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Volunteer Work


National Honor Society

Columbus Grove High School

Ex. Set up for a blood drive.


Leo Club

Columbus Grove High School

Ex. Set up, helped run, and tore down a mattress sale.


Aug 2011May 2015

High School Diploma; 3.4 GPA.

Columbus Grove High School

Accepted into the National Honor Society as of 2014.

Aug 2013May 2014

No Degree

Apollo Career Center

Multimedia Technology Program -- Consisted of Web Design, Graphic Design, and Photography; Won 3rd place in Lima Kewpee Art Show; Won 6th place in Local Business Professionals of America Fundamentals of Web Design Contest.


Active Listening Skills

Pays attention to details.

Energetic Work Attitude

Positive and works well with others.

Basic Computer Skills

Microsoft Word.

Strong Organizational Skills

Neat and well prepared.


Tanya Best - Guidance Counselor, 419-659-4310

Ann Fought - Teacher, 419-659-2156 Extension 1131

Mandy King - Teacher, 419-659-2156 Extension 1229