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I am a computer freak, who is looking for a way to merge computers with geology. Computers in my sense are not just limited to the laptops and desktops that we use today, but can also be found in the cellphones that we carry around in our pockets. My passion is to make people use more of their "computers"

My hobbies include: Playing my piano, riding my bicycle, messing with electronics and sometimes reading books

Areas of Interest

GIS, GPS, Web Development, Machine Learning, Automation


Jul 2011Apr 2016

Integrated Masters of Technology

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Geological Technology, with CGPA 7.956

Apr 2010

Class 12

Deep Jyoti Senior Secondary School

Passed with 82.6%

Apr 2008

Class 10

Jyoti Senior Secondary School

Passed with 89.2%

Work experience

June 2016Present


Contata Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Involved in developing and maintaining 5 modules, related to print, social and legal fields, as well as handling and maintaining other aspects of the application , as and when required. Key technologies used include: Java (7 and 8), Javascript (ES5 and ES6), NodeJS, MongoDB 3, ElasticSearch 1.7, Python 3, Lambda, Dynamodb and S3.

Jul 2015Apr 2016

 Geoinformatics application of Fog and Fog dispersal using ion dispersal methods

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Under the first part of my current dissertation project, I am trying to analyze fog observed in India, especially the northern part, for five consecutive seasons. I aim at finding a trend in the fog occurence and will try to discover a pattern in its behaviour. Under the second part, I intend to try and study dispersal of fog using ion techniques and try to see its applicability in field.

Aug 2012Dec 2015

Part-time Physics Teacher and Web Developer

Kshitij Education India

Kshitij Education India is India's 1st true Online Academy for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam Preparations. I have been working with them since last 3 year as part time on weekends and holidays. Their website has more than 25,000 unique visitors daily, and is completely managed by me. I have also made their android app. The website offers free study material on more than than 3000 topics of Science and Maths. They have a discussion forum which has close to 3000 threads. This is a very heavy resource website catering to the needs of lacs of Indian students. All their development work was done by me.

May 2013Jun 2013

 Mobile Website Development and Blog Development

Kshitij Education India

In order to make the websites mobile-friendly and good for all screen sizes, the responsive versions of webpages of Kshitij IIT and BusinessWolf were created. For the same, a combination of media queries, css, javascript and jquery were employed. For implementation of blogging abilities in the websites, installation of Wordpress CMS was done, followed by creating themes for the same, while trying to maintain looks and responsives (in order to make it suitable for all screen sizes) I am still responsible for performing complex tasks on the websites and for their maintenance.

May 2012Jun 2012

 Deducing the thermal history of a greater himalayan sequence rock using Garnet-BiotiteDiffusion Modelling Technique

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Using the diffusion profile of the available ions and understanding the exchange of ions between garnet and surrounding minerals, the metamorphic history of a rock sample can be predicted. For this, the rock samples were studied under microscope for finding out the textural relationships, following which the EPMA analysis was done. Using the data obtained by the EPMA analysis, diffusion profile was created by using the equations of diffusion and the thermal history was predicted.

More Projects

  1. Geoboxx: A social network for professionals and students alike was created using PHP as server side language and HTML, CSS and JS for the client side. The initial website featured text, image, urls and youtube videos as posts, had profile pages for individuals and also fashioned a private messaging service.
  2. AutoBrowserLoginIITR: For fighting the menace of the Cisco router powered IIT networks in IIT Roorkee, I created an android as well as Java app, which would instantly connect to the IIT network, at the press of shortcut (desktop) or notification (android). To tackle the ssl certificate issue of the login url, I faked the certificate using X509Certificate Manager.
  3. OverlayPython: Can be used to check how much and many different images overlap and represent the area with different colors, a script was written by me in Python
  4. Online Blackboard: A webrtc, nodeJS and socket,io based online blackboard, complete with video streaming was prepared. It can be viewed at:
  5. AAPG Student Chapter website: Created website for the AAPG student chapter at IIT Roorkee using wordpress
  6. Businesswolf: Created the website of BusinessWolf. Can be viewed at
  7. Kshitij-IITJEE: Converted the website into its responsive version to ensure proper layout on each device.
  8. Shsrishti Naksha: Created the online contest named Naksha for Philately and Numismatics Section during Shrishti: A hobbies club event at IIT Roorkee
  9. Chagdi Web: Made a card game for the web, that requires 6 players to play.
  10. Many other little things including snake games in Java and C#, ball based games in Unity3D, etc.



Have worked and created some hobby projects in the past


Worked on arcgis as part of academic project


Worked on assembly when trying to create a nes emulator


Worked on C when trying to program a simple nes emulator


Work on c++ as hobby


Worked on projects in .net in the past

Corel Draw


Currently working on html5 technologies such as svg and have worked in past on webrtc and canvas as part of hobby project


Currently working on java and its frameworks such as spring and cxf


Work mostly on es5 technologies and recently also started writing es6 code. Primary focus of project is on es5 syntax








Software Packages

Virtualbox, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE), Windows, IrfanView, Visual Studio, AutoIt, XAMPP, SDL, ExpressJS,, NodeJS, Git, Laravel, Composer, Android Studio, Teamviewer, Remote Desktop, CygWin, FileZilla FTP Server, Adobe Flash, ERDAS Imagine, Eclipse, Origin Graph Utility, Microsoft Office



Shell HSSE Video Competition

Royal Dutch Shell

Secured second spot in Shell HSSE Video Comptetition during Cognizance 2015


Coordinator - Hamrock Literary Section

Hamrock Society

Hamrock Society is the community of fellow geologists and geophysicists of Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (former University of Roorkee)


IIT Heartbeat

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Obtained for being a designer for IIT Heartbeat magazine