Amanda Painter

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Amanda Painter

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2012 - Present

Internship in Marketing and Advertisement

Longwood University
This Internship was within the athletic department at Longwood University. I worked closely with the director of marketing and advertisement to promote games at Longwood and increase the number of people attending games. I also was assigned specific games to operate and organize different events happening throughout the games. I had a budget and marketing plan in order to be organized.
Jan 2012 - Present

Coastal Cheer and Dance Association
Met the needs of the company by organizing and planning cheerleading events. Moved from selling merchandise to squad loading and a variety of different positions in order for the event to run smoothly. Traveled numerous times in order to help with events in different locations.
Aug 2006 - Jun 2010


Northside High School

Office Aid - Worked well under pressure. Able to handle multiple complex situations. Communicated with a variety of different people including principles, teachers, parents, and students. Anticipated and accomplished principal's needs.

Concession Stand Cashier and Cook - Took orders and handled money from customers. Developed skills to provide excellent customer service. Prepared food in a clean and time efficient mannor.




I am currently a full time student at Longwood University. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies concentrated in Public Relations. I am also pursuing a minor in business administration. I am very involved within Longwood University through my internship, cheerleading, ambassadors, and the student athlete advisory committee. I am dedicated and ready to put my all into anything that is put into my path. I am ready to be involved in a company where I can use my communication and marketing skills.


I have a variety of interests including marketing, advertisement, and communicating with people. I have also been a competitive, college level cheerleader. I like working with children and with other cheerleaders to better their skills. I have been a leader within every team I have been on and I love leading my teams to victories or accomplishments.

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Extracurricular Activities and Honors

Longwood University Cheerleading Captain 2011-Present.

- Choreographed cheers, dances, and stunts.

- Communicated expectations of team members at events.

- Organized numerous community service projects.

Longwood University Student Athlete Advisory Committee 2011-Present

- Helped organize student athlete events.

- Worked with athletes from a variety of different sports to do community service.

- Attended meetings and voiced my opinion on student athlete events, projects, and issues within the organization.

Northside High School Cheerleading Captain 2009-2010

- Communicated to team members and coaches

- Organized fundraising activities.

- Advertised through radio, news papers, and numerous school events.

Northside High School Competition Cheerleading Captain 2009-2010

- Lead the team to state championship.

- Organized events for team bonding.

- Organized community service projects.





I have lead my teams through many activities and events. I have what it takes to be a leader through my various activities and organization positions.

Business Administration

I have my minor in business administration and have taken many courses in accounting, economics, marketing, and management.


I've studied communication through my experience at Longwood University and have shown that I have the skills needed to communicate to a variety of different people in many different situations.



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