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In 2005, Pam Omer gave up her full-time job to become a saddle fitter. Her consulting work with Freedom Fittings is the result of her deep and enduring passion for horses and a journey that began in 1987 when she set out to find an ergonomically healthy saddle for her own horse. Pam Omer’s horse suffered from severe saddle injuries, and although she hired saddle fitters to advise her, none of them improved her horse’s health. Omer sought apprenticeships in saddle fitting, research, and field experience, and she traveled overseas for field observation. By the time she acquired expert-level knowledge in saddle fitting for her own use, Pam Omer had decided to make it her new occupation. She is driven to maintain a high level of quality at Freedom Fittings by her dedication to provide the best possible care for the horses. Working as a competent saddle fitter is an intricate undertaking. Pam Omer’s consultations for customers involve an in-depth analysis of the horse’s back and its movements. Omer determines how the back of the horse and saddle conform to each other and documents previous injuries and evidence of saddle damage. The measurements that she takes includes the length of the horse’s back that a saddle optimally covers in relation to girth and the length of the saddle’s billet straps. Omer then selects or builds the appropriate saddle with the correct angles, length, contact points, and gullet for an individual horse. Pam Omer also takes into account the characteristics of the rider who will be using the saddle in terms of height, weight, and the relationship between the pelvic floor of the saddle and that of the rider. She makes sure the saddle fit is symmetrical, which creates sustainable balance under the movement of the horse and the rider while providing the greatest possible comfort for both. Before training to become a saddle fitter, Pam Omer worked in government jobs in between accepting projects as a freelance writer. She studied journalism, law, Spanish, and architecture at Michigan State University.

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