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As a proven Business Development leader, my successful career has been marked by managing teams, refining processes, and developing cutting-edge solutions--resulting in multi-million dollar impacts on the bottom line. I have spent my career with both multi-billion dollar industry leaders and government sectors on a consistent track of accelerated upward mobility, achieving exceptional success in each role held. Possessing a unique ability to identify opportunities for improvement, I develop solutions, and implement them quickly and effectively.

I have in multiple instances saved my clients millions of dollars by proactively identifying inefficiencies, architecting solutions, and managing through strategic relationships. I am always on the leading edge of technology, seeking to lead the industry in developing and rolling out revenue-driving solutions. However, my intense focus on the customer’s perspective and experience has been the cornerstone of my business strategy and the key to my success.

Specialties: Program Management • Market Expansion • Team Development & Training • Operational Leadership • Strategic Relations • Political Consultant Management • Public Sector Technology Application.

Career Focus: Held corporate roles as a liaison to government with national responsibility across all 50 states while based in New Orleans, LA.

Work experience


Sr. Manager Business Transformation/Strategic Relations (Public Sector)

Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Managed a $4.5M budget  while leading a Political Consultant Program with 45 consultants directly reporting to me.
  • Optimized the value of hiring political consultants by transforming a reactive program into a proactive initiative that drove over $200M in sales revenue.
  • Led national quarterly sales calls by presenting best practices that   produced over $100M of additional bookings.
  • Analyzed long-term health of my division and increased ROI by 2.2% and bookings by 35%, resulting in an increase of revenue of over $30M.
  • Established program management standards into industry-specific pre-sales technology adoption across U.S. field advisors.
  • Performed extensive data analysis  to interpret trends, roadblocks,, and identified highest potential projects ready to move to the next phase.
  • Standardized the highly visible and critical Political Consultant Program to state and local governments.
  • Developed structure and consistency in interviewing, hiring, and managing the consultants, while optimizing the process and measuring the results.
  • Streamlined and accelerated the hiring process  and eliminated the need for Account Teams (Allowing consulting to working in the field in one week vs. eight).
  • Supported the Attorney General's Sales Program to reduce government deposition costs,  while working closely with Cisco Government Affairs.

National Business Development Manager (Public Sector)

Symantec Corporation
  • Strategic relationship with a State CIO   lead to an end of quarter $1M+ revenue stream   for an enterprise-wide deal not being cancelled.
  • Personally communicated with CIO via cell phone to handle ROI concerns, resulting in the purchase order being processed in time for the quarter’s revenue recognition.
  • Managed $1M business development budget  for political consultants.
  • Nationally supported a $215M quota and 31 field sales reps  for state/local government, education, and state funded healthcare, and sponsorships.
  • Engaged Governors, Chiefs of Staff, State CIOs, Finance, Technology Officers, Attorneys General, State Legislators, County Commissioners (Leading to first $1M Public Sector deal).

  • Drove high-level state and local government business to   engage Governors, CIOs, elected local/county officials and state Senators.
  • Added structure to the political consultant programs, standardized interview/performance measurement processes, and nationalized what worked on local/individual levels. (Positioned Symantec as "go-to" security provider).
  • Managed 17 state, local, educational, and hospital associations  to initiate relationship with governors and county elected official organizations.
  • Spoke at Governors Association Roundtables and at NASCIO CIO meetings on enterprise security.
  • Assisted a State CIO with  state agency enterprise license deal,  and the savings helped justify the need for his agency during budget hearings.

Business Application Sales Manager (Air Force)

Oracle Corporation
  • Generated over $5M in sales  during my first year by developing strategies for selling applications to the Air Force as the sole Sales Manager.
  • Managed Department of Defense Applications Group that  generated 270% of company goals and generated $17M in revenue.
  • Sold off-the-shelf solutions for back-office functions including procurement, ERP, CRM, and employee self-service expense reporting/document searching.
  • Created business partnerships with the leading software integrators on Air Force opportunities.
  • Developed annual sales and marketing plans,  detailed account plans, and day-to-day revenue tracking status information.
  • Gained more visible access to people and opportunities, and provided education, application license deals, and consulting agreements.
  • Established contact at the Air Force General Officer level,  and with system integrators at the CEO and VP level.
  • Proactive in seeking out and responding to Air Force opportunities with request for information and proposals, providing demonstrations and pilot projects. executive seminars, and trade shows.

Vice President of Operations & Product Development

Solbright Inc.
  • Managed sales, marketing, engineering, financing, and product development departments.
  • Offered back-end website advertisement delivery and managed internet publishing, sales, and engineering departments.
  • Defined the product requirements, integrated customer feedback, and new media/internet advertising research.
  • Developed a customer service and problem tracking system  with engineering to ensure problem status updates and resolution tracking (Improved the beta test experience and readied the product for market launch).
  • Led all operations; oversaw venture capital due diligence, company intranet and systems, office space negotiation, and quarterly/yearly budget creation.
  • Initiated relationships with the internet advertising industry and advertising agency software providers to strengthen their position as a bridge between agency and internet publishing companies (Secured a beta).
  • Implemented due diligence and strategy for acquiring an electronic insertion order company (a key component of advertising products).
  • Identified massive operational improvements for clients to  dramatically boost efficiency and increase revenues.
  • Management contract negotiations, technology integration, and IP rights.

Deputy Program Manager

United States Air Force
  • Managed a $1B Pentagon Program  through 5 direct and 40 indirect reports.
  • Advocated for program expenditures to senior officials during Air Force budget cuts in response to Congressional inquiries, while managing a $500M Command & Control Program.
  • Established and integrated program management standards into industry-specific pre-sales technology adoption across U.S. field advisors.
  • Modernized the maintenance and material supply system, and oversaw the strategy, RFP definition, source selection, and program start-up.
  • Chaired "Integrated Product Teams" comprised of Office of the Secretary of Defense and Air Force headquarters; overseeing issue identification and resolution, diplomatic negotiation, team organization, and conflict management.
  • Represented the program and Pentagon meetings, national conferences, and technical working groups.
  • Briefed and gained program approval from Assistant Secretary of Defense, DoD, and Secretary of the Air Force CIO (4-Star General Officer level).
  • Led the strategy to standardize the command and control system,  while defining the solution strategy, contractor evaluation criteria, government evaluation team structure, and DoD initiative integration into the government bid.


Masters of Public Administration

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

Masters of Business Administration (Phi Beta Phi Honorary Society)

Auburn University

Montgomery, AL

B.A. in Computer Science

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL


Top Secret Security Clearance

United States Air Force

Acquisition Level III (Program Management)

Department of Defense

Professional Reference

Karen Miller              Boone Country Commissioner

When Pam takes on a project or client she tries to understand the consumers needs and abilities before suggesting the proper solution.  As a former national technology sales consultant, she seemed to be the only national representative who really understood the challenges counties faced on the ground.  She didn't start with the ideal solution, she approached the need with a practical solution.


Executive leader, mentor, and collaborator at all organizational levels • Leverages technology to solve complex customer needs • Skilled at assembling/directing strategies & action plans • Political/Public Sector Expertise • Budget Management • Program Advocacy/Funding • Market Expansion • Value Measurement & ROI • Process Improvement • Exceptional networking/interpersonal skills • Excels at influencing elected and senior government officials.

Professional Attributes

Versatile • Diplomatic • Self-Directed • Articulate • Persuasive • Analytical • Pragmatic • Astute