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Pamela Mulvaney 



I am a junior at Lee-Davis High School where I am a candidate in the International Baccalaureate Program. In my three years at Lee-Davis I have demonstrated leadership, determination, and community involvement. I am a member of 10 clubs, two varsity sports, and four community service activities. I have been a member of the Pebble Creek Swim Team since 2004 and have experience in leadership and coaching. I believe that I have the qualities necessary to be an assistant coach for the Pebble Creek Swim Team and doing so would provide me with the opportunity to share my passion for swimming  while also giving back to my community.

Coaching Experience 

            For the past three seasons I have served as an assistant coach for the Stonewall Jackson Middle School Girls Tennis Team. I began playing tennis for the Stonewall team in sixth grade and continued to play my next two years, as well as become captain of the team in eighth grade. I played for the Lee Davis Varsity Girls Tennis Team both my Freshman and Sophomore year as well. I decided to use the skills and knowledge I developed to help coach the middle school girls the past three years. I coached drills, oversaw matches, planned practices, and taught skills and sportsmanship to the team members. It gave me experience in not only coaching but also team work and working alongside another coach. It is a privilege to be able to share my passion for the sport and to be able to mentor girls who are in the same position I was in only a few years ago. I hope to be able to do the same for the members of the Pebble Creek Swim Team, many who I know and have been coaching as a CIT for multiple years. I believe that the experience I have gained from planning and organizing practices as well as mentoring team members for the Stonewall Tennis Team would help me be an outstanding assistant coach for the Pebble Creek Swim Team. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to share my passion for swimming and give back to the team, just as I have for Tennis. 


Jun 2017

High School 

Lee-Davis High School 

International Baccalaureate (IB) Candidate

Work experience

Jun 2014Aug 2015


Pole Green Produce 

I have worked the past two summers at Pole Green Produce as a bagger and cashier.


  • Freshman Class Council
    • Officer- 2013-2014
  • German Club
    • Officer- 2012-2014
  • SCA
    • President- 2014-2016                  

  • Sophomore Class Council
    • President- 2014-2015
  • DECA
    • Historian/Secretary- 2014-2015
  • BETA
    • Secretary- 2015-2016
  • Junior Class Council
    • President- 2015-2016
  • DECA
    • VP of public relations-2015-2016

    Community Service 

    • Book Buddies
      • From October to May on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school I tutor a first grader in reading and writing.
    • Bon Secours volunteer
      • I work two 4-hour shifts  during the summer  in the General Services department at Memorial Regional Medical Center.
    • Coach-in-training
      • From June-July I help coach the 8 and unders’ swim practice for Pebble Creek Swim Team.
    • Children’s Liturgy youth helper
      • Once a month I assist in teaching the Children’s Liturgy at Church of the Redeemer


    • Pebble Creek Swim Team
      • 2004-present
    • Lee-Davis Varsity Swim Team
      • 2013-present
    • Lee-Davis Varsity Tennis Team
      • 2013-present


    Leadership: Throughout high school, I have proven to be a leader. I have had the opportunity to be an officer in eight clubs which has enabled me to build a solid foundation of leadership abilities. I have learned to be a good communicator, lead with a positive attitude, and motivate others which will help me to be a very encouraging coach. 

    Determination:  I am extremely determined and work tirelessly towards my goals. I remain determined by staying focused, working  diligently, and using my leadership and presentation skills to help me succeed. By doing so I am able to stay motivated and put forth my best efforts into everything I do. My determination will motivate me to be the best coach possible and work hard at seeing improvement in every swimmer on the team.

    Community Involvement: Throughout high school I have balanced my time between academic achievement and community service. I dedicate as much time as possible to volunteering and giving back to my community. I love being active and engaging with my community, especially Pebble Creek Neighborhood. Being a coach would give me the opportunity to further these skills by engaging with the members and their families. 


    Nancy Sheridan         My tennis coach from 2010-present                   

                                             [email protected],us, (804) 380-0274

    Jamie Strohhacker  Parent of a swimmer I coached as a CIT

                                             [email protected]

    Laura Cooper             Parent of a swimmer I coached as a CIT, my Biology teacher, and SODA sponsor 

                                             [email protected]