PAmulety sivasenkarbabu

Work experience

Work experience


PVT LTD. Supervisor(Admin, security & Safety), 1+ year Since: 2007-2008 Previous company summary: FINO PayTech Ltd is an integrated technology platform and delivery channel that enables sourcing and servicing of world's micro customers on a large scale. FINO PayTech Ltd serves more than 28 million active customers across 29 states in India. Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall implementation of Govt schemes likes NREGS and SSP funds Distributions. Scheduling the distribution of funds through the Customer services providers. Monitoring and planning the payment withdrawals Mandal wise in line with specified SOP. Controlling and monitoring the cash flow in the field. Reconciliation of the cash distribution with reference to the Acquaintances(APR Sheets). Responsible for maximizing the transactions through the POT machines. Liaison with Govt Officials: Responsible for liaison with the government officials and Banker for the smooth functioning of the transactions. Attending the meeting of the MPDO officials, resolve and address the issues raised by them.


2009 - 2011


M.T College S.VUniversity
2006 - 2009


2002 - 2004

Bi Junior college