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Peter Allan

Virtualization/Network/Systems Engineer


Over twenty year professional virtualization, network, UNIX design and implementation engineer with extensive experience in the creation and successful implementation of multiple types of networks for companies ranging in size from smaller sized business to Fortune 100 companies. These networks ranged in industry application from high availability emergency services networks, office environments to transportation, industrial, hospitality, and government. Network design disciplines included:

  • High availability, large scale, multi-location networks 
  • Virtualization (both server & desktop)
  • Wide variety of network equipment experience
  • Wireless design & modeling
  • Server migration and installation
  • Facility relocation and network migrations
  • RF surveys & troubleshooting
  • Firewall & security design and implementation
  • Re-design of existing facilities and networks
  • Network implementation
  • Data center management, design, & implementation
  • Project & budget management

Work History


Systems Architect/Network & Virtualization Engineer

Radiology Imaging Associates

Multi-role position that encompassed multiple disciplines including virtualization, UNIX systems administration, SAN systems, and data center environments.

  • Implemented initial virtualization of server environment, which grew to 100+ guests, and fully tested business contingency plan & design.
  • Implemented initial virtualization phase for desktop environment for over 100 users.
  • Successfully supported and refreshed 50+ physical Unix servers for mission critical medical imaging environment, with over 99% up time.
  • Implemented first network attached SAN, end responsibility of 500TB of mission critical data.
  • Managed 3 data centers
  • Multiple successful network and systems integration's for customers and internal sites.
  • Lead project planner for all infrastructure projects.
Feb 20102012

Network Engineer - Emergency Voice Services

Multi-role position that encompassed multiple business units, with emphasis on network & system administration and HA virtualized environments.

  • Deployed first next-generation 911 solution for state of Alabama.
  • Fully managed 7 data centers for both current and acquired company.
  • Built-out and maintained emergency services network, responsible for address location services for 911 calls for over 2 million numbers, with extensive circuit network.
  • Refreshed production environment for emergency services network, including move to full virtualization with high-availability environment.


Network Consultant, Global Solutions Team

NCR Corpooration

Provided professional network design services for enterprise-level companies with emphasis on wireless design using state of the art tools such as Motorola's LAN Planner, and AirMagnet.

  • Designed over 50 wireless networks for companies such as Cessna, Shell, Hilton, Yellow Freight, Corning, VISA, and others.
  • Responsible for providing training to implementation and survey engineers in the field.
  • Served as project manager responsible for reviewing designs and network migrations.

IT Manager/Pre-Sales Support/Product Manager/Technical Project Manager

ACS Dataline

Multi-role position that encompassed both IT operations and customer facing deployments and designs.

  • Developed online and paper collateral for all products offered by company, assisting in increasing sales overall.
  • Designed multiple turnkey wireless designs for manufacturing companies and large Texas school district.
  • Implemented multiple wireless designs for customers, including designs above, resulting in additional business for company due to successful implementations and designs.
  • Completed company migration from Windows NT to 2000 AD network, including Exchange 5.5 to 2000 migration, and two site migrations.


Systems Administration & Virtualization

Have performed all aspects of system administration for both smaller and enterprise sized networks (up to 1500 users). Duties included all forms of access administration, email server implementation and maintenance, disaster recovery/backup systems (implementation and support - including use with robotic tape libraries), storage array implementation and maintenance, and network connectivity. Have worked extensively in both Windows (NT 3.1-2012) and Unix (Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS). Maintained over 50 virtualized Unix systems on blade servers in High Availability environment at current position (built and maintained), and most current implementation was over 100 servers and 100+ virtualized desktops. These systems maintained critical call routing and database systems, as well as application servers. Versed in SAS/JBOD disk systems.  

Network Security
Implemented multiple aspects of network security, including wireless security, firewall configuration, VPN implementation, intrusion detection systems, monitoring, and ethical hacking for vunerabilities. Mainly worked with open source software for multiple aspects of monitoring and notification. Have been working with Cisco PIX firewall systems for almost entire career. Worked with building and maintaing VPN tunnels for multiple vendor systems including Cisco, Fortigate, and others. Documented state security procedures for emergency services network. 
Data center design/management/relocation

Designed and implemented multiple data center designs and relocation of high availability co-located environments. Worked thru all aspects of design including airflow design using fluid dynamic modeling, power usage, network design, and disaster recovery (supplemental power, etc). In current position, managed 7 data centers across US, including multiple vendors. 

Network Implementation & Administration

Have implemented multiple large scale networks, both wired and wireless, including High Availability and critical emergency services networks. Multiple IDF closets included in implementation, and all aspects of implementation including equipment configuration, firewall configuration, troubleshooting, infrastructure troubleshooting and testing, decommissioning of existing equipment. In all networks implemented over the last 2 years, cutover from existing networks to new ones were less than 5 min outage times. 

Wireless Network Design/Implementation.
Utilizing tools such as Motorola LAN Planner/Mesh Planner, AirMagnet Survey, AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer, and other such tools. Versed in best practices for wireless survey and design. Have implemented multiple large scale wireless designs, and have over 50 enterprise level wireless designs to Fortune 500 companies.


Ranked 11th in US for 2015 - Veteran Saber fencing division. Interests also include photography, sailing, fly fishing, camping/backpacking, stunt kite flying, skiing, outdoor sports.

Examples of Network Designs

Full Resume


Aug 2010Present

AAS - Computer Network Technology

Arapahoe Community College

Current sophomore at ACC - current GPA 3.9. Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society


Microsoft 2000 Server & Workstation

Jul 2010Jul 2013