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Over twenty years of rigorous experience as System Architect and developer in the Financial Services and Medical Services, Multi-Media, and communications applications. Thorough in .NET, Visual Basic, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle environments. Strong in server based development using stored procedures and triggers. Sound foundation in Windows architecture and systems programming. Conversant with relational database design methodologies and tools. Work experience involves extensive development in all aspects of the software development cycle. Expert in current technologies in front-end and back-end. Expert in MVC, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, REST API, B2B services, Single sign on. Excellent team and communication skills.

Work History

Aug 2018Aug 2018

Technology Developer

Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness

Updated and added content to DMD website.
(Visual Studio Code, SASS, npm, gulp, uglify, php.)

Aug 2007Jun 2018

Senior Software Developer/Architect

The Scienomics Group
  • Worked on Veeva/SalesForce integration with in-house system
  • Worked on back-end data management and front-end development for meeting management services
  • Back-end jobs include complex stored procedures, scheduled jobs, remoting services using .NET
  • Front end development includes ASP.NET and Windows Forms development for complex management utilities, downloadable reports
  • Business tier development includes implementation of rules, process flows and business logic for data presentation, extraction and uploads from various sources.Created .NET remoting services for background web service calls
  • Also created windows services for background jobs
  • Implemented ASP.NET AJAX libraries and jQuery
  • Implemented Google Maps to show custom data.Created dashboard with combination of ASP.NET Ajax and jQuery
  • Created webmethods to supply data to the Ajax calls. Updated most projects to ASP.NET MVC in recent years. Implemented Learning Record System (LRS) using MongoDB with TinCanAPI. Created REST API with ASP.NET MVC with Swagger front end for testing. Installed and maintained VisualSVN server
  • Introduced Hangfire in various web apps and API services for job scheduling with MSMQ and MS Sql Server.
  • Integrated Twilio API into two projects for SMS integration
  • Integrated Veeva/Salesforce API/Streaming PushTopics with backend .net code for B2B data exchange
  • Integrated MailChimp API for communications

(SQL Server 2005/2008, SQLCLR, VS2005, .NET 2.0/3.0, Remoting Services, ASP.NET, Excel, Reporting Services, ASP.NET AJAX,Google Maps, jQuery, SoftArtisans OfficeWriter, Cordova, AngularJS, Knockout, MVC, REST, PingFederate, Visual SVN, Hangfire, Twilio, Veeva, Salesforce, Topshelf)

Jul 2006Aug 2007

Senior Developer

Infinity Technology Systems
  • Worked on Windows Mobile 5.0 to create GIS solutions for the PocketPC. Worked with GPS and mapping controls to be able to create vector maps from ArcGIS shape files and superimpose them with custom data from SQL Everywhere database to provide real-time GPS tracking and feedback with data collection facility for energy companies
  • Created custom mapping control using SharpMap
  • Created backend mechanism to create data for SQL Everywhere and shape files from MySql database and county shape files respectively
  • Created front-ends with drag-drop feature for scheduling process.Also created ASP.NET websites with Microsoft Virtual Earth

(SharpMap, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, MySql, GIS, Virtual Earth)

Jan 2005Jul 2006


Hyphen Digital(HCG/Omnicom)
  • Hyphen Member of team that created speakers' bureau site for the healthcare industry. The site has been developed in ASP.NET 2.0
  • Created wizards with steps dependent on business logic
  • Created reporting with Reporting Services and LocalReport to output in Excel and PDF
  • Created custom controls for site. Created many stored procedures in SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Used master pages, Forms Authentication, Generics, Data Access Application Block, XML
  • Had to write pages such that DHTML/Javascript and CSS worked on major browsers on Windows and Mac.

(VS.NET 2005, .NET 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, DAAB, SQL Server 2000/2005, C#, DHTML/Javascript/CSS)

Aug 2004Dec 2005


  • Developed complex procedures in SQL Server for MS Word merge, XML data input, bulk uploads
  • Created complex reports to drive Excel
  • Created websites for clients of MediVia in ASP.NET/C#
  • These web sites use authentication and enable clients to check their program statuses
  • The clients can download programs as Outlook Calendar events and Excel spreadsheets that are dynamically generated
  • Created complete Admin modules for website for MediVia to update and enter documents, data etc
  • non-programatically. Created user components and used AJAX for non-postback updates
  • Used Web Services for geo-coding data along with AJAX calls for auto populating forms
  • Created mail/fax queue to work with Exchange and GFI Faxmaker
  • Used MapQuest/Google Maps API to show locations on Web Page
  • Extensive use of DataSets, DataGrids, Enterprise Libraries for Data and Security
  • Created procs for Zip/Radius search from Census data.Created SQL Documentor in C#
  • This application is used to call SQL Server objects and put an XML header about the object
  • This includes description, notes, creator, parameters etc
  • Once this is done, the Documentor produces a MSDN style help for each object and also creates files that can be compiled by the Microsoft Help Workshop to a standard .CHM help file
  • Thus a complete standalone object documentation for the code can be made available.

(ADO.NET,C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, Enterprise Libraries, VS 2003, Web Services, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, Enterprise Manger, Query Analyzer, MS Word XP, MS Access XP, VBA, XML)

Jul 2005Aug 2005


DELTA Ministries International
  • I was a volunteer consultant for this project. Created a newsletter website ( for Delta Ministries International, a non-profit organization
  • Delta wanted to be able to create and distribute e-newsletters in a simple way
  • The objective was that they should be able to create newsletters without knowing any HTML or any code
  • I created a complete admin portion for them where they could create a newsletter and type or copy/paste articles with pictures
  • Each article is one entry and a group of articles makes one newsletter
  • They can also create user lists and newsletter groups
  • Once a newsletter has to be sent out, all that they have to do is select the recipients as groups and/or individuals and click a button
  • As per their request, the e-newsletter is a condensed version of the online version with "Read More" links
  • The newsletter goes out in a MIME- encoded format so that the recepients can read the newsletter offline with all graphics intact
  • The website is up and running and so far has sent out newsletters to thousands of recipients
  • When a user clicks the "Read More", he gets into the site directly to the newsletter he wants to read
  • This process also creates a "Click-back" trigger that shows how many people actually read the newsletter as a result of the email and not by directly coming to the site
  • All online newsletters are created dynamically and the whole process is very fast. Admin users also get statistics and flash pie-graphs.Also helped set-up a complete DotNetNuke (DNN) site with multiple modules at
Jun 2003Aug 2004

Senior Consultant

Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift
  • Involved in creating stored procedures and views in SQL Server 2000
  • Also involved in complete project architecture / timeline creation
  • The views are to be mostly used by MS Word documents for mail merge
  • These documents are used in the Healthcare industry for event management
  • They are sent to event speakers/attendees at various stages of an event/conference
  • The Word documents are dynamically mailmerged
  • Created over 60 stored procs/views. Also working on data synchronization between 4D and SQL Server
  • Created DTS scripts
  • Created C# utilities for batch processing and interactive work. These utilities use ADO.NET.

(SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, Enterprise Manger, Query Analyzer, MS Word XP, MS Access XP, VBA, C#)

Mar 2003May 2003

Senior Consultant

Ascent Computing Group Inc
  • Developed a store/portal based on the IBuySpy skeleton (
  • Wrote my own Flash custom control and also developed RichTextBox custom control
  • Work included integration with PayPal, Froogle and future work entails making it a hierarchical category site
  • Working extensively with Server side controls, SQLClient and back-end SQL Server stored procs
  • Use of both code-behind and on-page coding.

(.NET, VS.NET, Query Analyzer, VB.NET, C#, T-SQL)

Feb 2003Mar 2003


  • Was involved in creating stored procedures and views in SQL Server 2000. Created over 90 stored procs/views
  • Designed MS Access reports which use many of the above stored procs/views
  • However most of the above views are used by MS Word documents for mail merge

(SQL Server 2000, Enterprise Manger, Query Analyzer, MS Word XP, MS Access XP, VBA)

Jun 2001Feb 2003

Senior Consultant

Ascent Computing Group Inc.
  • Created interactive voice applications
  • The applications were written in VoiceXML (VXML) on the Ascentel platform (check What's new and Voice Solutions on for details on Ascentel platform)
  • Ascentel platform integrates TTS, ASR, VXML and telephony to create voice enabled applications
  • ASP was used to create the dynamic VXML pages and SQL Server 2000 is used for the back-end database
  • Wrote stored procedures on SQL. Designed the following applications: Client Prospector Designed a client prospecting system
  • Used VB.NET, C#, SQL Server, SMTP, POP3 services and components.AutoAttendant ManagerHelps in creating phonetic transcriptions of words by looking up background lexicons and/or manually
  • Plays back transcriptions for grammar tuning
  • Creates and stores lexicons to be used by AscenTel Speech platform
  • This is a client/server application
  • The server side components take care of database connections, grammar/lexicon writing, transcription generation using the speech engines and transcription generation with the use of Text-to-Speech engines
  • The audio is streamed back as binarywrite through an ASP page
  • The servers run on MTS
  • The VB Client is used to command the server side components to see word/name lists, create transcriptions and generate grammars and lexicon
  • The communication between client and server is via SOAP2.0 and MSXMLHTTP. The manager is used with the call manager below
  • It can also be used as a standalone transcription tool
  • Call ManagerRoutes incoming calls to phones as specified for each individual
  • The user says the name of the person they wish to talk to
  • This application routes it to the desired phone number as stored in the individual's profile
  • In case of a busy or noanswer, it gives the user to try other phone numbers for the person, if any or gives an option to transfer to voicemail
  • The application can also take care of holiday, emergencies and calendar holidays.Healthcare Suite Events Registration Call Manager Outbound scheduling and appointment confirmation Health Topics Blood Bank Locator
Dec 2000Jun 2001

Senior Consultant

  • Wrote server side executables to work with Barra/Aegis Objects
  • This is to create executables to run daily as batch processes
  • They are used to process benchmarks, process portfolios, optimize portfolios, make split adjustments, generate and aggregate trade lists etc
  • These batch processes run with parameters and make ADT calls
  • They save the data in Oracle/Barra /Excel. Here the VB applications are either GUI based or back end processes
  • For the GUI based application, settings can be retrieved and stored for future runs. Extensive error handling and error logging is built in to pinpoint problems
  • For the command line utilities, command line parameters define the execution. Other fairly static parameters are stored in profiles
  • Again extensive error handling and logging has been implemented.Microsoft Scripting has been used when expression evaluation is required.

(VB 6.0, Barra/Aegis 2.x, OLE DB for Oracle, ADO 2.6, Oracle 8i,Win NT, Access, Excel VBA, Microsoft Scripting)

Sep 1998Dec 2000

Lead Architect

Marsh Inc
  • Designed and developed a Intranet solution for Global Broking Tracking System
  • This system is used to obtain premium flow to carriers
  • It is useful to the business placed by Marsh in terms of being able to provide benchmarking information about the business placed by Marsh and to provide a method of tracking performance of GB employees as well as the groups/companies with which Marsh did business
  • It can also track mid-term changes to policies
  • As the Lead Architect, my responsibility was in designing the system
  • The system implements ASPs written in Visual Interdev 6.0
  • The business logic and data access objects are handled by a COM middleware written in Visual Basic 6.0. Some amount of presentation layer logic is also written as COM objects to speed up lengthy executions
  • This middleware provides specific objects, properties and methods to be used by the ASPs and is run through the Microsoft Transaction Server which takes care of connection pooling to efficiently use limited number of connections
  • I have also done a fair amount of IIS administration for this project
  • I have set up the complete web site, created packages for the COM middleware and set up identity/transaction support for the package/components.Remote Scripting and DHTML have been widely used to optimize user interaction
  • Login security is enforced to prevent unauthorized users to either login or view/change information at different levels of the system
  • The web system is run on IIS 4.0/NT and the backend is Oracle 7.3/Unix
  • Some reporting has been designed for MS-Word in which the data is brought into a macro from an ASP through XML
  • Then it is put in a DOM and used to populate the Word document.On the back end, wrote stored procedures which were called by the middle tier and also ran as batch processes every night to take care of expiring policies.A separate SQL Server system was also used for testing purposes to check the feasibility of changing the database to SQL Server from Oracle
  • COM+ has been used on this test platform with the intention of migrating the project to Win2K.

(Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Interdev 6.0/ASP, Active X COM/COM+, OLE DB for Oracle, ADO 2.5, Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL, Win NT/95, IIS 4.0/PWS, MTS, DHTML, Remote Scripting, XML, SQL Server 2000.)

May 1998Sep 1998

Senior Developer

  • Designed and developed Millenium Order Tracking System
  • The existing legacy system was being converted to a C/S architecture
  • The system had to track all orders for making existing H/W and S/W millenium compliant
  • The back end resides on ORACLE 7.3
  • The front end was designed using Visual Basic 5.0. Stored procedures have been written and are being used.The same system was also parallely devloped for the Intranet using Active Server Pages which involves designing ActiveX DLLs and use of ADO
  • The design was done using Visual Interdev 5.0.

(Visual Basic 5.0, ActiveX, ActiveX DLLs, ADO, ASP, Oracle 7.3, ODBC, PL/SQL, Visual Interdev, Windows NT, IIS 3.0)

Apr 1998May 1998

Senior Consultant

Ascent Computing Group Inc
  • Developed a complete web site in Active Server Pages for Hotlist of available consultants
  • The consultant data is kept in a SQL Server database and a front end designed in Visual Basic lets the company simply enter the data of a consultant and his availability
  • The Active Server Page gives a list of available skills
  • When a user checks of the skills wanted, another page dynamically created gives the list of all available consultants at that point of time having one or many of the selected skill sets
  • Also the name of each consultant becomes a hyperlink for the resume of that consultant.

(Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server, Active Server Pages, ADO, PWS)

Dec 1996Mar 1998

Senior Developer

Bell Atlantic

Bell Atlantic was then NYNEX, now Verizon

  • Involved in the migration of the billing system from Legacy to the Client/Server environment using Visual Basic 5.0 / 4.0 and MS Access 2.0
  • The design was modified and enhanced to incorporate the new business rules in the system. The data sent as text files from the legacy system is extracted and converted to MS Access tables by a VB routine
  • The complex billing algorithm was designed depending on the state, region and individual service options
  • The front end was designed using Visual Basic to look up each account details
  • A separate revenue table is created in the billing process which is used for reports
  • History tables are also generated for client side lookup of individual accounts
  • The same application has now been developed using Oracle 8.0/7.3 database with VB
  • The Oracle Objects for OLE are being used instead of JET engine/ODBC. Stored procedures are being used for common processes
  • A dynamic script is run by SQLLoader from within VB to convert the text files from the legacy system to Oracle tables
  • The process and error logging is done through SQLLoader as files which are mailed to the administrator on a daily basis
  • Unlike Access 2.0 here the calculated data is kept in the database and so the front-end has been simplified to look up the data and not recalculate and so it is much faster
  • The billing procedure is done every night automatically by using the NT task scheduler.

(Visual Basic 5.0/4.0, OCXs, MS Access 7.0, Oracle 8.0/7.3, PL/SQL, SQLLoader, Windows NT, Windows 95)

Oct 1996Nov 1996

Senior Consultant

Ascent Computing Group
  • Involved in the design and development of an integrated resource management system to provide resource tracking, personnel, and financial planning information
  • The system architecture comprises of a Visual Basic 4.0 front-end and MS ACCESS 7 running on Windows NT
  • Responsible for user information needs, screen and interaction design, and server logic development
  • Other responsibilities included development of Home Page.

(Visual Basic 4.0, MS Access 7, HTML, Windows NT )

Jun 1987Sep 1996


Defence Research and Development Organization, India

Account Management System

  • Design and development of an Account Management system to track various advertising operations and interactions such as client information, demographics, yield statistics, account reps, and perform financial analyses.
  • Responsible for database design, and front-end development
  • The system magnitude is approximately 30 screens, 25 base tables, and 30 stored procedures and triggers
    (Visual Basic 4.0, Oracle 7, PL/SQL, Solaris)

CCTV Camera Sequencing System

  • Designed and developed a programmable CCTV Camera Sequencing System for controlling various aspects such as pan, tilt, zoom, store and execute optimal views
  • Responsible for front-end, database design, development, and system integration
    (Visual Basic, MS Access)

Materials Information System

  • Design and development of a materials management and financial analysis system
  • The system tracks manufacturing process information such as materials, lead times, quality control, vendors, and connects purchasing, and inventory
  • Responsible for user analysis, design, and development, and integration
  • Develop materials browser and status reports
    (Oracle 6, SQLForms 3)

Spread Spectrum Techniques Simulation

  • Development of a graphical simulation package to find out the effect of the noise and jamming signals on the critical radio communication stations
  • Responsible for development of the coding and decoding of signal to make it more immune to jamming and noise
  • The package included complex mathematical processing and also made heavy use of graphics. The system was developed on VAX/VMS using Fortran and SIGL libraries. The package was later ported to PC/AT using Turbo C.
    (VAX/VMS, Fortran, Turbo C, SIGL Libraries, Tektronix)
  • Utilities and Consumer Information

Consumer Information Tracking System

  • SystemDesign and development of a consumer information system to track consumer energy usage, billing, active loads, and provide information for load balancing and planning.
    (DBase IV, PC/AT)

Problem Reporting System

  • Designed and developed a problem reporting system to perform ticket
    generation, personnel allocation, status tracking, and escalation. Responsible for user analysis, development, and system integration.
    (C, DBase IV, PC/XT)

Communication Bridge System

  • Designed and developed a software bridge to take data from a minicomputer and send it to a radio modem. The communication channels were RS-232.
    (MS Assembly, PC/XT)


Apr 2014Apr 2014

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems


This course introduces you to the design and implementation of Android applications for mobile devices. You will develop an app from scratch, assuming a basic knowledge of Java, and learn how to set up Android Studio, work with various Activities and create simple user interfaces to make your apps run smoothly.


Jul 2013Aug 2013

Software as a Service



"This course, which begins on Monday, is an opinionated path through the bewildering array of methodologies, languages, tools, and artifact types that collectively make up software engineering. The goal is to instill good software habits: “testability, software architecture, modularity, and reusability” while providing the gratification of building a working deployed artifact in the cloud in just 6 weeks. We teach Agile Development in the context of building and deploying a Software-as-a-Service application implemented using Ruby on Rails."



B.Eng (Electronics and Communication Engg.)

Birla Institute of Technology

Graduated 1st Class with Distinction


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali