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Work experience

Oct 2014Present

Founder and Business Developer Owner

The Meticulous Maid and Janitorial Services

To bring back the greatness of the same individual maids I started back in the 1990's with the classiness of excellent customer service, heartfelt touches, while expanding the demographics nation wide. We want to be proud of not just client retention but employee's who are staying and growing within the company, from the bottom up.

Jan 2012Sep 2014

National Program Manager

National Director of Program 27


  • Representing the company in various exhibitions and trade fair
  • Recruiting, interviewing and training all sales staff
  • interviewing all staff for call center over call center
  • National over all Directors across the company and responsible for their sales
  • Researching the market on a regular basis for related products
  • Arranging several effective client demonstration
  • Daily medical research of the product
  • Designed the company web site to work for our company needs
  • Provided clients with medical information
  • Patient care of all patients
  • Privacy of all patients, 
  • Patient contact with lab results, emails, phone or text
  • Recorded all sales in back office, projected new sales
  • Communicated any new products to our customers
  • Created professional sales script
  • Created all email blasts
  • Created a company handbook
  • Designed sales reporting and performance evaluation system
  • traveled Nationally as this was a start up, helped business development from ground up 
  • Monitored and reviewed the performance of each location of Director of  sales department with an eye on making recommendations
  • Monitored sales levels and arising patterns so as to predict any potential pitfalls.
  • Managed elaborate sales processes
  • EMR, Labs, 
  • Managed, employee, vendor,and patient needs as well as the doctors
  • Designed all social network pages, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Jun 20112012

Fitness Manager

Life Quest Fitness
  • Hire all personal trainers
  • Manage and assign all jobs to trainers based on their experience, client preference, availability.
  • Build and restructure the fitness department to help with positive changes.
  • Increased pay structure to bring the best trainers to the facility.  
  •  Increased the cost of training  
  • Raised gross profit
  • Increased in client retention, new growth growth and referral's  to the personal training department and the gym membership increased. Team leadership
  • Promoting team players within my department.
  • Handling all prior problems head on bringing old clients back to the gym.
  • Accounts receivable aging or collections were decreased were collected instead of being sent to 3rd party collections.
  • Marketing using social network. Email blast to the gym , constant personal contact within the community helped our gym grow.
  •  Assessments on  all incoming new members
  • Selling personal training .
  • Filling in as a trainer or rescheduling trainees when needed
  • Manage all trainers to be self sufficient
  • Many problem solving  skills used with pt clients as well as unhappy members due to the gym staff, leadership and motivation skills are needed to perform at a high 159% of your job. I worked this fm job and the clinic pg 27 as a hybrid for several months.
Jan 1996Jun 2008


The Meticulous Maid and Janitorial Services, LLC
  •  Took a need in a growing residential area. Designed a method of cleaning.
  • Created jobs for students in the North Texas University School system
  • Created jobs for all people
  • Sales 
  • Created a theft proof system based on  home monitored and through research
  • Had a business plan that with $30 to start and 1000 flyers invested, every 2 weeks I would grow by 6 maids, I did successfully.
  • Using prior experience dealing with sub contractor pay I developed Human resources for my company
  • Sales to residential homes
  • Development of growth in the commercial industry through research
  • Profits invested in business, hired and trained sales person to do in home estimates to help with the growth, always re investing in the  business, using the best supplies locating the lowest cost on cleaning supplies
  • Business Development
  • Hired a receptionist to help with phones and I started to B2B and contact people for commercial work.
  • Designed  tv commercials for both hiring of help and to offer services.
  •  Continual adding of commercial work such as student living, car lots, doctor offices, small offices, windows and pressure washing.
  • Experience with payroll, Quickbooks, Microsoft office, Microsoft works, excel,  really most any of the programs are all self taught.
  •  Customer service of clients
  • Client retention
  • Marketing
  • Employee retention
  • Accounts receivable, payables, all business design, vendor relations, 
  • North Texas Business School volunteer speaker about Women in business
Jun 1992Jan 1995

Credit Manager, Office Manager, Inventory Manager

Seagull Floors, Inc.


  • Ambitious and highly motivated to meet the demands of the job
  • Excellent skills in marketing and business development
  • Experienced in merchandising and managing sales 
  • Have a track record of getting results and generating sales and improve on the service offered
  • Able to identify and develop new business opportunities
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Able to work under pressure and with no supervision at all
  • Skilled in various computer programs
  • Previous experience working in competitive markets and delivering results
  • Great troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Able to monitor  warning signs
  • Knowledgeable in cost-saving measures
  • Good at delivering high level of customer satisfaction
  • Able to  maintain accurate documents
  • Good analytical skills in problem-solving
  • Able to aptly apply sound judgments to varying issues
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Can work under pressure and with little or no supervision
  • Experience in credit administration 
  • Self motivated, ambitious, sales person


  • In charge of  all collections for Multi family properties
  • Managing Atlanta accounts receivable
  • Serving as a liaison between sales and credit department
  • Accounts receivable, posting of all payments
  • Reviewing credit applications,   checking of credit applications
  • Attending all credit vendor meetings
  • Problem solving within the company
  • Work under great pressure and with little or no supervision
  • Responsible to generate, sales reports, ageing for the  president to go over property liens, deal with company attorney for collections. Customer service, check in inventory, monthly inventory adjustments, installer payroll, manager of office under the president.



Ace personal training

Kennesaw State University

I chose to get my certification in Personal Training as the  start of a field I wanted to learn how to help others ,as I had been helped in the gym. To many trainers  are not certified, this makes a difference in your results, modifications and injuries.  Having a personal trainer that understands your needs as an individual will limit injury and speed up adherence to the gym or a healthier lifestyle. Ace Personal Training is more a medical PT certification that covers the anatomy of the body, explaining the muscles in depth, as well as nutrition,. For instance: if you need modifications to an exercise because you have bad knees, this doesn't mean you can't squat, it means with modifications you have to make adjustments. I saw the need for change in management and sales, inside the gym I worked. Utilizing my leadership skills and sales ability, I quickly provided jobs for the training staff, while growing and developing the fitness department. I had  entered as a trainer, became the fitness manager to learn how a gym operates.  I enjoy helping people from both sides of the spectrum the  employees and the clients. I changed positions to then develop Program 27 the new hormone replacement clinic inside the gym facility.


Life business

Young Harris College

Phi-delta, President of the Recreation Society, Young Harris College Assistant Intramural Director internship, Hiawassee Recreation Department Internship 


Fashion merchandising

Art Institute of Atlanta
Modeling, buying, fashion merchandising, history of fashion.


North Springs High School


Text Section


Jan 2012Present

Ace Personal training

Jan 2012Jan 2014

First Aide and CPR