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Pak Tiankrua

Business Intelligence Manager

  • 73/305 Moo. 8 Bangkok-Nontaburi Rd., Bangkaen, NonThaburi
  • +66 086-305-0589


I have a decade of experience in complex problems analysis & solving in electronics device testing, and inter-networking device's software testing  which improved my logical thinking and problem solving skill. So I can analyzing  any complex data structures and transforming it into useful information and insight.

My main strengths are ability to use my own initiative to take on any challenges. I am always proactive at what I do and that keeps my mind simulated and focused. My key strengths include; ability to analyze complex data structure, problem solving, leading discussions, making presentations, and digging into metrics to solve issues. I am always looking forward to deploy new ways or tools to work more efficiently. 



Master of Science

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Major : Information Science

GPA : 3.80 


Bachelor of Engineering

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok

Major : Electrical Engineering

GPA : 3.00

Career History


Business Intelligence Manager

Ookbee Co.,Ltd


  • Evaluate BI tools to select most compatible with company's IT structure.
  • Replace legacy report system by deploying Microsoft Power BI.
  • Analyse data relationship and convert to business insight.
  • Develop BI dashboard for translating data into easily understandable analysis and insights
  • Assist in developing business intelligence strategies in coordination with data architect.
  • Provide A-Hoc report for both internal & external customers.
  • Develop, maintain, and optimize report system for both internal & external customer.
  • Trace and correct faults in report system.
  • Perform regular data audits to ensure integrity and maintained a data warehouse.
  • Perform ETL process for extracting data from various sources like Azure SQL Server, excel files, csv files, 3rd party  SAAS etc.


Senior Test Engineer >> Team Leader

Enspry Technologies Co., Ltd (Cisco's Outsource)


  • Deploy new release of software to available networking devices.
  • Develop test plans & test scripts.
  • Enhance the network automation testing framework.
  • Resolve the problems of network automation testing framework.
  • Find out the bugs in new release software & drive the team to eliminate them.
  • Encourage the team members for the initiative working direction.
  • Lead the team members to perform the activities to meet the customer requirements.
  • Keep monitor, evaluate and summarize status report of on-going activities.
  • Plan human resource for new cycle of testing for next coming release of software.
  • Develop report system for communication among the team & customer.


  • Become a team leader in only first year of service.
  • Developed report system to communicate with Cisco Corp.(USA)
    • Monitor overall project progress.
    • Track and trace engineers performance. 
    • Manage engineering resource.

Jr. Test Engineer >> Test Engineer >> Sr. Test Engineer

Sony Device Technology Co., Ltd (Thailand)


  • Analyse test system failures root cause, then eliminate the system failure.
  • Gather all new product information, and plan the schedule of test process,
  • Prepare all necessary test material e.g. test program, test equipment, product specification, etc.
  • implement new test program for production process.
  • Get involved with all departments to give any suggestions on test process.
  • Convert test program from one test system to another test system.
  • Confirm test program quality by test data correlation confirmation.
  • Develop any additional hardware to support in case of insufficient test equipment resources.
  • Improve product test yield with SSS (Sony Six Sigma) Concept. 
  • Develop web based information system for internal use.


  • Work process improvement by develop information system for internal use
    • 30% working time reduced by implement online workflow.
    • 50% paper consumption reduced by using online workflow instead.
    • 70% software development budget saved by develop internally.