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Kelly Smith is a middle school teacher who founded Pakmen Volleyball in 2002. A few of his middle school students were interested in playing outside of school and he presented them with an opportunity. Starting off the club as one of his projects, Pakmen has grown to where it is today due to Mr. Smith’s hard work. He has volunteered over 30,000 hours, just for the simple satisfaction of providing youth with the opportunity to be involved.

His efforts have not only produced Canada's largest, only diverse volleyball club, but has created employment opportunities for local high school and post-secondary students. Smith believes volleyball is such a popular sport because it’s commonly played in physical education classes from elementary to high school and practically every school in Ontario has multiple boys' and girls' volleyball teams.

Pakmen Volleyball Club

350 Rathburn Rd W

Mississauga, ON L5B 3Y2

Tel: 905-276-7388