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Work experience


Civilian Role-Player for FPTS, Support for Tactical Training & Exercise Control Group

Mojave Viper Training Program, MCAGCC

Family Leader: 

Assist supervisors in carrying out training objectives by interpreting and delegating tasks to role-players. Lead and direct role- players in the logistics of daily living in a primitive desert environment.

      *Responsible for maintaining health and safety of role-players for prolonged periods of exposure in desert including monitoring food, water, and rest times during continuous Ex-Force training.

       *Responsible for building team work and maintaining role-players' morale in challenging physical and mental working conditions while optimizing training performance.

      *Gather materials, labor, role-player participation, and oversee implementation of complex training MESLs including Coalition Forces outreach programs such as Job Fairs, Women's Center openings, and Weddings.

Leader, Insurgent Intelligence Cell:               

Coordinated Intelligence team in gathering intelligence on Marine Exercise Force while posing as underground Insurgent.

      *Assembled, trained, and coordinated squad of intelligence collectors.

      *Gathered Intelligence pertaining to tactical strengths and weaknesses of

Exercise Force including Battalion identity, Companies' identities and specific Areas of Operation, FOB of Companies, Foot Patrol identities by Platoon and Squad  and their AOs and patrol patterns. Discovered identities of key leaders within the Battalion, advised re security compromises in Chain of Command.

       *Obtained information covertly by over-watch, over-hearing compromising radio chatter, pilfering Ex-For notes and maps, observing details such as individual appearance, vehicle identity and movement, foot patrol movement. Questioned Ex-Force directly as Iraqi citizen. Formulated theory on said Intel, then proved or disproved through supporting evidence, logical deduction and analysis.         

      *Reported findings directly to high-ranking Ex-Force Battalion officials including SGT MAJORS, MGY SGTs, and 1st SGTs.

       *Participated in Insurgent hostilities including bank robberies, kidnappings, and small arms and complex attacks. Planted and detonated IEDs and Artillery Sims. Communicated with Insurgents via Marine radio to advise re location of Ex-For, QRF,attack and egress routes, and other strategic support. Successfully smuggled weapons, ammunition, and explosives through VCPs and other search points.

      *Received Commendations from Battalion Commanders for Excellence in Service.


Leasing Assistant

Rob Michler Property Management

Assisted in the leasing of rental properties in Los Angeles, CA

    *Conducted open houses and showings for rental properties.

    *Gathered and evaluated applications for leasing properties. Submitted financial information for credit checks. Made recommendations about applicants' suitability as tenants. 

*Coordinated repairs and maintainace scheduling for rental properties.

    *Drafted and delivered notices and communicated with renters regarding property damage, late payments, need to enter premises, and other property management tasks.


Legal Recruiter

The Haffner Group

Assisted attorneys and law firms in lateral placement.

      *Found and solicited attorneys who desired to change law firms to work with The Haffner Group and myself on their behalf.

      *Advised clients regarding how to realistically meet their career and lifestyle goals.

      *Contacted firms regarding upcoming attorney needs. Contributed to and maintained needs database.

      *Proactively contacted firms via phone and letters of introduction regarding suitable candidates.

*Drafted, proof-read and edited resumes, cover letters, and writing samples for clients.     

      *Served as the contact point between law firm HR and key Partners, and clients with regards to scheduling interviews, providing law school transcripts, and other materials as requested. Helped negotiate offers, salaries and benefits, Partner Track, and support for the logistics of clients' relocation.


Bachelor of Science

Middlebury College



*Single, enjoy hiking & mountaineering, snow sports, motorcycle riding,mountain biking, the ocean, cooking, travel.

*Donate to several wildlife and environmental organizations

*Active in Tibetan Freedom Movement


Gy Sgt. Bill T. Denman,

29 Palms, CA

Supervisor, Insurgent Program, Mojave Viper

Freddy Vincent,

29 Palms, CA

Supervisor, Mojave Viper

Keith Lockett,

Los Angeles, CA

Supervisor, Mojave Viper

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Family History


Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT:

U.S. News & World Report ranks Middlebury  #5 in Tier 1 Liberal Arts Colleges in America

Established in 1800, Middlebury offers a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that is particularly strong in environmental studies, international studies, sciences, and literature. At a 20.6% acceptance rate, it is among the most selective in the country.