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Work experience

Information Security Consultant

Local Information Security Consulting Company



Truman State University

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As someone who immensely loves soccer, Panseh Roland Tsewole is a huge fan of the English Premier League (EPL) and ardent supporter of Manchester United. He could go on all day chanting for his favorite team. However, this disciplined man also never forgets that life that is truly worthy is not all fun and games. Panseh Tsewole first worked as a Systems Engineer at the Bank of America in Atlanta, GA and Kansas City. He has always been fascinated with technology and the impact it has on people’s lives. He has long aimed to explore technology’s ability to assist organizations in achieving their mission and goals. This objective led Panseh to seek knowledge and experience necessary to strike out on his own. Despite having to leave the banking industry so soon, He saw that bigger opportunities await those who decide to leave their comfort zones. This led him to perform information consulting for businesses engaged in financial services based in the US Virgin Islands for several years. Eventually, Panseh Tsewole returned to the United States. Mr. Tsewole has been working as a Consultant on Information Security with a local Atlanta company doing information security work for worldwide clients.

Despite the often fast-paced lifestyle he has to observe on a daily basis, Panseh Roland Tsewole has never lost sight of the very reason why he was brought to the path he is in: his beloved close-knit family. Panseh has six siblings: two older brothers and sisters and one younger brother and sister. His mother has been his biggest influence in life. Panseh has always admired how his beloved mom has been able to innovate on herself in unbelievable ways.