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Panayiotis Zannettou

Business Management with marketing Student (EXCHANGE)


Sep 2014Jun 2015


Universita degli Studi Roma Tre

I decided to take part in the Erasmus program and as an Exchange Student, i am representing my host university in Rome, Italy. More particular, i am studying in the Economic Department of Universita degli Studi Roma Tre.

My units are:Business II,Human Development Economics, Quality Systems, Technology, Innovation and Sustainability, Marketing Innovation and Sustainability, European Labor Market and Welfare Systems and Knowledge Management.

I recently took the exam for 'Business II'(90/100), 'Human Development Economics'(60/100) and an Italian Language exam(60/100).

The Erasmus Program gave me the opportunity to discover a new culture, meet people from different countries and therefore obtain the knowledge required in order to respond to the needs of a more than ever, globalized marketplace.

Jun 2014Jun 2014

Bartender Qualification

American Bartenders School

During my vacations in the United States, I decided to register for a bartending course offered by the American Bartenders School . I completed a 40-hour course of study in bartending and i passed the required tests in beverage service, mixology, liquor, wines, beer, customer service and alcohol awareness.Overall, the course was an amazing experience and it was something that improved my employability as well, since i was hired as a bartender in the most successful bar-restaurant in Cyprus.

Sep 2012May 2016

Business Management

Manchester Metropolitan University

My Undergraduate Degree focuses around Business and Management issues. The degree emphasizes on perspectives of the Business world like management and leadership, strategy, accounting and finance, human resource management, marketing and data analysis.

In the first year of my studies my units were 'Global Context of Modern Business', 'Information Analysis and Finance for Business', 'Ideas, Creativity and Entrepreneurship' and 'Understanding and Managing People'. My first year grade was 64.

In year 2, my units were 'Responsible Business', 'Management and Organisation', 'Marketing and Business Operations' and 'Ideas, Creativity and Entrepreneurship II' and my grade for my second year of studies was 59.

For the final year of my studies, i chose to follow a Marketing Pathway which was an option offered only to Business Management students. For the final year of my studies, my subjects will be ' Business Project-Consultancy, 'Global Strategy', 'Digital and Social Media Marketing Communications Management' and 'International and Global Marketing'.


Sep 2007May 2010

High School Diploma

Αrchbishop Makarios High School

I graduated from Archbishop Makarios High School back in 2010 with a 18.5 grade. My selective units for my final year were Accounting, Economics, Office Practices and Olympic Education.

Sep 2009Jun 2010

IGCSE (English Language)

British Council

My IGCSE grade is C.


IT Skills

 Basic understanding on computer hardware and software, word processing, email, spreadsheets, presentations and internet navigation, since i completed my Ecdl certificate back in 2011. Also, at the first year of my studies, i passed my Information Analysis and Finance for Business exams, which were based on spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and presentations (Microsoft Power Point) and my grades were 76/100 and 89/100 respectively. 

Communication skills
My interpersonal communication skills and my presentation skills were tested especially during those three years in university. The assignments we had to undertake as a group were coped through good communication, collaboration and focus on submiting high quality reports and assignments. My interpersonal communication skills were also enhanced especially through my job as a bartender.
Problem Solver

I learn how to identify a problem on a first stage and then solving the problem through modes i developed in university. My university experience  gave me the opportunity to develop modes like asking questions, brainstorming and searching for alternative solutions in order to tackle with issues that every person has to deal everyday in personal and professional life.

Flexibility and adaptability
Μy recent past gave me the opportunity to learn how to adapt easily and be fully effective, regardless of surroundings. During the last four years, i have lived, worked and studied in four countries (Cyprus, United Kingdom, United States, Italy) and i have completed all the goals i had set in every country. The procedure of moving in another country or even in another city is always challenging but the benefits from this experience, in both my personal and professional life are invaluable. My age allows me to exploit the business world outside my country of origin and that is what i am keen to do in the future.

Work experience

Jul 2014Sep 2014


Ammos Beach Bar and Restaurant

After my graduation from the American Bartending School, i was employed in one of the best bar restaurants in Cyprus. My experience there was great, since i had the chance to work in some of the best live events that took place in the island during last summer. At the same time, my communication skills were improved and the fact that i worked with people who have been in the nightlife industry for so many years helped me become more experienced and employable, since i worked in some other events in September.

Jun 2013Sep 2013

Assistant Manager

Ph & N Painters and Decorators

I joined the company in summer 2012 only for 3 months since i had to start my studies in the UK.In summer 2013, my employer gave me the chance to work as an Assistant Manager for the company. My responsibilities were focused on the measurement of buildings and publication of offers to potential customers. I was also responsible for a group consisted by six employees. 


Jun 2014Present

Bartender Qualification

American Bartender School
40-hour course of study in bartending, beverage service, mixology, liquor, wines, beer, customer service and alcohol awareness.
Jun 2014Present

Ground and Aerial Training

Skydive Long Island
Ground and Aerial training, performance of a sport Tandem parachute jump in accordance with the Basic Safety Regulations of the United States Parachute Association.
Sep 2010Jun 2011

ECDL certificate

ECDL Foundation
  • Security for IT Users
  • Windows Explorer in Windows 7
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft Power Point 2010
  • Using Email and the Internet (Windows Explorer in Windows 7)
Jul 2010Jul 2012

National Guard-Special Forces

National Guard

I joined the special forces of the National Guard for two years. I was specialized in top secret signals and received award for my dedication at the end of my service. Serving as a commando, allowed me to work under physical and psychological aggravating conditions.

Sep 2009May 2010

Accounting Level 2


Level 2 Certificate in Book Keeping and Accounting-Pass Grade

Sep 2008Jun 2009

Accounting Level 1

Level 1 Certificate in Book keeping-Credit grade

Personal Profile

A highly aiming personality, with desire in success, interested in the fields of Business and Marketing.Admirer of challenge, as consistent work and intensive study triggered by motivation of success can achieve effective work in fixed time constraints. Ability to adapt quickly in any environment.Management skills allow potential for excellent teamwork environments, with preconditions for intellectual as well as informal productivity. Always sets the highest of targets, demonstrating professional behavior and respect for individual work and culture. 

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