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Highly organized, resourceful and efficient,

with years of experience in office and accounting occupations.

  • Excel at multi-tasking in a fast paced environment
  • A talent for analyzing problems, developing & simplifying  procedures, and finding innovative solutions
  • Able to quickly adapt to changing assignments
  • Work successfully in an autonomous or team-oriented atmosphere
  • Able and willing to assist co-workers, supervisors, and clients with a positive attitude
  • Strong listening and communication skills
  • Efficient and detail orientated
  • Highly trustworthy, discreet and ethical


Brian Strasser

Brian's Comments:

“I had the privilege of working with Pam for a few years. Her work ethic and results-oriented attitude left you with a sense of confidence that the objectives at hand would be achieved. Pam's diligence and dedication to her work enabled her to garner the respect from her peers and managers.”

Angela Giuroff

Angela's Comments:

“I worked with Pam for years and always found her to be reliable, hardworking, highly organized and self disciplined.”

Jirui Chen

Jirui's Comments:

“Pam maintained up-to-date records of accounts receivable, customer profiles and historical transactions. She reminded me of any current or potential issues from time to time. She was a great team player.”


(GAAP) of Canada

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Work Permits

Occupational Skills


  • Check figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy, and proper codes.
  • Operate computers programmed with accounting software to record, store, and analyze information.
  • Comply with federal, provincial, and company policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Debit, credit, and total accounts on computer spreadsheets and databases, using specialized accounting software.
  • Classify, record, and summarize numerical and financial data to compile and keep financial records, using journals and ledgers or computers.
  • Calculate, prepare, and issue bills, invoices, account statements, and other financial statements according to established procedures.
  • Compile statistical, financial, accounting or auditing reports and tables pertaining to such matters as cash receipts, expenditures, and accounts payable and receivable.
  • Code documents according to company procedures.
  • Access computerized financial information to answer general questions as well as those related to specific accounts.
  • Operate calculators, typewriters, and copy machines to perform calculations and produce documents.


  • Communicate with customers, employees, and other individuals to answer questions, disseminate or explain information, take orders, and address complaints.
  • Answer telephones, direct calls, and take messages.
  • Compile, copy, sort, and file records of office activities, business transactions, and other activities.
  • Complete and mail bills, contracts, policies, invoices, or checks.
  • Operate office machines, such as photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, voice mail systems, and personal computers.
  • Compute, record and proofread data, records and reports.
  • Maintain and update filing, inventory, mailing, and database systems, either manually or electronically.
  • Open, sort, and route incoming mail, answer correspondence, and prepare outgoing mail.


  • MICROSOFT Windows XP & Vista
  • MICROSOFT Office Professional
  •     + Excel + Word + Outlook + PowerPointBedford's Simply Accounting
  • QUICKBOOKS Enterprise Professional
  • IBM Collaboration     + Lotus Notes     + Domino
  • E-Commerce  + PayPal Manager +   + VeriSign SSL
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • ACT! For WindowsEMC - Enterprise Content Management eRoom
  • GENTRAN Sterling Commerce - EDI/ASNSiebel CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • CISCO Systems    + VPN 5.0    + Unified Meeting Place
  • ORACLE Business Collaboration Software    + GSIAP - Global Single Instance Applications    + CBM - Contract Base Management System


  • Assembling, installing and maintaining computer systems both corporate and retail.
  • Troubleshooting and technical support for PCs.
  • Providing support and training to staff in hardware and software applications.


A position in Accounting with an established organization, where years of experience will add value to the company and lead to a lasting relationship in the field of Finance.

Work experience

Stagiere / Temporary Replacement

Previous Employment


Impact Audio Visuel, Inc.

St. Laurent, Quebec

Assistant To Controller & Logistics Manager

  • Reconciling company purchase orders, technician invoices and company credit cards.
  • Collecting & reconciling accounts receivables.
  • Preparing daily bank deposits.
  • Booking hotel reservations, airline and train tickets, car and truck rentals.
  • Purchasing components for video walls, computers and office supplies.
  • Scheduling technician hours for shows.

Canadian Computer Technologies, Inc.

Dorval, Quebec

Technical Support And Purchasing Assistant

  • Assembled, installed and maintained computer systems both corporate and retail
  • Performed troubleshooting and technical support for PCs.
  • Prepared PC configurations and price quotations.
  • Purchased computer components.
  • Provided support and training to staff in hardware and software applications.
  • Reception, data entry, invoicing, faxes and email, pick-ups and deliveries.

Les Aliments Midlon Foods, Inc.

Assistant to Controller/Operations Manager 

Assisted the controller in the day-to-day, and month/year end accounting operations. Supported the development of accounting system and participated in the coordination and dissemination of information to aid management in interpreting and utilizing accounting information.


  • Performed credit checks & customer maintenance.
  • Printed and verified daily sales journal.
  • Month End Cut-Off - Using Sales/Purchase history to verify purchases, duty, and freight.
  • Assisted auditors in month/year end auditing.
  • Reconciled and paid regular payables, essential suppliers, freight forwarders & brokers.
  • Prepared and printed cheques, wire transfers & payment advice.
  • Invoiced debit/credit notes.
  • Processed daily cash receipts & bank deposits.
  • Collections & reconciling accounts.
  • Received & sent invoices, customer purchase orders & payment information by EDI/ASN.

Office Administration

Maintained daily for an office of 8 people:
  • Telephone & Computer Network
  • Software & Hardware
  • Office supplies
  • Mail, Filing, & Reception.

Oracle Corporation Canada, Inc.

Accounts Receivable / Contract's Assistant

Cimmetry Systems, Corp.(Acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2007)

Successfully managed the credit and collection policies of 500+ partner and end-user accounts, while developing and enhancing strong customer relations with clients located in EMEA, APAC, and NCSA countries.


  • Developed a comprehensive Accounts Receivable policy that streamlined collection procedures and increased the percentage of payments received on, or before due date to 95%.
  • Compiled, created, and made available to employees through company intranet portal, a compilation of company finance policies, procedures, remittance information, support renewal instructions, and significantly reduced the turnaround time for support and billing issues.
  • Designed a receivable's schedule that provided an 'at-a-glance' view of totals due within a specified date range, which, with links, provided amount details for use by management, to identify problem accounts, and recognize A/R issues.
  • Assisted in the design and creation of the database module and pro forma invoice template, that tracks support renewals, and generates renewal notices and pro forma invoices.


Accounts Receivable

  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive Accounts Receivable policy.
  • Negotiated past due accounts and worked with third party debt collectors.
  • Developed and implemented payment and information forms to ensure timely payments and accurate records.
  • Administered online banking, lockbox and credit card payments.
  • Managed account reconciliations, billing issues and bad debt write offs.
  • Produced bi-monthly aging reports for reference by management and sales.
  • Assembled documentation for quarter/year end audits and responded to auditors’ inquiries.
  • Performed various spreadsheet analysis as required.
  • Dispersed policy changes to management and sales departments.
  • Created support Pro Forma invoices and sales drafts for billing department.
  • In conjunction with billing department, maintained regular and promotional pricing policies.

Contracts Assistant

  • Electronically organized, updated and maintained over 500 partner contracts and amendments in web-based shared filing.
  • Supplied management and sales with contract information upon request.
  • Updated customer databases with current contract and company information.

Acquired Finance Credit & Collections

Oracle Corporation Canada, Inc.

Retained on contract to help achieve integration success.

  • Successfully migrated, reconciled and collected all legacy A/R outstanding balances, while coordinating through Oracle’s collaboration software, the dissemination of all support and account information to the appropriate finance and sales departments.