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Aug 2005May 2010

Dietetics and Food Administration

California State University, Fresno
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Brandon Taylor

Yodigity Yogurt- Manager


Diana Hatton

Tulare Union Athletic Director


James Segall Gutierrez

Law offices of James Segall- Gutierrez, Attorney



Dean's List- 

 Fall- 2005

 Fall/Spring- 2006

 Spring- 2007

 Fall/Spring- 2008

 Fall/Spring- 2009

 Fellowship of Christian Athletes- Fresno State Athlete of the Year 2010

Volunteering Experiences

Navy wellness fair

During the wellness fair I had the opportunity to talk to 8-9 different groups about, eating in moderation, calories, healthy foods to include in the diet, and overall nutrition 

Bulldog Pantry

Every Friday and Saturday students are given the opportunity to help pass out food to those who are in need or cannot afford to buy groceries. The Bulldog pantry is organized by students which gives them the opportunity to learn how to run an organization hat will benefit the community.

Stone Soup

College students are given the opportunity to spend time reading books with children. This is a great experience in learning how to communicate with younger kids and to help them improve their reading skills.


Athletes are given the opportunity to be a huddle leader for a week. The huddle leaders spend the whole week teaching a group of athletes about the bible and how to apply it in their sports.

Big Hero little Hero

Student athletes are give the opportunity to meet with one of the kids of Valley Children Hospital and spend a few hours playing or reading with them.

Public Speaking

As an FCA leader, I have been given the opportunity to volunteer to speak at several High school. I have spoken at Tulare Union, Sanger, Sunnyside, McLane, Hoover, Reedley, Fowler, and Washington Union High schools. The speaker is required to speak about a topic related to the bible. This opportunity has helped me improve my public speaking skills.

Neighborhood Church daycare.

My responsibility is to make sure the kids are being entertained and in a safe environment. As a group we also teach the kids about Jesus and how to play together.

Run for the Dream (Indoor track meet)

As an official my job was to make sure the meet was running on schedule and to direct the athletes to their event.

Run for the dream summer track series

As the clerk of the meet my job was to check in all the athletes and write down all of their times.

Valley Coyotes assistant coach

As the assistant coach my job was to help the head coach run practice. I was also assigned to work with long distance athletes.

Work experience


Foster Home

Working in a Foster home requires a lot of skills in knowing how to cope with children that have been through some really hard times in their lives. This job taught me how to communicate with children that are hard to talk to.

Jan 2008Present


Yodigity Yogurt

Yodigity Yogurt is yogurt shop that allows cutomers to serve themselves. It requires customer skills and how to work a cashier machine. The company expects their employees to know how to wash dishes, clean the yogurt machines, sell the product to customers, and provide a friendly and welcome environment to the customers.

Feb 2013Apr 2013


Law offices of James Segall-Gutierrez
As a secretary my job was to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, take messages, enter data, and  help customers.
Jun 2010May 2012

Assistant Cross Country Coach

Tulare Union High School

As an assistant Coach my job was to help the head coach train the girls to become elite athletes.

Oct 2010May 2012

Board member


As a board member my job was to tell students about FCA, brainstorm ideas on how to build the organization, and speak at a FCA function.

Nov 2007May 2008


Encourage Tomorrow

Encourage Tomorrow is a program available to low income students who need help with math and reading. This program helps the students prepare for the high school exit exam and California Star exam.

May 2007Aug 2007



Boswell is a company that own many fields of cotton. They hire employees in order to remove the weeds growing around the cotton and to make sure the cotton plant is growing properly. The employees remove the cotton at the end of the season.


I am currently volunteering at crossfit Hanford to become a trainer.
I have taken three semester of cooking at fresno state. The course have taught me how to cook dishes with a variety of foods. I have had a lot of practive cooking at home growing up. My cooking skills have improved over the years due to practice and comments from those who have tasted the dishes prepared.


Serve Safe Food Safety

National Restaurant Association