking and waste water quality samples from Sea World, phosphate mines (Barstow), industrial waste water and sewage treatment, GE (now Sanyo) rechargable battery (NICAD) waste ponds, City of Orlando; et al, for compliance with respective business' National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits or National Primary & Secondary Drinking Water Standards as required.

Mar 1980Apr 1981

Senior Field Technician

URS Corp - Dames & Moore Inc.

URS Corp acquired Dames & Moore Inc.  in 1999.  At Dames & Moore's Atlanta Area Office,  I was responsible for collection, interpretation of laboratory results, and technical reporting of field environmental surveys in support of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) preparation and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. Major contracts: FP&L, MP&L - Grand Gulf Nuclear Proposed Reactors 3&4, SCE&G, Deltona Corp (Isla Morada), West Gaeke, Cieba Giegy, Monsanto, WED (Disney), US Navy - Mayport, and GE.




US Army Institute of Public Health

CEU (40 Hrs) update needed for changes in IEEE standards in Laser and RF Radiation standards.  New training in LHAZ software update and revised edition of Army Technical Guide on Optical and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR) Hazards. 

NOTE: The US Army Institute of Public Health was until recently known as the Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (CHPPM) and in the 1980's as the Army Industrial Hygiene Agency (AIHA). 


Pass, Bioenvironmental Engineering Mgt

USAF School of Aerospace Medicine

Advanced 40 hr management course in record keeping, cost center budgeting, manpower studies/justifications, personnel management (training, promotion, and awards programs) , and comprehensive reporting. 

NOTE: Formerly the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine was previously located at Brooks-City Base, (San Antonio) Texas.


Pass, 600 level course

Armed Forces Radiobiological Research Institute

12.5 hr course update concerning health physics background and aspects of nuclear radiation in light of AFRRI's response to Chernobyl Nuclear Plant accident.  NOTE: Course now named "Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation." 


Pass, Environmental Protection

USAF School of Aerospace Medicine

Advanced 40 hr course in environmental sampling to include National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Hazardous Waste, and US EPA Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standard changes.

Oct 2009Feb 2012

BS Business Mgt

SUNY Empire State College

My core courses are in management (strategic & operations), financial  & corporate accounting and economics.  HRM with emphasis on negotiation (Harvard Program) and leadership... working within demographic differences, and shaping corporate culture.



Air Force Institute of Technology

CEUs: 40 hrs course hosted by Clayton Environmental Consultants under HQ USAF Europe - Civil Engineering contract. Instructor: Jerry Luther, SMgt, USAF (Ret); formerly Course Supervisor, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks City Base, San Antonio, Texas. Subject: DOT requirements for the transportation of Hazardous Materials & the NAERG 2000. Currently referred to as UN Global Harmonization on Dangerous Goods Labeling & Transportation.

Jan 1984Mar 1992

AS Bioenvironmental Engineering

Air Force Institute of Technology-CCAF

COURSE LOCATION: USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, San Antonio, Texas Graduate: Bioenvironmental Engineering Mgt Course Honor Graduate - Industrial Hygiene Measurements II Course Graduate: Industrial Radiological Hazards Course; 491 SEI awarded Graduate: Bioenvironmental Engineering Readiness (disaster response command and control) Graduate: NBC Medical Operations Course; 489 SEI awarded Graduate: Laser & Optical Radiation Safety Hazards Course Graduate: Bioenvironmental Engineering Specialty Course

SEI - Special Experience Identifier

NBC - Nuclear, Biological & Chemical

Sep 1976Dec 1979

AS - Environmental Science Technology

Santa Fe College

Core Courses:

Air Pollution Engineering with lab analysis to include point source (stack - Pitot Tube Traverse Method), ambient air (Total Particulates-Hi Vol method) sampling, and wrapping cycle calculations for baghouse efficiencies using State of Florida - Department of Environmental Regulation methodologies.

Drinking water, wastewater ,and water pollution field sampling, and lab analysis; i.e., chemical and biological analysis using EPA approved methods. 

Water and wastewater treatment engineering to include the design and hydraulic measurements of such systems for domestic use and fire flow calculations, Hardy Cross, wier loading, chlorine contact time, and backflow prevention according to American Water Works Association and Uniform Plumbing Code standards.   

Environmental Geology - effects of geological and other natural processes on the environment.

Ecology - the study of man and the environment. 


Fire Safety Trainer

Provide annual training in basic fire extinguishing skills to a general audience of non-technical staff (employees) in a workplace.  Focus is fire size categorization, portable fire extinguisher use, evacuation, notification, and personnel accounting.  Fire evacuation plan is reviewed and procedures detailed for each phase of a fire safety response on a personal level.  A "live fire" training exercise may be conducted on-site to familiarize staff with the operation of portable fire extinguishers.  A review of the requirements for monthly checks of installed portable fire extinguishers, proper installation techniques, and signage for both fire extinguishers and paths to EGRESS.   A special emphasis on door installations (EN/UL tag),  elevators (+ ventilation), and special needs employees are highlighted to avoid entrapment.  

Electric Safety Trainer

Provide annual training in basic electrical safety to a general audience of non-technical staff (employees) in a workplace.  Focus is multi-tap plugs (extension cords), proper grounding, use of power transformers, relays (fuzes), requirement to maintain and read user/operator instructions, labeling, and the electrical current rating.  Program may be upgraded in a discussion and review of Control of Hazardous Energy program; i.e. "Lock-Out/Tag-Out." Have upgraded electrical safety knowledge with study and upgraded additions to the USAF Electrical Worker's  Lineman's Handbook.

Occupational Physical Exam Selection

Based on Medical Standards of Practice, potential exposures to employees above specific thresholds from hazardous noise, hazardous materials and/or radiation (IR, uV, Laser, and nuclear) require an assessment to determine the necessity, the type, and frequency of recurring occupational physical exams to assure employees assume no additional health risks from the work environment during their term of employment.   It is then determined by a licensed medical practitioner (occupational physician) to review the physical examination recommendations, validate requirements, process the examinations, and review results with patients to include any necessary medical follow-up. 

Industrial Hygiene Surveys
Comprehensive work space surveys to identify, evaluate, and recommend risk mitigation strategies to promote occupational safety and health as presented in the work environment to employees/occupants.  Areas of expertise include illumination (emergency, general and task lighting)-IES Methods, noise (PSIL & hazardous) - ANSI & ACGIH methods, ventilation (comfort & industrial) - ASHRAE & ACGIH methods,  hazardous substances/materials - ACGIH, NIOSH, & OSHA air sampling methods,  radiation - ANSI/IEEE & NCRP, thermal (heat & cold) ACGIH, ergonomics  - State of Washington regulations and EC directives, and Confined Spaces - OSHA and US Navy.  Typical risk mitigation strategies include process (substitution)/procedure changes, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment.
Material Handling Equipment Inspection

Review all aspects of safety regarding wheeled MHE; i.e., fork (lift) trucks, powered hand trucks, man-lifts, & mobile cranes to include TuV certifications, attachments, general maintenance, daily operators checks, labeling, and operator licensing where applicable.  Additionally, review areas of operation; i.e., warehousing  and open storage, for proper layout and signage for MHE use.  Inspections of battery charging installations for compliance with current electrical codes VDE, EN-DIN (CE-mark), and NEMA/FM/UL (USA), and fire safety codes with respect to hydrogen gas emissions, electrical codes, and personnel safety; i.e., PPE and eyewash shower installations.    Review installations and maintenance of Industrial Racking Systems for compliance with CE-EN 15635 and BS SEMA standards with particular emphasis in installations within Earthquake Zones 3A through 4.   

Hazard Materials Categorization

Categorize Hazardous Materials to include Hazardous Waste and Radioactive Material according to UN Harmonization Criteria, RoHS (EU), US Department of Transportation, UN Harmonization of Dangerous Goods Transport, and EPA (USA) for proper placarding and document preparation; i.e., Dangerous Goods Manifest for transport via air, rail, ship, or roadway where applicable.   


Karolyn Andrews

Robert is conscientious, careful, and dedicated to whatever task he sets himself to accomplish. He attends to the details, and the deadlines, and would be a benefit to any organization.


Corporate Safety Manager


Business sensibility coupled with an experienced, multifaceted background completes any management team in Win/Win fashion. 





Proven performer with extensive knowledge in risk analysis and mitigation techniques.  Keen business insight keeps the bottom-line in focus.  A highly competent trainer and high-energy motivator.  A compliance expert ready for ISO 14001 and 9001 as related to safety, occupational health, and the environment.


As a former RED CROSS Certified Water Safety Instructor, and US Civil Service Lifeguard,  I still enjoy swimming a great deal.  It keeps me fit.  I also enjoy bicycling and hiking, and visiting places of historical interest.  As an ex-drum major in high school,  I'm an avid music fan... preferring modern jazz and electric blues forms.


Sep 2000Present

Niton Spectrum Analyzer

American Board of Industrial Hygiene


Defense Security Service pending revalidation