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Pan Ray



Jun 2011Sep 2004

Doctor of Philosophy

National Taipei University of Technology, R.O.C.

Major: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Minor: Intelligent Control and Smart Materials

Work experience

Nov 2014Dec 2015


Aurotek Co., Ltd.
  • Design laser 3D scanner machine
  • Design PCB and FPC laser cutting process
  • Design laser marking and 2D barcode reader system
Jan 2014Oct 2014

Senior Manager

TPK Co., Ltd.
  • Design laser etch or ablation machine for touch sensor
  • Maintain availability, performance and quality of laser process
  • Design laser tool of touch sensor function for customers(HTC, Samsung, Apple)
Jul 2011Dec 2013


Raytech Co., Ltd.
  • Develop laser process
  • Laser machine design
  • Product sells
  • Service business


  • Laser machine design: Marking, repair, ablation, cutting, roll to roll type etch machine and galvo correction system
  • Laser Ablation & etch: silver paste, ITO, SNW, transparent conductive, BM, WM, Al and Cu film
  • Laser marking & surface process: metal, glass, polymer, wafer and sapphire
  • Laser Cutting & drilling:Acrylic, (Enhanced) glass, sapphire, wafer, special paper, PCB, FPC, plastic and metal
  • Laser Knowledge

             Coherent: Avia, Matrix, Diamond, Talisker and Lumera series

             Newport: Talon, Explorer, Tristar, Hippo and Mosaic series

             IPG: YLP, YLR and YLM series

             SPI: redENERGY G4 series

  • Program skill: Turbo C++, BCB, VB, Assembly, matlab, Labview and Aerobasic
  • CAD / Simulation Skill: AutoCAD, Solidwork, Ideals, Sysnoise and Anasys
  • Firmware / Hardware: 89C51, microchip16/18, DSPIC, DSP, I/O card, NI FPGA, Panasonic driver, Aerotech (A3200 system and scanner), PLC, Scanlab and CTI galvo


1. Multi-scanner machine:

  • Realize multi-scanner setup in one machine.
  • Control the stitching error < +/-2um.

2. Roll to roll laser ablation machine:

  • Realize roll to roll ablation process for thin film process.
  • Reduce process procedure and increase throughput more than sheet by sheet machine about 1.5 times. (for one laser scanner machine)

3. Galvo correction technique:

  • Calibrate laser scanner and control the max position error less than 2um. (converge resolution to industrial camera)

RD experience

The throughput of laser ablation (etch) machine I designed was increased 6~10 times from the prototype. Critical dimension (CD or line width of laser beam ablation) was from 50um to 8 um. Right now, CD=20~30um is the mass production for touch sensor. Under the condition: 30um production, error +/-5um, scan area (S.A.) of tradition scanner is 300x300mm2 and 3D scanner is 500x500mm2. For 20um production, S.A. of tradition scanner is 220x220mm2 and 3D scanner is 300x300mm2. That is the biggest scan area for laser ablation (etch) technique right now. My designed laser machine satisfied many kinds of production, such as: mobile phone (HTC, Samsung and Nokia), LCD (AUO, Chimei, and GIS), and notebook (Acer, Asus, and Microsoft). During 2012 to 2014, I designed several laser test and process for some productions of Apple Co. Ltd., and present prototype laser machine and process in San Francisco.